Let Me Get This Straight
By Frosty Wooldridge

"Let me get this straight," Barbara McCutchen said, "Illegal aliens flee their countries which are ridden with poverty, disease, crime, filth, illiteracy, and corrupt governments top to bottom. They endure hardship, occasionally death, to crash our borders illegally day and night to the tune of 10,000 every 24 hours;  they rob U.S. citizens, kill their pets and livestock, damage property by cutting fences and water lines, and breaking and entering; drop tons of toxic refuse; obtain phony documents; steal citizens' identification; depress salaries by working for slave wages; overload our schools, hospitals, and criminal facilities; get food stamps, prenatal care, other welfare such as transportation, translators, psychiatric care, and social workers; receive benefits like scholarships and in-state college tuition in several states; drive without licenses/insurance; ruin neighborhoods and property values with multiple families living in houses designed for one; continue their failed cultures' unsanitary habits like not washing hands after going to the toilet, raising chickens and/or goats in the yard, plus the slaughter and outdoor cooking of the animals which breaks the housing codes of most towns and cities ; refuse to learn English and to assimilate; and bring diseases once eradicated and deadly others unknown to our country."
Does this ring true in your community?  Is this something you have experienced?   
McCutchen continued, "As for the complicity of the federal government, the final death blow to public education came with Bush's 'No Child Left Behind', which requires that all children be on the same learning level.  Since that is impossible taking into account the huge numbers of non-English speaking children as well as those with learning disabilities, it means that all children must be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.
"Encouraged by officials and churches, illegals participate in protests demanding their "rights", painting any opposition as "racist", while sending billions back to their native countries which drains America's economy and aids the countries they fled. A while back they were so emboldened that they got on buses across the country to go to Washington to make their "demands", stopping at state capitals along the way, where law enforcement protected them and kept citizens away who wanted to protest such an outrage. Why didn't they do those things in their own countries? Because they would have been shot down like dogs.  Why the fierce loyalty to their countries and hostility toward ours?  If I had to flee such a terrible country I would not feel loyalty or affection for it. I would be most grateful to a country that would not only allow my presence, but supply my needs. Why is that not the case, particularly with the Mexicans? Could it be that they have been programmed in Mexico to think they have every right to be here illegally and that they are the new reconquistas?  That they were here first and it's the Europeans who are the illegals?  That is what their U.S. ethnic organizations also teach.
"Why does U. S. law enforcement protect them by failing to enforce immigration laws which state it's a felony to aid, abet, transport or EMPLOY illegals, with hefty fines and imprisonment mandated? The only logical answer to that question is a corrupt system which covers for the influential corporations seeking slave labor.  Then you also have government programs/bureaucrats who feed off increased funding to facilitate the slave trade, along with churches and foundations that do the same. Follow the money.
We suffer the most bought-off Congress in the history of our Republic.  Why? We haven't participated in our government and have left it to corrupt men.
"What is the logical result?" McCutchen said. "The legitimate estimates of illegals vary from 25 to 50 millionnot the 8-11 million propaganda number touted by the Bush administration, the complicit congress and media, as well as numerous "think tanks", advocacy associations, hostile ethnic organizations, the chambers of commerce, unions, and other anti-American groups.  Now we have enormous numbers of people who have no regard for the rule law and citizenship responsibilities, much less a knowledge, understanding, or appreciation of our Constitutional precepts. There is no thought beyond the minute, not by the illegals and not by the rapacious harpies of the government/corporate complex.
"So what happens when the Golden Goose (the middleclass) is dead?  It dies by taxation, regulation, out-sourcing, in-sourcing, and off-shoring wiping out our jobs and opportunities. Who then can be forced to give up their earnings for redistribution to finance the welfare/warfare state? Not the super rich and not the super poor! The illegals know not what they do and care notit is not their countrythe one they left is. The citizens involved in this slavery exploitation don't give a rat's either, today's profits trump all ethics, responsibilities, loyalties, heritage, and culture.
"As the traitorous leaders of this country aid and abet the murder of America, we can only hope they will not escape the effects of what they do, and they won't.  Their lawlessness breeds more lawlessness and the entire country plunges into the kind of hell hole the illegals escaped.  Cultures are not all the same, but ours is becoming more like theirs everyday."
What's the chance that you as a parent would write the same essay from your experiences of this invasion of our country?  What's the chance your senators and House representatives understand what Americans are talking about?  It's obvious that this president and Congress don't!  Except Congressman Tom Tancredo and a brave group in the Immigration Reform Caucus.  Support their efforts as if your country's life depends on it.  Because it does.
Join and stop this invasion.  We WILL stop this insanity in the House of Representatives!
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