Troy, MI Warehouse Raided
In Bird Flu Investigation
Health Officials Say Public Safety Is Number 1 Concern
Local 4 News

Hundreds of pounds of illegally imported meat and chicken have been confiscated by federal and state investigators.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture worked with the Michigan Department of Agriculture on a raid at a Troy warehouse. Investigators found chicken, goose and pork products from areas in China affected by bird flu, Local 4 reported.
USDA investigators seized more than 1,600 pounds of illegally imported poultry and pork products, the station reported. Most of the products were mislabeled and put in boxes that read frozen tilapia, according to the report.
"This is absolutely a public health issue. Food safety and public health are our number one concerns," said Brad Deacon, emergency management coordinator for the state Agriculture Department.
Investigators said they have traced the illegal imports to a Genesee County businessman who owns the Troy warehouse but seems to have disappeared, Local 4 reported.
"The public should know that health departments in the state are out looking in warehouses and backrooms and freezers to make sure this material is not out there," said Deacon.
The warehouse has provided investigators with a list of about 300 restaurants and food stores it delivers to, and investigators will follow up with those businesses to locate all of the illegal meat, Local 4 reported.
Doctors said that cooking meat to its proper temperature should eliminate any risk of infection to humans.
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