Haifa 'Missle Attacks'
Make No Sense Whatever

Israel has 'confirmed' that Tyre is the launch site for the Fajr-5s, so they will eradicate a 3000 yr old historical treasure.   
The missiles don't have the range.    
Israel's Claims It Is Being Attacked By 'Fajr-5' Missiles
Fajr-5 Is A Big Missile
Israel Says The City Of Tyre Is The Base And It Must Be Destroyed
Tyre (pop 200,000) Is South Of Beirut And Has Thousands Of Refugees
Haifa Attacks Gather Sympathy For Israel
Israel Needs A Reason To Continue Slaughter    
Here Are The Ones Behind Your Haifa Attacks
Israeli mortar teams are staging the whole Haifa thing  Israel Probably Send Us The Bill For Used Mortars
Haifa Attacks Are More Propaganda
As fear grips the town of Haifa, it is now confirmed that Hezzbolah has pulled out the fearsome Fajr-5s. These are big, fairly sophisticated, use a tractor truck as a launch platform, and carry massive war heads.
Once again these Israelis stories are total nonsense. These missile platforms, which are said to be located in Tyre would be spotted in minutes. The type of damage from the shells hitting Haifa, are mortars at best.
Fifty bucks says there is a Israeli mortar team outside of Haifa lobbing shells, so Israel can garner world sympathy.     
Understanding Zionists And Israel
If you keep them at arm's length, and understand you are basically dealing with con artists, then it all makes sense.       
Israel Owes It's Existence To Propaganda
Israel exists only because of the holocaust, and stories of 6,000,000 Jews being gassed with bug spray, SS shrinking Jewish heads, etc etc. Their endless 'Hate Hoaxes', from swastikas on tombstones in 2006 Paris,  to Haifa attacks, always make you wonder. If you take a closer look, these stories become laughable. 
Without these Haifa attacks, the world would get tired of these lunatics, and their wars.      
The Nuremberg Trials Hoax
Jewish prosecutors claimed Nazis took Jews to 37,000 ft and then depressurized the room. It turns out this 'victim' was a Jewish kid from Brooklyn, and the parachute harness was American, but they hung 12 doctors for it. 
Most Victims Are Arab Israelis    
July 12 Eight soldiers killed (Only two verified, and they were Druze Arabs)  July 16 Eight maintenance workers killed at a train station (Only one funeral)  July 19 Four Israeli Arabs killed in Nazareth  July 24 Two killed at Haifa     
This Car Was Hit By Fajir-5?
Zionists claim missiles rained down on Haifa highway.      
Haifa Train Station
Israel claims a eight were killed in an attack on the train station.So you need to believe that a 6000 lb missile, carrying a 450 lb warhead, did the damage on the left? There wasn't even a crater.



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