Super-wide Highway
From Another Perspective

Ted Twietmeyer

Think this highway stops at the northern border of Texas? [1]
Some of us have been aware for a few years that this super-wide super-highway was under construction. And what of those longshoreman losing jobs - where are they now? This type of labor is almost extinct since almost everything is now containerized. Containerized cargo is how merchandise enters (and sometimes leaves) America's ports, with the exception of trucks and automobiles. One or two operators working in an overhead crane today completely fill or empty a cargo ship directly to and from semi-truck trailers in just a few hours.
We can see that effects from this super-wide super-highway can be far reaching.  In fact, the implications of this quiet construction project to build a PRIVATE highway are global in nature and may show us what the future holds.
There is yet another serious reason for the highway that seemingly no one considers. Few recall that back in 2001, the self-appointed American dictator stated his list of countries comprising the "axis of evil." China was also on that list. Later the dictator retracted it. But do we really believe it was removed from the list? Hardly.
Throughout history, any nation perceived as too powerful was ALWAYS a target for war. This fact has never changed. The Mid-East proved this point all too well. War there has always been about oil (which even Cheney admitted this in a press conference - "it's always been about oil.") There currently are other ruthless dictators executing race wars elsewhere in the world, which we rarely hear about. At the last count this author heard, there were some 40 conflicts among the nations of the world. Africa has problems between nations throughout it's history. But the key point here is that oil and/or money IS power. and will always be serious reasons for war. Economically powerful nations are always targets for war, too. This is something like a version of the classic "haves vs. the have-nots." What nation on earth today is the most solvent, economically powerful nation in the world where far more money flows IN than out? Hint - it begins with the letter "C." 
A war with China is what many experts have stated is inevitable. This will result in a cut-off almost overnight of the majority of store products, with the exception of food, health and beauty aids. Once the war begins, products will stop flowing into North America when the pipeline of ships at sea is empty. In fact, we could see major ports become idle virtually overnight. And what of the billions of American dollars to which the Chinese economy is addicted to? It will cause China to start launching missles already known as the "Long March" - a name they gave to their ICBMs more than 30 years ago for missles that can reach America. They will have nothing to lose by doing so. Perhaps this is why new Wal-marts being built are painted in ugly Kaki colors - corporate management is already preparing for war. Since the chain has a long-standing relationship with Homeland Security from it's inception, they will become the distribution chain for food, staple items and household products you will need during the next world war. They will become just another division of the corporate government system already under construction. It has the political title of "privatization of government." What we see portrayed in sci-fi movies about a corporate-run world of the future is now being built in reality. One can only imagine how the philosophy of culture and government will undergo a slow but dramatic paradigm shift in public schools, to change the image of what children believe is freedom... And all of this ties into the new super-wide, super-highway.
So where else can needed goods be manufactured and transported without requiring ships? Mexico, middle Latin-American countries and South America are the most logical places left on the continent. The super-wide super-highway could also be extended south to stretch all the way to South America. Looking at a road atlas, one will find that it is actually possible to drive to Middle Latin America and South America from Mexico. It will take you a week or more from Arizona or Texas to get there. It's almost a certainty you'll be robbed and/or perhaps killed before reaching your destination. But the new limited access super-highway will be heavily patrolled and guarded, virtually eliminating that problem. (Wouldn't you like to have the video camera contract for that?) Mexico and countries south of America will be the ONLY logical choice left for manufacturing. The standard of living is already too high in America and Canada to support those "low prices" which citizens of both countries now expect to pay at big box stores. Average income is now insufficient to pay the prices of yesteryear.
In fact - we could see reverse immigration take place as suddenly Mexico becomes the land of plenty. Americans will move to new jobs south of the border. Of course, it leaves unanswered a question that's we have today: If most jobs move south of the border, how will Americans and Canadians be able to afford those products or have a decent standard of living? Certainly not on salaries from today's service jobs of cleaning buildings and fast food restaurants. This is the serious degradation of jobs toward unskilled help that is happening today. We see that our government has sold us out, to convert America into a highly depressed third world economy. The UN will not "re-distribute the wealth" as it claims as a goal.
Far more friction required to move one ton of goods over ground than over water. Oil companies will reap windfall profits from increased diesel fuel consumption as a result of increased truck traffic. "Third world countries" which are now called "emerging nations" will love the new, big business. Perhaps the pyramid and ancient city archeological sites closing and returning to ruins. Few will work at those sites to maintain them because of inferior wages. Instead, everyone will work at higher at paying jobs in mega-factories. And like China today, everyone south of the border will be driving cars. The horse and donkey will become a rare sight. Perhaps those animals will be sold to Americans and Canadians who will become too poor to afford to buy and operate a car or truck. Sound far-fetched? All things are possible until proven otherwise.
For those that laugh at these ideas they should first look at the semiconductor industry. For some thirty years, silicon chips have been manufactured in dozens of polynesian and near-east countries. The plastic anti-static tubes they are packaged in for the past 30 years, have listed about 40 of these countries with the prefacing statement "Made in one or more of the following countries: ." The point here is that chip manufacturing since the early 1970's was already making an exodus overseas. As each country's standard of living increased, corporations packed up and moved on as a country's standard of living increased, and manufacturing became too expensive.
This pillaging for cheap labor goes on today, and now chip companies are running out of poor but politically stable countries in which to manufacture needed chips. Much of the world is still involved in internal conflicts and battles with neighboring nations. These countries are too unstable for any corporation to invest more than 2 billion dollars to build a new facility, where it might be blown up or attacked at any time.
What will happen when the standard of living in Mexico, middle-Latin American and South American countries rises too high? Where will manufacturing move to when no place is left to do it with cheap labor?
As an aside - would the Chinese have listening devices planted at Bilderberg meetings they are not invited to? You better believe it. Today's highly advanced devices which can be remotely turned on and off are un-detectable. Invited or not, the Chinese will know one way or another every word that's been said there. It will be the world's public who will be the last to know, but the first to feel the meeting's effects.
Ted Twietmeyer



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