Todays Children -
Soldiers Of Tomorrow

By Ted Twietmeyer

Future Soldier (Courtesy of
If you park your car and stay in it on active railroad tracks, you already know what will happen sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. And so it is with our children. We can choose to ignore the oncoming freight train of fascism which *appears* to have no brakes - or try to stop it by finding the brake lever. Saving our children is like being on the tracks - do nothing while you still can and later it will be too late to stop it. Many of the brainwashed will say "there's nothing you can do about it."  According to a ruling by the US Supreme Court back in the mid 1990's, "all soldiers are property of the US Government and it can do anything it wants to them without their permission." Our children will become that property, too.
That Supreme Court decision was the final verdict of a suit was filed by a soldier. Strange illnesses and diseases from the first Gulf War caused him to lose his wife, family and all he had about ten years ago. It was through a FOIA request response that he learned he was experimented on. Even worse, the ruling stated that "the government can experiment on citizens without their permission. The agency conducting the experiment must give local officials 30 days notice before beginning the experiment." Looking at the sky and seeing physical material raining down in almost every part of the country, tends to indicate that amnesia is prevalent among government leaders when it comes to proper notification.
But the old saying is still very true - "It's better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all." And so it is with our children. It is up to you and I to save them from the dictatorship's machinations that only considers them a commodity item. Make no mistake - the pentagon IS following Dr. Barnett's "The New Pentagon Road Map" into the future in everything they do. There has not been a real world war in more than 50 years. Generals are tapping their trigger fingers on desktops in the pentagon. They are looking to satisfy an insatiable itch for target practice and a chance to try out new weapons and other toys. Many officers in the government see their job as one of defense, while others see their job as one of offense. The latter are the real enemies of the American people, and the entire world.
All of this leads us to our children. It is they who WILL be needed to support the maniacal objectives of an illegal American empire which desires to take over the world. All the highly advanced technology America has will never substitute for troops on the ground. Troops perform a policing function after the air-strikes are over, and no war can be won or a victory held without them. All the talk of advanced fighting robots and androids is really a smoke screen - anyone could figure out a way to defeat them without any armament. Realistically, it will be about a decade before a real fighting soldier-machine like those shown in the Terminator movies will become a reality.
For now, replacement human bodies will be needed to use firearms, operate tanks, man machine guns and cannons, and pilot aircraft either in the air or via remote control from the ground. Our children and grandchildren are the only source for new soldiers. As an American citizen, I state for the record to everyone all around the world that the overwhelming majority of Americans do NOT support this madness. Americans do not support genocide or the killing of our future. Hitler's crazed actions are still fresh in most people's minds. Those that do not learn by history's mistakes are condemned to repeat them.
Let's take a look at what it takes to shape and form children into tomorrow's soldiers. This is taking place today under the eyes of parents without their knowledge. The training of our children is right in plain sight, but few see it. Suppose you had a job whose task is to insure a massive supply of trainees for secretly planned future wars. You would need an equally massive plan to insure an endless supply of soldiers by overtly and covertly guiding their growth as children.
Here are a few things you would be forced to do, whether moral or immoral:
* Raise them to think with a hive mentality. This is defined as "a collective consciousness strongly exhibiting traits of conformity and group-think." [1] It also discourages independent thinking to make them interdependent on each other. 
* A former Washington administration HEW education official who was a guest on Dr. Stan Monteith's radio show. She quit her job several years ago, after finding out that a communal-agricultural way of life is being promoted by the government. She gave one example of what is taught to children: "When a farmer finds his tractor needs considerable repairs, what does he do? He doesn't go buy a new tractor, but continues to repair it." Does this help manufacturing to sell tractors in America?
The former official also stated "Multiple choice questions are used for tests, with practically no wrong answers provided so everyone can pass." My daughter learned about this when she questioned how wrong answers on her child's second grade math test were not marked wrong. She was shocked when told, "There are no wrong answers. Only some answers that are more correct than others." When a school district takes just one dollar or more in federal aid, they MUST follow federal education guidelines. Thanks to our trashed economy which has gone on for many years, almost no school district can survive without federal aid. And who was it that trashed the economy? The government. College professors are often thoroughly frustrated with public schools. They are forced to pick up and go on where the public schools fall far short. And NASA wonders why they have so much trouble with the space program! Aren't you glad you're not an astronaut? 
* Teach children to have a "school-to-work" philosophy, which is similar to the old Red Chinese model under Mao. [2] However, this school-to-work philosophy dates back to 1997.
* Force parents and children alike to place children on drugs to change their behavior, and make old-fashioned corporal punishment look like an unforgivable sin. Replace raising children in a responsible way with labels like A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Few realize that these labels originated at pharmaceutical companies. Schools and educators unwittingly help big pharma profits by forcing parents to drug their children in a brain-dead stupor in the classroom. Children learn nothing in school, and thanks to "no child left behind" children rarely fail a grade. If children are held back a grade it can hurt a school district's standing for federal aid. It's yet another "Catch-22" for any school district fed by Uncle Sam's money machine. (See [3] about raising children without Ritalin.) We must hold educators responsible for this travesty of education. Is there any wonder why public schools are nick-named "government training camps?"
* Provide easily accessible, bad influences to children such as music video networks. Music videos are often filled with sex and violence. As human beings, our basic primitive nature will soak this material up to feed upon itself for a desire to see more of it. It is an insidious form of mind control. Video games that show blood and guts today are everywhere, and serve to feed children as much gore and killing as possible. However, for the pentagon that still wasn't enough. So what was their answer?
Still frame from "America's Army" (from
(See picture above.) They provided children a free military videogame with killing designed solely to plant the seeds of violence deep within their psyche, to force a desire to become soldiers. In July 2002, the US government released "America's Army" as a free game. This is yet another unwillingly-funded taxpayer "gift" to the American public. It also teaches them the next battlefield will be on residential streets and in civilian structures, not always out on a conventional battlefield.
* In June 2004, the Army set up it's own videogame creation facility. [4] And the dangerous part of all this? There are NO regulations that prohibit the US Army from using subliminal audio and video in those games. Even if there were, they would use the handy slap-on label of "national security" to justify it. Subliminal technology would provide strong justification for the Army to create these games themselves, instead of letting civilian companies create them. Parents would be strongly advised to consider this possibility before letting their children play such games. Today's subliminal technology is virtually undetectable.
* Make parents now commonly think that guns are bad and kill people, and children should never even think about owning one. Never mind about the proven statistics that guns LOWER crime. Kennesaw, GA. proved this fact is true with their mandatory gun ownership law. (See [5] for more details.) There are also documented cases of children in communities around the country who simply draw a picture of a gun at school or on a bus. Those caught are suspended or expelled under the "zero tolerance policy" most school districts have adopted religiously, just as though God wrote it. This gives parents the illusion of "peace, quiet and security" here on the home front, to help hide the actual agenda of laying the foundations for war in the minds of children. And about guns ownership? History has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that an armed populace has prevented tyranny. This is never, ever spoken of in the press. Not even on history channels, PBS or documentaries. Hitler knew about it confiscated all the firearms in Germany just before declaring war on his own people, and then the world.
* The US Supreme Court has ruled military recruiters must be allowed on school campuses everywhere. Is this a surprise?
* Create dumbing-down curriculums in schools, while simultaneously making parents believe that mainstream news media lies that curriculums are being toughened and improved. The "no child left behind" philosophy insures that all children will graduate, even if functionally illiterate. Pushing them out the door almost illiterate after 12th grade makes them useless for the skilled job market, if they were not encouraged to excel in school or were legally drugged through school. Low grades eliminate college as an option. Their future is now limited to service jobs at hotels and restaurants, or living at home or in communal groups (sharing an apartment or house with several others is commonplace now,) living on the street and of course, joining the military.
* After the children are dumbed-down academically, the government offers of $24,000 in college tuition plus a $20,000 signup bonus to join the Army are tempting. It doesn't matter that most will require make-up courses and supplement study to begin to qualify for college, or even to pass specialist classes in military training school. Potential recruits don't bother to think about that aspect, and only see the dollars waved in front of them. Many are unaware that once they sign on into the military they may never come home. In fact, it was Dr. Barnett (a political scientist working for the pentagon) who made the following statement: "And those men and women in the military overseas today? They are NOT coming home. NOT EVER." He made this statement several years ago, and Rumsfeld has indeed suspended release from the military. Tens of thousands have lost everything back home, including wives, children, jobs and more. This was the reward these men and women received for BELIEVING they were patriots. They were fighting in the mid-east for the wrong reason and never knew until it was too late.
* Send brainwashed children who come begging to get into the military through boot camp and on into war. For those soldiers who cannot deal with the wholesale slaughter of civilians, a pill has already been distributed which alters brain chemistry to remove all guilt. This helps prevent "burnout" and lengthens their killing life as soldiers. [6] Supposedly the pill was banned years ago, but in the wake of continuing Iraqi slaughter stories this doesn't seem likely.
For hundreds of thousands of children that recently became adults after high school, a complete lack of hope and desperation drives many young men and women into the military. There, many feel a strong sense of belonging because they are "a part of something important" or "they are defending their country." What none of them realize is that they are now a throw-away commodity item and will be treated as such. DU and biological poisoning WILL be in their future, all the while they support (and die for) a rising dictatorship bent on taking over the world.
With the new enlistment age range of 18 to 42, millions of young adults with children will be drafted when draft boards re-activate. One proposed law will provide no exemptions, whether or not draftees are in college. The women's movement can thank themselves, since the new draft law will apply equally to women as well. This creates some very interesting problems for everyone when "that time of the month" comes around. Everything is now in place for a new draft, including more than 15,000 local draft-board positions which are already filled in all 50 states. Those in college will no longer be exempt, according to proposals already on Capitol Hill. Under-classman will be able to finish the semester, and upper-classman can finish the year. Then off they go to boot camp.
A good friend of mine worked as the projectionist for the US Army chiefs of staff during WW2. He was given that job as a result of an injury to his hip while working on the family farm before being drafted. The hip damage made it impossible for him function as a field soldier, but he was drafted anyway. He stated that "as the war was winding down they began planning WW3." And that was more than 50 years ago. Just two years ago, that he was finally to obtain VA disability payments after living an austere lifestyle for many years. It is unlikely that returning veterans (our children) will ever see such benefits. This is already starting to take place as veterans are denied life-saving care. But in the "American empire" plans, population control and reduction are all part of the plan. No one should look to them to save any lives.
Is the situation hopeless? I think not. The USA government may still be the most powerful in the world, but the people must keep in mind the government employs only a small fraction of the 300 million people which constitute America's population. And many who work for the government, do not support an empire. It's past time people became upset, and shouted NO WAY to an American Empire objective. If the country would stop trying to cram a corrupt puppet democracy down the throats of the world's countries, perhaps the USA could regain the respect it once had over time. But those in power are addicted to power, and will resist attempts to be made accountable.
Thomas Jefferson made many wise statements, and here a just a few of those below. Please note the wide range of years over which these were made. A link [7] is provided to read dozens more:
"A noiseless course, not meddling with the affairs of others, unattractive of notice, is a mark that society is going on in happiness. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy." --Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, 1802. ME 10:342 [7]
"The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest." --Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774. ME 1:209, Papers 1:134 [7]
"I own I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. It places the governors indeed more at their ease, at the expense of the people." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1787. (Forrest version) ME 6:391 [7]
"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government." --Thomas Jefferson to Maryland Republicans, 1809. ME 16:359 [7]
Notice how many times Jefferson warned us about government for more than 30 years. There are many more documented statements by Jefferson. [7]
What he said was true then and it is still true today. Are we to allow our government to violate these precious principles of non-interference in other countries by sacrificing an entire generation of children - just to bring a new order into complete power?
Can we still sleep at night if we do nothing to save our children, and our future?
Ted Twietmeyer

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