Tragic Holocausts -
Then And Now

By Wendy Campbell

It's not unusual to see debates these days about the Holocaust. That's primarily because the noise on The Holocaust of Jews during WWII has been pumped up by the Zionist-dominated U.S. media in a deliberate attempt to drown out the cries of the Palestinians who have been enduring Nazi-like persecution at the hands of Zionist Israeli Jews since 1948.  Whereas everyone who reads mainstream newspapers and watches mainstream television in the United States knows, there is always a steady stream of references, articles, books and movies made about what is referred to as The Holocaust, a event specifically concerned with the Jewish  experience during the Nazi Third Reich during WWII.  Yet there is very little written about the on-going persecution of the Palestinians by the Israeli government and Jewish settlers in the mainstream media, a brutal persecution that shares many similarities with the Nazi persecution of Jews during WWII.  These crimes against humanity are being funded largely with U.S. tax dollars with our government's tacit approval.
In an e-mail message from a European, Swedish-based newsgroup I subscribe to, there was a debate about various aspects of The Holocaust, to which I shared my opinion that various aspects of what is written about the Holocaust have apparently not been backed up with proof, other than eye-witness accounts, some who have been disproved and of course, all of them understandably have a political ax to grind.  My Swedish colleague then questioned me, "Wendy, Are you saying there are no proof extermination of Jews took place during WWII?"
I responded to him as follows:
What I am saying is this:
For instance, the largest database of names of Jewish victims during WWII is in a Holocaust museum located in Israel, and there are approximately 3 million names, not 6 million names.  Although 3 million is a huge number, it is not 6 million, and to question the 6 million figure is a serious crime punishable by jail and fines in some countries.  This represents censorship, lack of freedom of speech and intellectual, independent research and an abuse of political influence and power.  
Also, there apparently are no forensic records nor official documents nor documentaries made at that time nor after that time about the gas chambers that I know of.  I've seen the footage of Zundel's trial which included mainstream Canadian TV broadcasts. The prosecutors at the trial of  Ernst Zundel, a Holocaust Revisionist, Denier and/or "heretic" (whatever you care to label him), simply did not and could not produce any evidence / proof in the courtroom.  Yet, the Canadian judge put him in jail anyway!  Apparently he was cited as a threat to Canadian society.  It think it is more accurate he is considered a threat to the Holocaust Industry which is generating millions upon millions of dollars in reparations for the Jewish  survivors of the concentration camps, as well as much tax payers money being used to fund the ever increasing number of Holocaust museums and memorials to keep the propaganda alive and well, and certainly not questioned.  That might bring a (welcome) end to all this obsessing and demanding of more and more reparations as well as extra special treatment of Jews as an extra-privileged ethnic special interest group, above all others.
Furthermore, a Jewish  TV producer at a recent film industry event I attended said the following with regards to a new documentary he was involved with about Auschwitz, "We are grateful for the new technology which has enabled us to RECREATE many scenes, since there are NO records, documents or actually any documentaries from Auschwitz during the time of Nazi Germany." I almost fell off my seat!
On top of that, I have seen the compelling documentary by Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole, who has since gone into hiding due to being beaten up and his family threatened by the Jewish  Defense League, a domestic terrorist organization which was even on the official US list of domestic terrorist organizations until Clinton was pressured by Zionist political groups to take them off.  However, an internet search on their terrorist activities will reveal what they are about.
It's easy to see how many people really were ignorant of what was happening to Jews during WWII at that time, with regards to being rounded up in concentration camps, since as even today, even with the information highway, many people, especially Americans, are ignorant of what has been happening to the Palestinian people ever since 1948.  There are distinct parallels between the situation of Jews in much of Europe during the Nazi occupation and the situation of Palestinians in today's Israeli occupation of The Holy Land.
As far as the use of the word "extermination" with regards to what Nazis did to Jews during WWII, my opinion is as follows:
What has been clearly proved is thus:  Jews were most definitely targeted as undesirables, in Germany and surrounding countries, along with gypsies, etc., and rounded up if they didn't escape in time (they were given lots of warnings, just like the Palestinians were and continue to be warned, to leave and never come back), and were put in concentration camps as a source of cheap labor for the  Nazi's war efforts.  There were hospitals at these concentration camps to help those inmates (who were useful and cooperative) who got ill.
But as the war grinded on and the Nazis were losing, and the food supply lines to the camps were cut off by the Allied Forces, as they bombed the railroads and roads, many concentration camp inmates were getting starved to death and many died of diseases as well.  (See how now the Israelis are cutting off the food supply to the Palestinians....)  Apparently even German civilians were lacking for food too, though not starving as in the concentration camps where Jewish (and other) inmates were.  Many of the rebels amongst the Jewish (and other) inmates were shot / executed, no doubt.  As a sideline, there were insane Nazi scientists using some inmates as guinea pigs, just as today there are similar reports of Israeli doctors using some Palestinians as guinea pigs for medical experiments, although it appears as the Nazis outdid the Zionists in this instance (so far anyway).
As I have pointed out, there indeed are many parallels in what the Nazis did to the Jews and what the Zionist Jews have been doing to the Palestinians.
Here's what the oppressors do to the oppressed:  First, they terrorize their targeted victims (based on if they are the "wrong" religion or ethnicity) in order to get them to "voluntarily" leave the desired land, so the oppressors can keep it for their own kind.  Then the oppressors covertly do everything possible to step up this effort, trying to play it down in the mainstream press by whatever means. Then oppressors use whatever oppressed people are left behind to work for them, as the Nazis did to the Jews in the concentration camps, and now the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians.  The Palestinians have been pushed out of their land and into refugee camps, which are basically open air concentration camps, and in the process they have lost their means of independent sustenance (their farms and businesses) to the Zionist Jewish  Israelis.  
The oppressed and basically imprisoned Palestinians are then forced to work at slave wages for the oppressors, the Zionist Jewish  Israelis, even being forced to build the Jews-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land, in order to be able to survive!  The Palestinians watch their land being stolen, their cultural heritage being destroyed, their pride being trampled, the story of what is has been happening to them has been conspiratorially suppressed in the media, AND then on top of all this the Palestinians have to pay taxes to their oppressors!  The Zionist Jewish  Israelis (ZioNazis) stole the land and the water supplies from the Palestinians, then they turn around and charge the Palestinians for what is rightfully theirs anyway!  The Israeli government also demolishes the Palestinian homes and then presents them a bill for the demolishing!  This is FACT.
As far as I'm concerned, what is happening to the Palestinians today is every bit as bad as what happened to the Jews of Germany and Europe during WWII, although of course Zionist Jews insist that everyone agree with them that "The Holocaust" was the worst thing that ever happened to any group of people ever. Somehow we must believe that The Holocaust was uniquely horrible and that the German Nazis are uniquely demonic, and that on the other hand, that what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians is somehow justified, because Jews are basically the ultimate, eternally innocent victims, who are therefore licensed to do whatever they want to in order to defend themselves.  And anyone who questions this belief is therefore a "Nazi" of some sort, and certainly an "anti-Semite".  How convenient for them to think so.  How self-serving.  How hypocritical! Apparently, in the minds of these Zionist Jews, and their supporters, only Jews are free of what Catholics refer to as Original Sin.  Original Sin refers to the fact that we (all human beings no matter what the race, religion, ethnicity, creed, or gender) all are capable of sin, and we are all born with the capacity to sin, and free will to choose good over evil or vice versa.  Apparently some people think The Golden Rule only applies to some people and not to others.    
What is especially infuriating to me is that MY government is using MY taxes and MY country's resources to support Israel's Nazi-like ethnic-cleansing campaign against the Palestinians, and also Israel's self-made enemies, such as Iraq.
So, I am totally against dwelling so much on "The Holocaust" because as far as I can see it is has been exaggerated and aggrandized unbelievably (and the fact that it is a crime in some countries to question aspects of it proves to me that the Zionists have something to hide and they are abusing their elite-status power) and it is being used as a license to kill and do unto the Palestinians ( and others in the Middle East) what the Nazis did to the Jews--- and it's happening NOW!  
To sum it up, The Holocaust is now history, and a very regrettable event, just like all wars, but it is history!  Now we must honestly address the extermination that is going on right now to the Palestinian people and their land/ country,  which Israel has been systematically and illegally wiping off the map!  
There must be no double standards.  We are all God's children and we are all capable of doing good and evil, as in Original Sin.  The Golden Rule applies to all, and no one is above it.  
A hate crime is a hate crime is a hate crime--- everyone is potentially capable of it- right now the Israel is the equivalent of Nazi Germany.  Somehow, what Israel is doing must be stopped. The Palestinians are on the frontlines of their aggression, and now it's the Iraqis as well...
Somehow, we must stop the Zio-American war machine, which is being supported also by England and some other countries, who are bullied to do so.
By the way, Zionists deny "Al Nakba", but that is not considered criminal nor taboo.  Think about it.
"First they ignore it, then they laugh at it, then they say they knew it all along." 19th century German philosopher Alexander von Humboldt
Note:  For a concise account of "The Origin of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict", please visit
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