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HBCC UFO Research Note: All the recent video clips that have come from Australian UFO Wave are video footage which has been sent to them by numerous eyewitnesses. This is not just one person taking the footage of all the various objects in different locations around Australia.
Date:  July 11, 2006
Time:  Dusk
Number of witnesses: 1
Other details: This footage was shot on an old analogue video camera, so we've had to get hold of a digital converter to load it into the computer (hence the distorted sound).The witness claims to have seen two bright lights, close to the horizon for some minutes, and went to get her video camera. It took her five minutes to find the camera (during which time she checked twice to see that the lights were still there - they were, both times). When she found the camera and went outside, the horizon lights had gone, but she saw these lights, which were dimmer, but seemed much closer.
Video clip Richmond, NSW Australia UFOs (WMV Format) - Video Footage
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