A Nation Without Sovereignty
By Ted Lang c.2005
All Rights Reserved

The horror and carnage of the Israeli-Bush invasion of Lebanon came right out of left field, literally. This horror is a benchmark in history wherein a fascist nationalistic sovereignty has been combined with the forces of international communism in order to ethnically cleanse an entire people totally out of existence. The Bush crime family's wealth was established by Hitler's top banker, Prescott Bush, when being ordered to divest himself of the spoils of Hitler's war machine. He removed $1.5 million from his holdings in Union Banking. It was the Bush patriarch's concession to America resulting in his having been targeted by the United States Congress for his fiscal transgressions in supporting Nazi mass murder and torture.

Fast forward to the current genocide now being executed in a manner far more efficiently than anything Adolf Hitler and his Nazis ever dreamed of. The fascist police state and imperial terror that is modern day Israel is slaughtering the innocent men, women and children of southern Lebanon for the mere crime of resistance to Israel's land-grabbing imperial war-mongering. Hamas is being targeted for exercising Bush's justification for invasion in "bringing democracy" to a people that never asked for it. Hamas leaders were elected by the free will and choice of the people, but none elected came up to Bush's standards of the desired subservience required of US Middle East sock puppets. And Hezbollah, another entity created in response to Israeli brutality, torture and mass murder of Palestinians, is now seen as the real threat to Jewish license to ethnically cleanse those races and religions it deems no longer deserving of either life or existence.

Eventually, Israel's brutal imperialism will result in its striking oil. They will finally be in control of land which fuels their imperial war machine as well as the war machine of the United States. And when that happens just watch those prices skyrocket all the more at our gas pumps. It will be American society and our economy that will grind to a halt - the next World War will be fought via smuggled nuclear devices placed in our cities to be tactically detonated by anti-American/anti-Israel global terrorist organizations. Traditional troop send-offs to "the front" and convoys of ships are a thing of the past.

Nothing brings that Harvard paper, "The Israel Lobby" more into focus than the horror that Israel and Bush are now unleashing in the Middle East. The Jewish laundry cycle, wherein our billions in foreign aid is sent right back to US through the Jewish lobby to be distributed as campaign donations [bribes] to America's politicians, and also to Jewish synagogues and temples, has allowed the Israelis to buy our government right out from under US. As the Guinness commercial would observe: "Brilliant!"

A restriction to criticizing Jewish directed American domestic and international policy has always been politely and selectively observed. Monumental efforts not to offend our Jewish brethren and to stave off accusations of "anti-Semitism" require that we, in the alternate media of truth-telling, be cautious and avoid targeting Jews thereby confining our observations and any criticism only to "Zionism." Zionism is the concept of a totally Jewish state. Transgressions by some Jews are not to be generalized to all Jews, but merely to that portion of Jewry that deserves rebuke. And more often than not, that rebuke is to be neatly contained to Zionists and those few radicals who adhere to "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." The Talmud presents horrendous views and commentary on Christians and other non-Jews, but we are to pay no attention to these. On the other hand, we are to hate, loathe and despise Islam for the nasty things they say about US in their Koran.

Neither the Koran, nor Osama bin Laden, nor 9-11 have anything even remotely to do with the situation now ongoing in the Middle East. The bottom line is that it is, and always was, about oil. Oil is the lifeblood of American society, and that makes it extremely valuable. What dependency do we have on Israel to provide this to US in free trade? If Israel continues its colonial expansion at the cost of our military personal and the horrendous costs to the US taxpayer, will this result in cheaper oil and gasoline for US? Not only should Americans doubt this, but they should recall the "such-a-deal" Israel made US returning their freely-begotten US ammunition for a price when we so desperately needed it fighting their war in Iraq.

For this writer, the caution is now at end. I'm no longer buying into the special selectivity of the Jew and our state. They have replaced our government with their carefully selected sock puppet stooges such as Bush, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neoconservative traitors controlling the Pentagon. They have bought and control the White House and the Congress. This was proven by the astonishing numbers in the House of Representatives in passing a resolution backing the Lebanese massacres and ethnic cleansing by a vote of 410 to 8. It is clear that Israel and its American Jews have arranged things such that no American citizen and taxpayer has any voice in their own government any longer. Jews determine our news. We have separation of church and state, but we are now being oppressed with the oneness of synagogue and state.

And you've got to hand it to Bush and Israel appreciating how cleverly this was all pulled off. The Internet, the real and professional source of objective journalism, worked hard to expose the possibilities of the Israeli-American government conspiracy eagerly targeting Iran next for destruction. But the AM hammered away at the Bush plan to destroy Iran. AM pundits predicted yet another 9-11 to implicate Iran. Or perhaps, a false flag operation in the Middle East blaming Iran launched by Israel's Mossad. But no, the constant hammering of the Palestinians by the Israeli fascist police state did the trick. Either the international bankers grew impatient with Bush's hesitation on Iran, or this was deemed a better way of launching the assault via Israel's hatred for mankind. But always remember, when we speak of anything undertaken by the deadly, dangerous Bush regime, were speaking only figuratively. Bush himself is too ignorant and stupid to plot anything - Rove, Cheney and Bush's Pentagon handlers tell him what to say and do.

The overwhelming support given to Israel by our United States Congress of Traitors is what this is all about. Now think impeachment. And then also consider a "regime change" should the Israel-subservient Democrats win big in the midterm election. Of what significance would a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate be in Jewish and Israeli controlled America? Israel controls our government and both our political parties. All were cleverly purchased by the Jews with our own money. And the concept of Zionism versus Orthodox Jewry in terms of any modicum of hope that Jews loyal to America will rise up and condemn the horrors now being visited on mankind along with the excellent possibility of World War III is all just a pipe dream.

Here's an assessment of the latter: "For whatever doubts I still may have nourished were finally dispelled by the attitude of a portion of Jews themselves. Among them there was a great movement ...which came out sharply in confirmation of the national character of the Jews: this was the Zionists. It looked, to be sure, as though only a part of the Jews approved this viewpoint, while the great majority condemned and inwardly rejected such a formulation. But when examined more closely, this appearance dissolved itself into an unsavory vapor of pretexts advanced for mere reasons of expedience, not to say lies. For the so-called liberal Jews did not reject the Zionists as non-Jews, but only as Jews with an impractical, perhaps even dangerous, way of publicly avowing their Jewishness."

The foregoing, quoted directly from Hitler's "Mein Kampf," continues: "In a short time this apparent struggle between Zionistic and liberal Jews disgusted me; for it was false through and through, founded on lies and scarcely in keeping with the moral elevation and purity always claimed by this people." Hitler goes on: "What had to be reckoned heavily against the Jews in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature and theater."

Recently, a noted Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish faith passed away. I began reading about his achievements during his lifetime, and was very disturbed to learn that one of his accomplishments was his relationship with Israel. That relationship was heralded as generating funding from the Zionist state. How could Orthodox Jews, who purportedly display publicly so much opposition to Israel, then turn around and accept payment from that state, especially when considering the trickery on the part of Israel in turning our own politicians against us with the taxpayer-generated foreign aid sent them?

Why am I reading Hitler? Because William L. Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" taught me little. I wanted to know the cause of World War II and Shirer's job was to put together a world class American press-touted masterpiece of reporting and analysis. The book didn't even come close. Hitler was simply a madman that hated Jews for absolutely no reason, and Hitler's charge that it was the Jewish bankers that set Germany up in World War I and then fleeced it via the Versailles Treaty were totally untrue according to Shirer. But how do Hitler's comments stack up to the present crisis in the Middle East? Isn't the Jewish controlled American mass media presenting only Israel's side of the story? Who is slaughtering whom? Our MSM would have US believe the Israelis are fighting for their lives rather than just the other way around. And doesn't Orthodox Jew versus Zionist Jew come off very similarly to the "good cop/bad cop" routine to befuddle and break down a suspect and to force a confession?

The Israelis are now engaged in a Holocaust against Lebanon and Palestine, and soon other Arab states. All in Islam will eventually be targeted by what the world now sees as the real axis of evil: Israel, the United States and Great Britain. Of course, and to be sure, there are both American and Israeli Jews who are agonizing over the horrors perpetrated by their Zionist nation against a hapless, defenseless people. Hezbollah is not the Lebanese government. We know it to be, as does the war criminal state of Israel, a rogue militia operation and totally out of the Lebanese government's control. But if the Lebanese government is thought to have been complicit in the attacks that culminated in the capture of three armed military personnel of Israel, why are defenseless unarmed civilians being indiscriminately slaughtered and driven from their land? Why doesn't Israel engage military targets? The pretext for a terror strike and invasion by Israel is obvious. Israel was founded by terrorism and is its main proponent. And indeed the smirking moron is on board with this deliberate and unnecessary slaughter.

As was the case with Hitler's war machine, oil was its lifeblood and made possible his ability to bring war and destruction to all he planned to annihilate. The air strike on the Ploesti oil reserves during World War II was the beginning of the end for the Hitler War machine. It simply ran out of oil. But oil will not be the factor this time around. World War III will be much different. The huge military might of the United States and Israel will not be faced by the armies of Islam. Instead, terrorists will indeed infiltrate our Bush-abolished borders and allow for the establishment of terrorist units to coexist amongst innocent Americans until a united series of nuclear blasts will be detonated on our once sacred soil. The handful of National Guard troops being sent by President Smirk to guard our border with Mexico is laughable. The border has now been exposed for years. Whatever devices terrorists wanted to bring into America are now already here.

The actions of Israel not only compare to Hitler's in terms of his military incursions into Poland, Czechoslovakia, France and all the other European nations he sought to dominate and annex. They confirm that he was a true fascist and racist, and zealously and insanely dedicated to his "master race" and the sovereignty and heritage of the German people. Israel's government is precisely the same, again looking to expand its sovereignty and acquire larger borders. What's Bush doing?

Bush is signing secret treaties with countries which in effect dissolve and remove our borders. We are neither under attack from a foreign power nor are we in full retreat. Yet Bush is pulling US back from our long established and legitimate borders in order to give land advantages we now enjoy to other nations. If this isn't an act of treason, I don't know what is. Bush is a traitor. As he is most often compared to the fascism that was Hitler's Nazi Germany, and as he encourages and urges on the Middle East Holocaust now being conducted by fascist Israel, why are we doing just the opposite in giving up our territorial claims? Isn't it obvious? Bush is perfect for the communism of the New World Order. He has no modicum of loyalty to either the American people or its constitution. He's the bankers' best traitor against his own country and his own kind.

The criminal Bush regime is launching the New World Order by allowing Israel to conquer all of the Middle East while dissolving American sovereignty. The international bankers, the House of Rothschild-Rockefeller, picked the Soviet Union to homogenize the world into a one world communist government. But they encountered a problem; namely, Joseph Stalin. They miscalculated his love and devotion to mother Russia. They didn't reckon upon his devotion to its sovereignty. And when the bankers backed Hitler and Nazism, they too were relying upon Hitler's promise of a "New Order." But his racist attitudes and loyalty to the German State frustrated their efforts once again.

But now they've got Bush, the stupidest horse's ass to ever occupy the White House. His only loyalty is to Israel and anything and everything that gives him the power of decreeing death to others. His genocidal lunacy and murderous plotting were first displayed by his inserting firecrackers in frogs and blowing them to pieces. His homicidal tendencies were on display again as the Texas governor who allowed more executions than any other. And now he takes pride in admitting that he gave Israel the "green light" while demonstrating his total ignorance of the potential outcome for the world-at-large.

There was a time when I was concerned for America, but that time has long since passed. We're doomed. For there is indeed a much stupider, more ignorant and reality-deficient entity out there than even Bush that deserves the full brunt of the nuclear retaliatory consequences the smirking idiot will cause to happen. And that entity is the American people themselves.


c. 2006Theodore E. Lang All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer



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