Strange End-Times
Beliefs Of Some
'Evangelical' Christians
By Norio Hayakawa

The power of America's so-called "Evangelical community" certainly cannot be underestimated.  Its influence seems to be huge, to say the least, especially upon this present U.S. Administration.  There is no doubt that America's "Evangelical Christians" (i.e., "Christian Zionists") not only support Israel in its totality, but also even seem to welcome an all-out War in the Middle East to "hasten" (or "accelerate") the climate for the realization of "end-time" events long prophecied.
The main reason for this is quite simple.  To them, it all started on May 14, 1948 when the State of Israel became a reality in more than 2000 years.  It was a miraculous event to the vast majority of American's Fundamentalist Christians then (particularly to those who adhered to the so-called "dispensationalist" interpretation of the Bible) who rejoiced at that unprecedented event, believing that it was the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy, the beginning of the "end-time" period.
Fundamentalist Christians (such as Baptists, especially the Southern Baptists, Pentecostalists, such as the Assemeblies of God, Foursquare Churches, Full Gospel Churches, and all other denominations of the so-called "born-again", "Evangelical" beliefs), believed that the generation that would wtiness the re-establishment of Israel would also be the generation that would witness the Second Coming of Jesus and the consequent establishment of His Millenial Reign on earth from Israel.
Thus they are all part of the growing and influential "Christian Zionists", which definitely played a major role in the growth of America's so-called Neo-Conservative ("Neo-Cons") movement of recent years.
Going back to the significance of the establishment of Israel in 1948, quite a number of Fundamentalist Christians came to believe that a Biblical generation was 40 years.
However, when 1988 (i.e., 40 years after 1948) came and went by without a whimper, another theory started to pop up. They found a new significant year in 1967, the year in which Israel (through the Six-days War) occupied the city of Jerusalem for the first time in more than 2000 years.  Their belief then was that it was the fulfillment of the prophecy that said that "Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled".
Thus, many of the evangelical Christians today came to believe that 1967 marked the beginning of the end of the Gentile rule.   A great number of "Evangelicals" today now seem to believe that it is the generation of 1967 that will see the Second Coming of Jeus Christ.
Once again, if they consider a Biblical generation to be 40 years, then the year 2007 to them will be significant for obvious reasons.
(Some of them even say that our present calendar system is off by about 5 years, that the birth of Jesus Christ most likely took place around 5 B.C., which means that instead of 2006, we are now in 2011, and that next year, 2007, will actually be 2012).
In the midst of these speculations by the "Evangelicals" comes the event that is occurring at this very minute.
In this present, escalating Middle East crisis,  it is apparent that the vast majority of America's "Evangelicals" not only support Israel's present actions but even seem to support an all-out War in the Middle East, in order to "hasten" (or "accelerate") the climate for the Second Coming of Jesus.
As I mentioned a while ago, America's Neo-Conservative movement (the "Neo-Cons") is based upon the Evangelicals' "undying" support of Israel through their belief that Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies and that the U.S. must continue to support Israel, no matter what.
Thus the "Evangelicals" and Neo-Cons seem to be pushing for an all-out attack on such as Iran and Syria.   Meanwhile, the Israelis seem to be comforted and encouraged by the constant support given to them by America's "Evangelicals".   This is indeed a strange alliance.  (Some say, however, that the Israelils are simply taking advantage of the "blind support" given to them by America's "Evangelical Christian community").
In order to understand the mind-set of these Fundamentalist, "Evangelical" Christians, I think it is quite important to summarize their beliefs, especially their beliefs regarding the "end-times" prophetic scenarios they envision and expect to happen.
Here are some of the strange "end-times" beliefs of Fundamentalist, "Evangelical" Christians:
As I mentioned a while ago, one of the main characteristics of America's "Neo-Cons", with the backing of Fundamentalist Christians and "Evangelicals", is their total support of Israel through their belief that contemporary Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies and the the U.S. must continue to support the State of Israel, no matter what.
A large number of America's Fundamentalist Christians and "Evangelicals", therefore,
seem to believe that we are living in the "end-time" period of God prophetic calendar.  I think that it is important to point out some of the "end-time" scenarios as envisioned by these groups.
Here is the typical order of prophetic events to come, as outlined by many Fundamentalist Christians and "Evangelicals" who hold on to the so-called Pre-Millenial, Dispensationalist, Pre-Tribulation viewpoints:
They seem to believe that this could easily begin with the escalation of the Middle East conflict, involving Israel.
The Ezekiel 38 scenario includes the attempted invasion into Israel by all Islamic forces (led and orchestrated by the northern-most power, i.e., Russia) and will conclude with a miraculous Israeli victory.
They believe that it is suggested in the Bible that it will take 7 years to bury the dead from this unprecedented conflagration.  (The U.S. could be involved, directly or indirectly in this conflagration, they explain).
According to their belief, the Ezekiel 38 scenario will conclude with the appearance of the Anti-Christ who will create a Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians (and all Islmic confederation).
(They say that, for example, Iran's Ahmadinejad believes that he could be the one that could be welcoming the coming, long-awaited Islamic prophet, "Imam" - i.e., the "Anti-Christ", to the Fundamentalist Christians)
They say that the Ezekiel 38 scenario could also conclude with the simultaneous disappearance of millions of people from this earth, which will result in  total chaos, confusion and fear among the global populace.  This, they say, is the "Rapture".  It will be a mysterious, mass "evacuation" of the believers to meet the Lord in "mid-air".  (The physical bodies will be mysteriously and instantaneously converted to celestial bodies).  In other words, "born-again" believers will be translated from one side to the other side, i.e., from the earthly plane to the heavenly dimension and will meet Jesus in "mid-air".
The "Rapture" (from "raptare", to "snatch" away, as in the eagle "snatching" away her baby when danger comes and taking it away to a safer location, etc.), is a supernatural event clearly suggested in the Bible that has not happened yet in the history of mankind, but will be certain to happen, according to most of these pre-tribulationist/dispensationalist believers.
It will be an inexplicable, instantaneous disintegration of all atomic particles of each of our cells of our tissues, i.e., the instant conversion of our physical body into a spiritual, celestial "body" which will be swooshed up into "mid-air".  In other words, they believe that "in the twinkling of an eye", our physical bodies will go through a mysterious sudden transmogrification (a favorite word used by John Keel) and will be lifted up to meet the Lord in "mid-air".  Our entire physical bodies (the tissues, the cells will go through a sudden, inexplicable atomic fission-type transformation, they say.
They believe that the "Rapture" is a conduit prepared by God for us to escape the coming global wrath know as the Tribulation (comparable to the days of Noah, when God safely placed a few faithful believers in the ark first and then caused the rain to downpour thereafter).
Pre-tribulationist/dispensationalists believe that this unprecedented event will take place simultaneously  with the appearance (the revealing) of the Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Christ will not be able to come to power until the "body of believers" (together with the presence of the Holy Spirit) is removed from this earth.  Only then, at that moment, can the Anti-Christ come into power.
The "Rapture" will literally be a celestial wedding, the union of the bride (the "church" or the "body of believers") and the Groom (Jesus Christ).  This "wedding" celebration in the air will last for 7 days, which could be equivalent to 7 earthly years.
When the Anti-Christ appears on global emergency TV news conference, many of these Fundamentalist Christians say that he could calm down the frightened people of the earth with his ingenious, well-calculated explanation regarding the sudden disappearance of millions of people from the earth; this could be when "UFOs" are brought up;  the Anti-Christ could use some type of "extraterrestrial" intervention explanation.
(I would venture to say that in the United States, the majority of the so-called Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians hold on to the viewpoint that somehow the "UFO" phenomenon is "Satanic" or "diabolical". These groups seem to believe that "UFOs" will play a major role in these future biblical prophecies.
Some theorists even believe that if a global government of some sort is to be set up intentionally (by force) in the future, there are several ways to accomplish it.  Creating wars is one example, they say.  Creating other series of "crises" is another, such as taking advantages of natural global catastrophes, or even creating artificial ones.   We all heard of the "ORDO AB CHAOS" theory.
They also point out that  Henry Kissinger's at one time suggested (in a statement  he allegedly made in 1992 in Evians, France) that should the world suddenly face an external threat (i.e., from "outer space") where REAL or PROMULGATED, it would accelerate a cry for a global unified government.  They say that Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev also had allegedly made such similar remarks, that is the world is faced with such an extraterrestrial threat, we will all forget our differences and be united as one to defend this earth from such threats.
Can the "world government" stage a deceptive, "alien-contact-landing" scenario?
If the secret government were to stage such a fake, "extraterrestrial" type of event, it would definitely be beneficial to them if there remains an adamant element of society who have always believed in "UFOs" and "aliens".)
In any case, Fundamentalist "Evangelical" Christians seem to believe that somehow the Anti-Christ will come up with a brilliant, convincing explanation for the "Rapture" event and that somehow,  the world will have a sigh of relief by his explanation.
That will be the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation Period (i.e., the "New World Order" of the Anti-Christ, the first half of which will be relatively peaceful, and the second half of which will be an iron-fisted rule of the Anti-Christ, who will declare himself to be God at mid-point).
Towards the end of the 7th year, nations such as Red China (and the rest of the "Kings of the East") will challenge the dictatorship of Anti-Christ's Europe-based New World Order and will begin to cross the Euphrates and make a move towards the valley of Meggido.
This battle, the battle of Armaggedon, will be the final global battle.
During the climax of this battle, celestial forces led by Jesus Christ (and accompanied by those who were "raptured") will descend and will destroy all earthly forces.
Jesus Christ will rule from Israel for a 1000 years.  This is the Millenial Kingdom.
At the end of the 1000 years, there will be a minor rebellion by the descendants of those who may have survived the Armaggedon and continued to procreate, thus having physical bodies.   That minor rebellion will be crushed by God.
This is the gist of the events to occur in the near future, according to many of the so-called Fundamentalist, Dispensationalist, Evangelical, Pre-Millenial and Pre-Tribulational Christians.
Is this all wild, "science fiction"?
Maybe.   But again, no one knows.
Does it hurt to believe in this "unbelievable" scenario?
These "Evangelical" Christians seem to say that it won't hurt at all to believe that such scenarios could come true.
They say that they have nothing to lose by believing in it even if it doesn't come true, but everything to gain if it indeed takes place, if one is a believer.
Norio Hayakawa



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