UFOs Filmed in Formation
Above Santa Monica

By Ed Sherwood
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© 2006 Ed Sherwood

During the last two and a half months I have witnessed six daylight UFO sightings above Santa Monica, including one I managed to film. This is almost as many as I have seen over the city since I moved here ten years ago. Could Santa Monica be experiencing a UFO 'wave'?
On June 28th 2006 I experienced two different types of UFO within twenty minutes of each other from the same street corner, and area of sky (North to North West of Santa Monica), where the unidentified flying 'Boomerang' and 'Flying Humanoid' (UFH) were filmed (Ref. 1 & 2).
The first sighting occurred at approximately 4:45pm. I had just left the apartment to walk into town and was about to cross the first cross street on our block. As I stopped to cross the street I looked up and immediately spotted ahead of me, about 50 degrees above the horizon, a very slow moving UFO.
With the naked eye, against a clear blue sky, the UFO looked like a small bright white 'boomerang', or gently curved 'tube', with 'scalloped edges'. It very closely resembled the UFO Kris (Sherwood) filmed in 1999 from the same spot, only this time the object wasn't rotating (Ref. 1).
Flying on a straight course (from my right to left), heading from the SE to the NW, the UFO flew above NW Santa Monica at an estimated altitude of about 10,000+ feet. About the size of a small to medium sized aircraft it moved very slowly, producing no audible sound and leaving no contrail.
With good visibility and a clear sky the UFO was easy to spot initially, however, as I tried to view it through the monocular I immediately lost sight of it. Moments later, I found it again, only to lose it again as I tried a second time to look at it through the 'spotter'. This time, I lost it for about ten minutes despite the objects slow speed and brightness. During this time I walked the length of a street, scanning the sky from different vantage points, but I couldn't find it.
Disappointed by what seemed to be a very brief sighting I returned to where it began and was about to give up searching when I sighted it again! Amazingly, the UFO had barely moved from its original position, which was a surprise because I had searched the same area of sky for almost ten minutes. (Either, I was losing my eyesight I thought or the UFO was playing 'hide and seek'.)
With the UFO in sight again and moving very slowly I decided to risk losing it altogether by running to our apartment to retrieve our HI8 video camera.
Before leaving I quickly estimated the UFOs position in the sky, using a tall palm tree on the street to compare it to, and ran for the camera. Less than a minute later I was back outside and where I had first noticed the UFO but I couldn't find it. I spent several minutes searching the sky but to no avail. Frustrated, yet hopeful I might spot it once more, I slowly walked around the city block, viewing the same area of sky, but I didn't see it again.
Feeling very disappointed, even annoyed on this occasion, to be 'teased' by the UFO, I voiced it. Approaching the street corner where I first spotted the UFO, I said out loud "OK, I'm going inside. If you are going to appear you better do it NOW."
As I said this, about to walk away from the viewing area, I looked up, for the last time I thought, only to spot a second UFO, this time moving faster, and flying in the opposite direction (Fig. 1-6).
It was about 5:10pm. I quickly powered up the camera and proceeded to try to film the UFO, beginning with a hand held shot. Flying on a straight and horizontal course, from my left to right, heading approximately West to East, it was perhaps 5-10,000 feet up in the air (a few thousand feet lower than the first UFO).
Fig. 1 Partial Zoom of the UFO Flying Behind a Nearby Palm Tree
35mm Stills from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 2 Partial Zoom Revealing Two,
Possibly Three Self-Similar UFOs Flying in Close Formation
35mm Stills from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 3 The UFO/s at Half Zoom
with the Larger Object's 'Antenna Light' Off
35mm Stills from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
(Note: In Fig. 1-6 the UFO is moving from the left to the right of the image.)
I estimated the size of the UFO to be similar to a small to medium sized aircraft a few miles distant. With the naked eye, and through the camera, I quickly realized what first looked like one object might actually be two or even three self-similar UFOs flying together in a very close yet fluid configuration (Fig. 2-5).
Fig. 4 The UFO/s at Two Thirds Zoom
with the Larger Object's 'Antenna Light' On
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 5 A Partial Zoomed View of the UFO/s
After Emerging Behind a Second Palm Tree (not in view)
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Flying about 35 degrees above the horizon, they were also tightly clustered below what looked like a small 'beckon', or 'antenna' light (or guiding 'light ball'), that illuminated occasionally (Fig. 4 & 6).
Fig. 6 The UFO/s Beginning to Move Further Away at Two Thirds Zoom
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
I filmed the UFO for approximately 15 seconds initially, affirming its unusual appearance, before trying to attach a monopod to the camera for a steadier shot.
However, my first attempt failed, and since the object was not slowing down, I
resumed filming, only to find it impossible to achieve a steady shot beyond half zoom. With one eye on the UFOs position and one on the HI8 camera I eventually
attached the monopod and attempted a slow zoom on the object as it emerged from behind a palm tree trunk. This time I was able to film the UFO for approximately 25 seconds before losing it from view, including a two-thirds zoom on the object, as it flew over the city and out of sight into smog and distant haze
(Fig. 6).
In total, it had been a two to three minute sighting ending at approximately 5:13pm, and I had recorded just under a minute.
Further Observations & Questions
Since my teens, in any given direction and landscape, I have called a specific area of sky where UFOs are more likely to appear a 'UFO window'. On June 28th 2006, a 'window' above Santa Monica was wide open for a while and two different UFOs appeared, the first moving towards it and the second away from it.
While the second UFO sighting was different from the first, both were observed in the same area of sky as the 'Boomerang' shaped UFO filmed flying above Santa Monica in 1999 (Ref. 1).
There have been at least four UFO sightings above Santa Monica in the last two weeks. All have been sighted in the same area of sky. All appeared to be white and moved relatively slowly, especially the first two, which seemed to be moving at walking speed. All were silent sightings.
The June 28th 2006 sighting occurred exactly nine days after another daylight UFO sighting that I witnessed above Santa Monica while walking a few blocks from our apartment. Synchronously, this was also the same day Phyllis Schlemmer contacted us after many months (Ref. 3).
Was the second UFO sighting an interactive encounter initiated by the human observer (myself)? Had the UFO appeared because of my voicing great disappointment in not being able to film the first UFO, or was I just in the right place again at the right time to observe another UFO flying by unaware of my presence as an observer?
The flight characteristics of the second UFO were immediately noticeable and noteworthy. For example, the two main 'lights' or illuminated 'objects' (one slightly higher, smaller and behind the other) altered their position as they moved across the sky. While the UFO/s moved from left to right on a straight course, during the first clip I shot the smaller of the two side-by-side objects was to right of the larger one (Fig. 4). Seconds later, during the second clip (after attaching the monopod and attempting to film the UFO/s moving further away), the smaller of the two objects is to the left of the larger one (Fig. 6).
As is often the case, it was easier to identify what the UFO above Santa Monica was not than to say exactly what it was. However, what it was not included an aircraft, helicopter, blimp, balloon, or any other type of manmade object I could think of. Was it a top secret military device and test? I don't know, but I suspect it wasn't on this occasion.
Ed Sherwood ­ July 2006
Copyright " 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.
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