Hacker Uncovered US
Off-Planet Space Navy


Note - This is - possibly - a profoundly important development. If Mr. McKinnon's data and assumption are correct, it validates what I and others have been postulating for many years: that the US Navy/Military may well be operating off-planet via back-engineered ET technology (or WWII German?) for a long time...long enough to have a 'fleet' of space craft and officers to either man them or otherwise control them. For those who remember the Clementine mission, you will recall it was a US Navy project which micro-mapped the entire Moon. If McKinnon stumbled onto a secret file of 'Non-Terrestrial Officers' would, indeed, suggest the US Military has been quietly, efficiently, secretly running off-planet operations for a long time. - JR
Gary McKinnon, the English hacker facing 70 years in U.S. prison for searching Pentagon sites for UFO evidence, says the weirdest thing he found was a list of "Non-Terrestrial Officers" and fleet transfers between ships that don't exist in the U.S. Navy.
'I found a list of officers' names,' he claims, 'under the heading Non-Terrestrial Officers.'
'Non-Terrestrial Officers?'
'Yeah, I looked it up,' says Gary, 'and it's nowhere. It doesn't mean little green men. What I think it means is not earth-based. I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't U.S. navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.'



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