Global Economic Chaos -
Planned By Our
Dear Leaders

By Karl W B Schwarz

Out of Kansas City is a new series of editorial opinions.  Stay tuned:
The past several days have been interesting in Europe.  Local sources have stated that there were over 1,000 people accompanying our President as the security and support force in Budapest.  They were mainly in the hotels Kempinski Corvinus, Le Meridien, Four Seasons and Helia.  By comparison, when Russian president Putin visited here recently his entourage included about 300 people and that trip was mainly for trade relations with Hungary, not stumping for photo ops to improve a tarnished image like Bush did.
The commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian uprising against the Russians (the true 50
th Anniversary) is in October 2006, not June 2006.  They even have a street named for the occasion ­ Oktober 6 utca.  But then, we have a president that has to make the news or be out of town when the real news is developing that exposes him and the sleaze of his administration.
While Bush was out playing president, the Senate passed a DU amendment.  The elected leaders, otherwise known as Congress-critters, are grousing about Iraq and when the pull out will happen.  To say that Iraq is a disaster is to put it mildly and US popularity there might slip into negative numbers lower than "0".  Bush is still trying to sell his Iran agenda and no one is buying except the UK and Tony Blair.  At every turn, the PRC is using commercial contracts to outmaneuver the Bush Bludgeoning for Control of World Oil Supplies strategy.  
The Neocons thought that since the US was the only military Superpower all they had to do was cook up a war for oil (control of world energy supplies) strategy and all would be fine.  They could not have been more wrong and history will record these self-proclaimed brainiacs as some of the biggest idiots in recorded history.
My hat is off to the newly re-elected Prime Minister of Hungary, Ferenc Gyurcsány, for publicly stating (with George W. and Laura present) that Mr. Bush needed to adhere to human rights issues regarding the Global War on Terror.  Now, if other leaders would openly say that in the presence of Bush maybe he would get the hint.
Far-right Austrian politician Jeorg Haider went public and called Bush a war criminal just before the EU conference started in Vienna.  I found it interesting that if a politician is far-right in Austria they are called a Nazi fascist, but if a far-right leader in the United States they are called a Great Christian Leader.  Yes, there is something wrong with the picture for most Americans are now clearly seeing that Bush is a paranoid fascist not even remotely close to being Christian.
If you pay close attention, virtually none of the Senate and House members want to be anywhere around Bush in this mid-term election year.
They even played musical hotels to disguise where Bush was really staying in Budapest.  Such is paranoia and as the Buffalo Springfield song says, paranoia strikes deeps, into your life it will creep.  It was not enough to block off streets and put up barricades, they also had to disguise where Bush was really staying.
You can read about my experience this Wednesday or Thursday in the Budapest Sun, the local English language newspaper in Hungary.
If you have been watching the volatility in the world capital markets, the following information should give you a better understanding of what is precipitating the chaos.  Said in short fashion, what is driving it is rampant greed, fraud and misconduct that can no longer be covered up easily.  The price tag to cover up is now very high and that alone is causing massive shakeouts in certain areas.  The lid is coming off and the cockroaches are scattering as the light shines in.
Neither you nor I are responsible for their conduct or why they run when the light of truth shines into their murky regions.
If you were one of the millions of Americans that got caught in the "" and telecom meltdowns during which massive fraud surfaced and plowed under many Americans, there is now a GWOT bubble that is about to explode like a Supernova.
As the Ambassador Leo Wanta efforts have mounted to recover the funds he was in control of, 6 or 7 senior bankers have been arrested by their nations and others have committed suicide (supposedly).  As I have learned more about this fiasco dreamed up during the George H W Bush Administration, it became apparent that when they printed off the $27.5 trillion to swap with other currencies there was not enough currency float to do that in some of the nations.  Those nations had to have lied to their people and issued the money without authority.  They had to have just printed it off just like they did during the GHWB administration.
Such is sleazy government in these modern times and our faux defenders of freedom and democracy are setting the bar about as low as it can be in the sleazy government department.
I have privately wondered why Vladimir Putin is so popular in Russia and other places and Bush so despised in the U.S. and abroad, so I asked.  The Russians suffered greatly due to what GHWB did with these $27.5 trillion in funds that were used to crash the Russian ruble and their economy.  They still bitterly remember, just as many of us still remember being victimized by the Clinton era stock fraud.  Putin is admired by his people for standing up for Russia and them against this gaggle of financial terrorists that our government aids and abets and has unleashed on the world.
The correlations between the 1929 crash, the 1987 crash and the current status of the stock market are being replicated almost identically at this time.  Steve Quayle has been addressing these matters on some of the radio shows he is doing as are others that are waking up to the staggering implications.
Can We Crash?
Here's a chart for people listening to the radio interview this evening on the Steve Quayle show: Are we replaying 1929 and 1987?  Here's the chart and draw your own conclusions.
The illiquidity crunch is hitting Wall Street, major money center banks and other capital market players as they have to cover their positions (read "butts") to try to head off a complete meltdown.  Complicating the problem is the sheer greed of some in our government that did wrong in the past and now are trying to make sure you do not see the extent of their misconduct in current real terms.  There are even some Central Banks of some nations reeling from this because they do not have enough funds in reserve to allow a straight withdrawal of the funds Wanta controlled then and now.
There are presidential legacies riding on and depending on you not learning the truth.
When you give weight to the continued Bush policies of undermining the value of the U.S. dollar mainly through rampant spending and increases in the National Debt (that which is officially reported), the above chart is actually a graphic representation of an Economic Armageddon in the making.  None of the $27.5 trillion is backed by any form of US government debt instrument nor is the large amount of money included in the M1 or M3 money supply due to the deflationary pressures it would create to further weaken the dollar.
Who do we have to thank for this economic lunacy?  None other than George H. W. Bush, James Baker, Nicholas Brady, et al are to blame for this fiasco.  Adding to the problem is Clinton signed onto the program to float a bogus overheated IT economy that had little basis in reality (note all of the now non-existent dot.coms that were trading at ludicrous P/E ratios hidden behind bogus EBITDA accounting smoke and mirrors).  Then we get our first MBA president and matters got worse as the fiscal priorities changed to favor a select few and the rest of America is sinking like the Titanic.
If the economic realities were consistent with what the Bush Administration has been telling Americans, those lines would not be paralleling each other as they are in the above chart.  Things are great and profitable at Halliburton, WalMart, Lockheed, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Blackwater, Carlyle Group, Blackstone Group and others that were positioned to reap profits from Bush policies or general economic conditions.  Most people do not watch close enough, but a sure sign of economic distress is when WalMart is rocking and their competitors are not.  Just watch the same store sales and sales in the U.S. specifically for they are a true indicator of economic distress in the United States.
For most of the rest of us, the economy sucks to put it mildly.  The all-mighty dollar is very weak when trying to exchange it for many currencies like the Euro.
The stock market is artificially propped up by the M3 money supply and other insiders that want you to think that pile of BS is a bouquet of roses.
There are other ways to detect the extent of the distress, but the GHWB, Clinton and Bush administrations would prefer that you remain ignorant on what you about to read below.
The amount of $300 billion was recently transferred to a certain Wall Street firm as part of the recovery of funds that Ambassador Leo Wanta is working on.  I predicted months ago that when such started to happen, those firms would refuse to settle the accounts due to either liquidity problems or demands of the U.S. government to try to keep this matter under wraps and out of the public eye, or both. 
Most of the funds Wanta controls either cannot be withdrawn without putting into place a bank workout that includes gold bullion to shore them up or the funds have mysteriously disappeared into just the right hands over the years.  The operative phrase just the right hands being something that GHWB, Clinton and GWB are determining on the basis of who is a favored insider and who is not.  
Some of the nations where the funds are parked in non-G7 currencies literally do not have the liquidity to cough up the money without crashing their own nation and banks.  That is where I came into this matter with a plan to convert to gold bullion to stabilize those banking systems and then focus on the dollar problem and complying with the U.S. District Court order in the matter of Ambassador Leo Wanta v. United States government.
The two inserted stories below by Christopher Story and Greg Szymanski shed some light on what has happened in the past and is happening now.
By Christopher Story
Editor, International Currency Review - London
LONDON ­ The integrity of the international banking system is on the line this week.  This is because the behaviour of certain banks is being closely watched by a team of informed observers who are privy to scandals that the banks in question hope can still be swept under their plush boardroom carpets.
Collectively, the scandals represent the most brazen attempt by banks to seize the funds of their depositors, in history.  The relevant funds, which amounted ­ when fitfully paid out in 1989-93 ­ to about $27.5 trillion, are now believed to be worth approaching $70 trillion.  They represent assets corralled on Presidential instructions by the US Treasury's most distinguished Secret Service financial agent, Leo E. Wanta. He remains the Trustor of these funds.
The financial war chest was amassed for geostrategic purposes at the 'end of the Cold War', after Mikhail Gorbachëv had received $10 billion via certain American-assisted international financial transactions.  He has since constructed a colossal headquarters campus outside Moscow, with some of this money*.
As everyone knows, most scams require a counterparty.  For the international banks involved, their counterparty was, and remains, the US intelligence community ­ or rather, corrupt elements thereof, led by professional criminal intelligence 'barons' such as George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.
Taking their cue from the example of such corrupt operatives, lesser intelligence fry joined in ­ scamming billions from Wanta's fund, which was organised in order to finance, at the supranational (intergovernmental) level, the post-Cold War 'Global Security Environment'.  A key front man in this endeavour was Mikhail Gorbachëv, whose 'Global Security Project' initiative was actually designed by Leo Wanta himself, again of course on US Presidential instructions.
Scams are greatly facilitated when irregular parties share a common interest.  In this case, both the banks and corrupt elements of the US intelligence community, neither of which of course owned any of these funds, coveted the billions and trillions of dollars raised during 1989-92, for their own purposes.
The banks saw the funds as the answer to liquidity and prospective solvency problems.  They accordingly collateralised and cross-collateralised the vast and rapidly expanding deposits placed with them for safekeeping, and performed elaborate hypothecation exercises, using the Trustor's funds as base.
Corrupt CIA operatives and fake CIA lawyers muscled in and, on the basis of Powers of Attorney awarded to certain of their number by questionable means, misappropriated, redirected and even stole billions, with one or more fake CIA lawyers illegally placing the Trustor's funds in foreign bank accounts under their own name.
Moreover the original funds were ransacked even as they were paid out by the Federal Reserve, under the authority of the Fed's former Chairman, Dr Alan Greenspan.  An analysis published by International Currency Review in February 2005 of the initial amounts which were misdirected from the Fed, inter alia directly into private offshore bank accounts, found that an estimated $742.5 billion had been misappropriated
Subsequent investigations have suggested that even this total is understated.
But that was nothing to what happened later. In order to gain control of these funds ­ supposedly assembled in order to make the world a 'safer place' after the 'end of the Cold War' ­ corrupt elements of US intelligence, headed by President Clinton, set the ball rolling by targeting the Trustor himself.  Ordered by William Sessions, the head of the FBI, to travel with intelligence aides to Switzerland in 1993 with a brief to arrest Marc Rich, Wanta was himself arrested and flung into a stinking jail for 134 days ­ by the Swiss authorities.  Almost simultaneously, Clinton fired William Sessions without giving any reason, and Vince Foster, an FBI informant who had been handling funds 'belonging' to the Children's Defense Fund, a CIA front for funny money, was murdered in the Washington, DC area.
Wanta's effects, including 18 US Treasury instruments worth $18 billion, were removed from him ­ and the official assets worth $18 billion face value have disappeared.  Following an urgent intervention by the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, Mr Wanta was suddenly released, but was then taken, still in shackles, to Geneva airport and flown to New York.  After being frog-marched through Kennedy, this distinguished and upright US Treasury intelligence officer was arraigned before a judge on a trumped-up charge at the US Eastern District Court of New York.  The judge saw through the ruse and threw the case out, but Leo Wanta was illegally re-arrested on the courtroom steps without a warrant, on instructions from the Wisconsin authorities.
The new false charge alleged that Wanta had failed to pay a tax bill of about $14,000 that he did not owe, in Wisconsin state taxes, dating back to 1982 ­ despite the fact that he had been living mainly abroad on US intelligence business, working directly for the President of the United States, for many years.  He was accordingly extradited to Wisconsin, where he was jailed.
During incarceration in that State and elsewhere, attempts were made to have this distinguished US Treasury officer ­ still of course Trustor of the original $27.5 trillion of intergovernmental funds and the relevant accruals ­ declared insane.  He underwent five so-called 'lunacy tests', his life being saved when a doctor of Chinese extraction, no doubt familiar with similar abuses back in her home country, refused to certify him.  Had she done so, he would have been sent to a Soviet-style 'psychiatric hospital' and never heard from again.
After many vicissitudes, Leo Wanta was released into house arrest in Wisconsin, where he languished for many further years.  During this time, he managed to raise the falsely charged state tax, which the State of Wisconsin took ­ but 'lost'.  With the help of friends, he later raised the same amount again, and this time, the payment was registered.  But in the meantime vast additional penalties, fees and other charges had accrued. His house was sold at a knock-down price without his consent, and the proceeds stolen. In July 2005, a sum of $30,626.97 made available by a friend, was paid in person by Mr Wanta's lawyer to the court in Wisconsin; and on 14
th November 2005, he was released from all restrictions.
(Since this final payment included the false state tax bill for the third time, it, too, has reportedly been misappropriated.  The problem faced by the Wisconsin authorities was how this payment could legitimately be recorded.  It couldn't).
It was only a matter of weeks before the significance of this development started to trickle round the US intelligence community, which, all of a sudden, faced an unprecedented problem.
For it emerged that the CIA had systematically lied that Leo Wanta had long since been dead.  This false information was of course exploited by the many US intelligence crooks who had been making illegitimate use of the Trustor's funds.
As for the banks, they likewise took maximum advantage of the CIA's lie.  If the Trustor was dead, then the banks could do what they liked with the funds.  So they used them for every off-balance-sheet ruse yet invented by their financial engineers.
In other words, neither the banks nor the CIA ever thought that the funds would be claimed.  Imagine the cataclysmic shocks that reverberated around the world's international banks when it began to be rumoured late last year that, far from being long since dead, Leo Wanta was alive and had gone to court to obtain a ruling on the disposition of the assets.
These are held in offshore bank accounts belonging to so-called Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence community corporations.  Such entities were authorised by President Reagan in January 1981, under Executive Order 12333.
Given the inherent criminal tendencies of intelligence organisations, this courted the obvious danger that dishonest operatives might use such corporations for scamming purposes ­ particularly given the well-known fact that the National Security Act 1947, et seq., under which the CIA was established, is effectively a crooks' charter.  And so it has proved.
On 15
th April 2003, US Federal Judge Bruce Lee, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, released a Memorandum Opinion, in response to Leo Wanta's application for relief, which concluded as follows:
'Plaintiff's sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding'.
In March 2006, Economic Intelligence Review, published by World Reports Limited, London, reproduced, in facsimile format, the entire Memorandum Opinion
2. It then transpired that knowledge of the existence of this document had been deliberately suppressed within the US official structures ­ since of course it confirmed that Leo Wanta is legally the controller (Trustor) of the funds and is therefore solely entitled to dispose of them in accordance with law and his Presidential instructions.
And the CIA liars and scamsters didn't want that to be known.
In February 2005, International Currency Review
3, likewise published by World Reports Limited from London, had displayed facsimiles of Federal Reserve computer print-outs, obtained from sources in the public domain.  These represented audited sheets on which the Trustor, Leo Wanta, verified or queried the sources and uses of funds finally paid out by the Fed, including the $742.5 billion which was misdirected by the US central bank on Greenspan's authority.
On one of these sheets, which referred to one billion US dollars sent by Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, on 10
th August 1989, to Banco de Panama, Panama City, for credit of 'Pilgrim Investments, Jorge Bush', Leo Wanta had annotated as follows:
'Acceptance of value by former US President of the United States, George (Jorge) Bush is direct violation of our USA Title 5, Section 7353, et seq. ­ Jim Baker told me to just "SHUT UP" as I am protected by Rogers-Houston Memorandum to "co-operate", but I kept receipts & notes'.
Separately, George Bush Sr., who was co-signatory of an account belonging to one of the Title 18, Section 6 corporations (Ameritrust), had asked his fellow co-signatory, Leo Wanta, to allow him (Bush Sr.) to remove $210 billion from the account. Leo refused ­ as he did on another occasion, when President Clinton sought Wanta's agreement for the diversion of a substantial sum into his (Clinton's) control.
Both Clinton and Bush Sr., working secretly together, therefore had every incentive to try to have Wanta removed permanently from the scene ­ Bush Sr. especially, since the Trustor had only recently annotated the misdirection of $1.0 billion, into one of Bush Sr.'s offshore accounts.
In summary, Leo Wanta was unjustly sentenced, on the basis of false witness and false charges, to jail/house arrest until the year 2015, a period of 22 years.  The principal of the original $27.5 trillion, provided at a deep discount by over 200 international banks at an interest rate of 7.5% annually, for a 20-year period, falls due for repayment in 2012-2013.
But Leo Wanta is now ­ in mid-2006 ­ engaged in a global operation to recover funds of which he is Trustor ­ to the consternation of at least four constituencies:
The US intelligence criminalist crooks, including two Presidents, themselves.
Some of the mentioned criminal Presidents' associates, aides and 'gophers'.
The Central Intelligence Agency deceivers who retailed the gross lie that Leo Wanta was dead, so that the funds could be diverted.
The international banks that assumed that the funds would never be claimed, and which had a community of interest with their de facto intelligence co-conspirators in choosing to believe the CIA's lie that the Trustor was dead.
Faced with the fact that, on the contrary, Leo Wanta is both alive and free ­ and following the widespread distribution among banks of US Federal Judge Bruce Lee's Memorandum Opinion via Economic Intelligence Review in March this year ­ the international banks and the corrupt elements of the intelligence community faced a prospective crisis without historical precedent in the history of intergovernmental finance.
What to do?
If they pretended it was corrupt 'business as usual', too many questions were now being asked about why the CIA had lied that the Trustor was dead.
If they sought help from their governments, they risked exposing the precariousness of their underlying overstretched balance sheets, and revealing details of their vast off-balance sheet transactions.
It is understood that elements of the US intelligence community have been in turmoil as a consequence of these developments.
As for the banks, a number of them have tried to make out that 'there is no business relationship'.  In the course of a conference call with US colleagues last March, one of these institutions, Coutts, told Christopher Story, the Publisher of International Currency Review, precisely that.
However Story has documentary proof of the existence of a relevant business relationship in the Coutts case, as in the case of many other banks worldwide where the Trustor's funds are held.  Similar ploys have been attempted by certain other European banks. In some cases, bankers have even attempted to deny the existence of funds in certain Title 18, Section 6 corporate offshore accounts.
But these games have now come to an abrupt halt, following a decision by the leading governments concerned, to cooperate ­ rather than, as was previously the case, each government separately defending its own banks.
For the governments themselves have a common interest ­ to prevent this escalating crisis of confidence developing into a systemic melt-down induced by the banks' intransigeance.  The stakes could hardly be greater, not least given that derivatives balances outstanding are now believed to exceed some $770 trillion.
Uncomfortably for the international banks concerned, substantial documentation has been accumulated proving the existence of relevant live accounts and banking relationships.  These documents will be published in the near future ­ revealing that vast sums belonging to the Trustor are indeed held in the Title 18, Section 6 corporations' offshore bank accounts, and must be properly disposed of in accordance with the Trustor's legal responsibilities and official instructions.
In the meantime, it has of course been universally noticed that the international financial markets have been more than usually volatile since 10
th May 2006.  This volatility has had almost nothing to do with the spurious explanations typically retailed by ill-informed financial journalists working for the mainstream newspapers.
It has everything, however, to do with liquidity problems facing the banks, which have been, and continue to be, called upon to make available ­ in short order ­ colossal volumes of funds from their off-balance sheet books which they never expected to have to account for. Liquidity constraints typically reflect the fact that funds are in the wrong place, have been cross-collateralised and so cannot be released, or do not in fact exist.
It must have been hard for the banks to have been obliged to face up to the fact that the Trustor's funds are having to be replenished, replaced, and repatriated.
It is embarrassing for the CIA's professional deceivers to have been caught lying, since they take pride in their perverted professionalism, which is governed by one rule only: never get caught.
Most of all, those intelligence community criminals whose hands have been trapped in the till, must be enduring sleepless nights.
But that's the situation 'as we speak'. The banks must deliver, the crooks must be rounded up and brought to justice, and the cynical collaboration between free-wheeling intelligence criminals and international bankers with notoriously flexible morals, must be terminated. Forthwith.
Because if by any chance there is a repetition of what happened in 1989-92, and the Trustor's funds are diverted ­ notwithstanding the exposure of these evils that has occurred to date ­ it won't just be a question of bankers falling out of sailboats on Chesaspeake Bay.
According to reliable sources, seven European bankers had been arrested by early May, while three had committed suicide.
In a worst-case scenario, a number of large foreign institutions face having their assets seized in the United States if they fail to fulfil their immediate obligations to the letter.
And if that happens, some may very well go to the wall. ENDS.
* * *
1 1. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, page 144.
2 2. Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Numbers 5 & 6, February-March 2006, pages 37-46.
3 3. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, op. cit. [Note 1].
* * *
* Gorbachëv also maintains a magnificent residence in Switzerland ­ a state of affairs which would have greatly offended his dictator predecessor, Josef Stalin (a.k.a. Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvili-Kochba), who ordered his security chief du jour, Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (1891-1938), to procure the Swiss bank account details of all the leading Soviet revolutionaries. Yagoda duly obliged, but omitted to include details of his own secret Swiss bank accounts. Since Stalin had other means of obtaining the relevant Swiss bank account data, he compared Yagoda's list with his own, and discovered that his security chief's bank account details were of course missing. Yagoda duly received the requisite bullet through the temples, like all the rest of the high-ranking Comrades, with the exception of Krupskaya, Lenin's widow. She put on a scene and broke down in tears in front of Stalin, and he relented.
For further information, visit:
I have seen some of the documents mentioned above and have made contacts of my own dating back to when I was affiliated with three of the major Wall Street firms.  Like most things that are secret, one has to know where to find the trails and where to make the contacts.  Lastly, one has to know the right question to ask and that is where answers are found.
The international banking community would melt down if all of these funds were repatriated into US dollars without some consideration of providing the depository banks some form of financial safety net.  As with all things that are wrong, to right them is not always an easy process and the mere existence of this $27.5 trillion was wrong and based on wrong reasons.
That there are some in our nation that do not want there to be such a safety net is clear.  They are like vultures sitting in the trees waiting for key banking assets to fail so they can gobble them up and expand their global banking empires.  Some nations that are not playing along with the New World Order are still being abused by the existence of these funds and their use to harm their economies just as they were used against Russia.
New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion
London Based International Currency Review backs up Leo Wanta's story about how the Bush and Clinton crime families have ripped-off U.S. Treasury money to fund the destruction of America.
23 Jun 2006
By Greg Szymanski
While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review.
The up-to-date report just released confirms that $27.5 trillion first raised from 1989-1992 to finance the imposition of the New World Order has now covertly blossomed into much, much more as Americans have been conveniently "made to look left when they should be looking right."  
But important stories like this usually get buried, ignored and overlooked in favor of rebellion in the streets and cockeyed symposiums for truth. Sadly, it's usually the emotional gut wrenching extravaganzas rushing thousands to the streets "crying foul" that gain attention by the masses.
In fact, it is the intelligent crooks behind the scenes, including the entire U.S. Congress and Executive, who are quite content with rebellion, rioting in the streets and 9/11 conferences just as long as the real heat of activism stays away from the important issue -money.
But while Americans remain hoodwinked, some investigators are toiling away tirelessly in the background, following the real stories and the money trail first raised by U.S. Treasury agent Leo Wanta, whose project authorized by President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold war generated vast sums of money to be returned to the U.S. Treasury.
However, according to Wanta and other investigators tracking the New World Order money trail, trillions ended up in private accounts in order to finance the biggest project of all: "the installation of the New World Order, to borrow a phrase used by George H. Bush who lifted the phrase from former Russian President Gorbachev, who still heads up a KGB contingent operating in the United States," according to reliable intelligence sources.
And if the truth ever be told about who really was responsible for stealing the vast sum of money now funding the New Word Order, their nefarious and criminals actions could once and for all be put to rest in favor of a healthy Republic.
Although the amounts stolen and used for clandestine affairs is mind boggling, the giga fund first amassed by Wanta is expected to mature to more than $300 trillion by 2012 when it is expected "to be rolled over" increasing the value immensely, according to European intelligence sources tracing the intricate bank scheme.
The London-based Currency Review in Volume 28, No 4. in March 2003 first provided financial details of the biggest private loan operation in human history, started with U.S. Treasury funds amassed by Wanta but then covertly transferred into private accounts to fund the global takeover.
In essence, the irony lies in the sad fact that treasonous American politicians and corrupt businessmen are using money earmarked for the U.S. Treasury to fund a global campaign to destroy America instead of using the money for the betterment of the country.
Since the initial reports of the massive global fund first surfaced, Wanta and several other witnesses have come forward naming names and listing actual bank accounts and records that have printed in previous Arctic Beacon articles.
Uncovering that the amount of money was so staggering and far exceeded any amount imaginable, the story has been shunned by the mainstream even though it is thoroughly backed up by federal court documentation and other information leaked by U.S. Treasury whistleblowers, some who have been threatened with their lives for divulging the information.
Further, the information has been in the hands of the U.S. Congress for at least three years, but has been suppressed since it opens the door to the immense fraud being perpetrated on the American public.
"By that we mean that the documents given to Congress detailing the raising of the gig-funds were included among a batch of other documents showing billions being scammed into private trust accounts in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere," said the recent International Currency Review report, "wither from the trillions of dollars raised for the Global Security Environment financing operation or from Black Operations' monies employed to wage financial warfare operations against targeted foreign governments.
"They also show, inter alia, transactions via the Federal Reserve approved by Dr. Alan Greenspan which, to put it mildly, raises many questions, including why some of the funds in question were disappearing into privately held trust accounts held on behalf of well-known intelligence-linked barons."
Besides trying to trace the culprits behind the giga-fund scam, the International Currency Review also provided succinct reasons why the fund was established using U.S. finances.
"The reason such a large fund was established was to provide the hidden directors of the New World Order with unlimited resources. We of course refer to these people as the New Underworld Order because it is an irredeemably corrupt operation to ensure absolute global power and control stays in the hands of the self-appointed geo-masonic elite," added the financial report.
"Their intention is that all states be abolished and governance will devolve into the hands of the faceless, invisible controllers as has happened in the European Union Collective. This is in fact just another prototype of the New World Order regional government model. Brussels is where the global fund is managed and where a very large contingent of CIA nest supervises the management of the colossal resources mobilized for this purpose. The proportions of these resources are so gigantic that the funds have to be churned perpetually. One trader involved with these transactions says that he sees Global security Fund transactions on the foreign exchange every day and night. The proportion of the New Underworld Order finances can be compared with the U.S. domestic debt (see data in report)."
For the entire International Currency Review story, go to
These funds are being used for many purposes, most of which are adverse to our interests as American citizens and investors trying to build for our futures.  
First, they are being used to either reward or punish certain nations and their currencies and economies to facilitate this weak petrodollar diplomacy.  It is a sleazy weasel way of doing business but such is our government and the major corporations that manipulate it.
Second, they are being used to manipulate world markets in the areas of currency exchange, petrodollar settlements, and debt and equity instruments of publicly traded companies.  The derivatives on the foregoing alone are enough to collapse the entire world economy at over $700 trillion in such derivatives.  
Third, they are still being used for covert purposes that most Americans would reject and cast people from office if they knew what was being done in our name.
Fourth, that some of these funds have been illegally withdrawn and applied to other covert objectives is a criminal act and those are being protected by the very government that likes to thump their chests about rule of law and how they stand for that better than anyone else.  
The $300 billion that was wired to convert back into dollars is literally being used for liquidity by the Wall Street firm in question.  Their positions on the dollar and other currencies, the positions on stocks and bonds, the positions on derivatives, are in many instances under water.  Rather than provide the service they were chosen for, they are using those funds to protect their own butts and to hell with your butt and mine.
The market collapse of 1929 was similar in that the major players protected themselves and let the rest of us drown.  The 1987 crash was the same. 
Fortunately, there are people like Ambassador Wanta who are trying to right the wrongs of the past and there are many who do not want you to know anything about that.
There is something strange going on in Budapest.  There are many US investigators and bank examiners here investigating money laundering.  I know where they hang out and can play "non-English speaking" if I have to.  I have heard enough in conversations to ascertain that the money trails are very large.  They are following trails but do not seem to be following the sleazy and illegal trails left by GHWB, Clinton and GWB regarding this $27.5 trillion.  If they solved that they would solve much of what is wrong in the world financial markets.
Here is a simple question to ask as you make up your mind on whether to join the fight or stay in the bleacher section as a spectator.  What kind of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?
In a world of finites, how much is enough?  Some of the financial terrorists I am aware of cannot answer that question for there is never enough for them.  Their greed eclipses their hearts and their objectivity.  Their callous disregard for others never stops to consider how low they are even in their limousines and luxurious mansions.
They say money cannot buy love.  Well, it cannot buy honor or integrity either.
This is a very real battle ladies and gentlemen and its outcome will directly affect all of us domestic and foreign.
Best regards,
Jim Mortellaro
Excuse me, Karl. May I call you Karl?
Thank you.
I do not take exception to the content of your essay. I do however, take great exception to the words you use in your article and in the title.  You refer to our Leaders as being "Leaders." How quaint. And you refer to our Leaders as being Dear. How quaint.
Our Leaders are neither Dear nor Leaders. They are followers. They follow the sparrow. The sparrow which will enrich their own pockets, ensure their reelection and guarantee their income for the rest of their lives.
And as another point, "Dear Leaders" ... oh dear. No. Consider please ... writing Senator Hillary Rotten and opening with, "Dear Hillary ... !"
Je t'acuuse! Vous est un homme terrible. So please, try harder next time. And if I may be so bold, I would suggest the following title for this piece. I aks Jeff and you to consider changing it. It would read:
Global Economic Chaos - "Planned by our Fearless Felons in Office."
Note my erudition. I use alliteration to emphasis my points, one of which rests on the top of my head. But hey, we can't all be as shrewd as our Politicians, eh?
Jim Mortellaro
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty



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