The Truth, The Bad,
And The Ugly

By Ted Lang
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I just recently read the exasperated assessment that one writer expressed reflecting on the most recent Israeli outrages against humanity.  Another Internet pundit of note apologized for the bleak and dismal outlook he presented of that rapidly deteriorating situation.  And I admit as well to my own bouts of severe depression realizing that America is rapidly coming to its untimely end.
If the culprits responsible for the destruction of humanity's greatest national monument to individual freedom need be identified, and blame and responsibility need to be assigned, I'd like to offer up a candidate for consideration.  Regrettably, my primary pick is a journalist and a writer.  And like the seasoned commentary writer I alluded to previously, I too must apologize for a redundancy of effort in citing political and historical facts previously offered in this space.
My choice is none other than journalist William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, who in his massive, monumental effort, gave the blow-by-blow account of Hitler's progress from an unsuccessful artist and draftsman, to an unemployable drifter, to a now-and-then paper hanger, and finally to his becoming supreme dictator and commander of one of the world's most formidable and deadly imperial war machines.  Hitler used Keynesian economics and debt to prop up his imperial war machine just as Bush is doing now.  Hitler invaded other nations charging Germany's need for preemptive "self-defense" as Israel and Bush are doing now.
I am reiterating what I have stated before: Shirer's contribution was his journalistic prowess in presenting virtually all the events and news coverage involving the rise of Nazi Germany in a well-orchestrated orderly fashion, but fell horribly short in terms of providing the free world any deep and insightful information which could possibly head off the total and imminent destruction of America.  Shirer's greatest shortcoming was writing off Hitler as a mere "madman," an imperialist, a racist and a fascist most hateful.  But in so doing, he blinded America and contributed heavily to the thick and sunlight-depriving billows of black smoke fueled by false charges of "anti-Semitism."
Hitler's crimes against humanity cannot be denied.  They were readily magnified by the Second World War launched to make the world safe for communism.  Even now, there is a cacophony of outcries against the freedom stifling fascism created by the Bush regime and the Congress-negating GOP.  Comparisons to Hitler's Nazi Germany abound, and Bush seemingly goosesteps onward in a most fascist manner creating the most deadly totalitarian war machine the world has ever encountered.  Military manpower, womanpower, and childpower shortages notwithstanding, Bush, the GOP, and obeisant Democrats like Charles Rangel, will wrangle up the political deals needed to reinstate the draft.  Anyone that doesn't sign up will be shot.
To be sure, Hitler was indeed anti-Semitic and loathed and despised all Jews.  And Shirer helped to provide just what Jews and Zionists wanted ­ an alter upon which the world could offer up its shame and merciful compassion for those of the Jewish faith who were sacrificed by Hitler.  Sure the Holocaust happened, but increasing evidence, if allowed to be presented objectively, will indeed revise the number propagandized into global memory.  Clearly, it is not the numbers that matter.  The Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations satisfied the world's need to create a safe haven and the Jewish state.  Shirer's treason is that he helped create and reinforce the collective guilt Mankind is now forever burdened with.  Shirer's professional and methodical reporting style lent credibility to all aspects of the international guilt trip which was heralded at the time of its publication as a masterstroke of journalistic investigation, analysis and assessment.
But the only analysis Shirer provided in R&FTR was the evaluation that Hitler was anti-Semitic because he was merely a madman and that there was no validity to Hitler's claim that the "Jewish bankers" had raped Germany via the Versailles Treaty.  Shirer comes a little closer to the truth when offering that the German people allowed Hitler to rise to power because they were "unarmed and unorganized."  But these sophomoric observations have been proven as either glaring falsehoods and/or misstatements.  Shirer jealously guarded what he knew as the Achilles heel of any nation headed towards totalitarian fascism: journalistic honesty, integrity and courage.  It was the rise of fascism fueled by the synergy of a criminal regime protected by a compliant mass media that launched Hitler to power more than any other reason, and Shirer protected that trust which is now working so successfully to enslave America in exactly the same fashion.
As America still reels from its Holocaust guilt trip thereby sanctioning any and all of Israel's UN violations as well as its continuing horrific crimes against humanity in the Middle East, the state of Israel's inhumanity is nurtured and protected by an American government that doesn't even remotely consider the interests of the American people.  Our government has suspended our rule of law indefinitely and has cast our national fate to the wind.  Resistance to Zionism is deemed malicious and counterproductive to international peace.  Isolationism itself is now incorrectly seen as the root cause for Hitler's success.  Shirer overplayed the Neville Chamberlain story to reinforce a public revulsion for isolationism thereby unleashing a new American foreign policy embracing international interventionism.  Bush and Israel are much-progressed byproducts of Shirer's heralded best-selling work so strongly advocated by a gleeful and inspired New York Times back in the early 1950s.
But another more astute political observer and clairvoyant had a much different worldview.  This unheralded observer realistically saw through the journalistic propaganda and pointed out the pitfalls of the partnership between government and the press.  He recognized the influence of the international bankers, particularly the international manipulative methods they employed during times of war.  He noted the involvement of the satanic House of Rothschild and how they funded both sides of international conflicts.  But he was labeled and smeared as being "anti-Semitic" by correctly exposing the bankers and the Jewish influence over the mainstream mass news media, as well as their dominance in entertainment and publishing.  And Professor Kevin MacDonald has pointed out that communism was indeed a product of "Jewish intellectualism."
And the Jewish Masters of the Media, as American Free Press describes them, and the Jewish website, also point to Jewish control over the news media.  Not that long after making the world safe for communism, our observer exposed the Jewish control of the media and entertainment industry, a communications monopoly centralized and controllable by a few oligarchs to launch their unwritten laws and regulations to mold public opinion and behavior to their preferences in a manner now described as "political correctness."  PC is the propagandized expected behavior as dictated by the mass media.
After publication of the Harvard paper in March of this year by professors Mearsheimer and Walt attempting to air the truth concerning our involvement with Israel, "The Israel Lobby," a whining, wailing hysterical chorus of highly indignant Jews, led by torture advocate and Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, smeared the authors, one a Harvard colleague, as composing the paper only for "anti-Semitic" purposes and a hatred for Jews.  Internet-informed thinkers know that those charges against the authors are false and the counterpoints made in Dershowitz's sophomoric, blubbering and academically substandard essay written in angry reply are factually insufficient. 
Our political observer explains the reaction of Dershowitz and other angry Jews: "Thus, in the course of a few weeks it was possible to conjure up names out of the void, to associate them with incredible hopes on the part of the broad public, even to give them a popularity which the really great man often does not obtain his whole life long; names which a month before no one had even seen or heard of, while at the same time old and proved figures of political or other public life, though in the best of health, simply died as far as their fellow men were concerned, or were heaped with such vile insults that their names soon threatened to become the symbol of some definite act of infamy or villainy.  We must study this vile Jewish technique of emptying garbage pails full of the vilest slanders and defamations from hundreds and hundreds of sources at once, suddenly as if by magic, on the clean garments of honorable men, if we are fully to appreciate the entire menace represented by these scoundrels of the press."
The power of the Jewish media and the Israel lobby create the iron wall of double protectiveness, in which organized Jewry in the form of AIPAC, ADL, ACLU, and a whole slew of like organizations, unleash their cacophony of venom which precludes objective evaluation of Bush and his Congress.  It facilitates and thus enables Israel "its right to exist" and serves to excuse the mass murder of whole populations precisely as Hitler did.
And the entire Congress, save Ron Paul, Russ Feingold, and perhaps John Murtha and Chuck Hegel, are all traitors.  Both sides of the aisle continue to allow Bush unbridled dictatorial powers, supported and initiated by AIPAC, which will extend his "authority" to aid Israel in its unending quest to preemptively defend itself just as we are doing.  The USA PATRIOT Act will never be rescinded.  Our Constitution can now be viewed totally as just another miserable failure to be added to the scrap heap of history.  How could this have happened?
Our political observer, a long-time opponent of legislatures and the legislative process, predicted the failure of assemblies, legislatures and parliaments.  He offers: "The distinguishing feature of the former is that the body of, let us say five hundred men, or in recent times even women, is chosen and entrusted with making the decision in any and all matters.  And so for practical purposes they alone are government; for even if they choose a cabinet which undertakes the external direction of the affairs of state, this is a mere sham.  In reality this so-called government cannot take a step without first obtaining the approval of the general assembly.  Consequently, it cannot be made responsible for anything, since the ultimate decision never lies with it, but with the majority of [Congress/Parliament].  In every case it does nothing but carry out the momentary will of the majority.  Indeed, its most urgent task becomes nothing more than either to secure the favor of the existing majority, as the need arises, or to form a majority with more friendly inclinations.  If this succeeds, it may 'govern' a little while longer; if it doesn't succeed, it can resign.  The soundness of its purpose is besides the point.  For practical purposes, this excludes all responsibility."
Our prescient observer continues: "But even leaving the genius of these representatives of the people aside, bear in mind how varied are the problems awaiting attention, in what widely removed fields solutions and decisions must be made, and you will realize how inadequate a governing institution must be which transfers the ultimate right of decision to a mass assembly of people, only a tiny fraction of which possess the knowledge and experience of the matter to be treated.  The most important economic measures are thus submitted to a forum, only a tenth of whose members have any economic education to show.  This is nothing more nor less than placing the ultimate decision in a matter in the hands of men totally lacking in every prerequisite for the task."
This critic of American government has hit the nail squarely on the head.  Have you ever read a more accurate and truthful description of the current traitors in the United States Congress?  Their loyalty has been purchased by the lobbying agents of a small, tiny nation that has been armed to the teeth by them using our tax money.  This ugly, horrible little instigator and trigger nation chosen by the international banksters to launch World War III and the succeeding New World Order has been funded with well over $150 billion of our tax dollars.  What do they have to lose?  What do we?  Count on Bush and his obedient Congress to jump in to "aid" Israel in butchering and slaughtering millions of innocent, defenseless people.
Those who have an uncanny feeling about the predictions of our clairvoyant and political observer extensively quoted in the prior paragraphs may already have a clue as to his identity.  But these observations regarding the Jewish press and the conduct of Western legislatures, parliaments and congresses are not recent ­ they are 81 years old.  Our clairvoyant is none other than Adolf Hitler, and come straight out of Mein Kampf.  God help US!
 © 2006 THEODORE E. LANG - All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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