American Values - Must
Begin To Reflect Reality

By Jim Kirwan

After the murder of al-Zarqawi, Bush said he spoke for the nation when he congratulated those who had been chasing the rogue-outlaw for years. During that time the American special unit involved murdered perhaps hundreds in their pursuit of this 'target,' no apology to the survivors was mentioned.  Bush does not speak for the majority of the people in the US, especially not on the war. The War on Iraq is His war. Bush and his handlers created the lies on which they built what he thought created a justifiable reason for the War, and then he changed the subject, every time it was proven that his reasons, like his "facts" ­ were nothing but baseless and self-serving lies.
To highlight this 'victory' over the death of this universally despised al-Zarqawi, Bush snuck into Iraq, to congratulate his troops. Victorious leaders do not have to sneak into countries that they say they've liberated. Bush slurked into Baghdad, because he would have been blown out of the sky, if he had announced his visit ­ so much for our victory over that country.
Summary executions are now the hallmark of this administration, as US armed forces are copying crime for crime, exactly what Israeli forces have been doing to the Palestinians, over and over again for the last fifty years.  From predator drones that kill from the air, to bombing raids that indiscriminately destroy whole villages, supposedly in search of 'insurgents;' the United States of America has become one with Israel in this relentless pursuit of power and control at the expense of settled international law. International law, and American constitutional rights have been trashed to allow for the blind murder of 'suspects,' instead of capture, trial and open courts ­ which is exactly the way Israel has chosen to deal with those who they 'believe' might be actual threats to the state of Israel. That policy included the US Navy, when Israel attacked the USS Liberty, over 39 years ago.
The USA has encouraged American troops to become barbaric in carrying out their so-called 'mission' in Iraq. Some of the uncounted casualties of this butchery are self-respect and real discipline that paved the way for summary executions and unchecked rage against anything that moves. At the end of the day this "war" has left the country of Iraq as nothing more than one vast free-fire zone in which even babies are targeted by trigger happy uniforms that only follow orders ­ no matter how illegal, or how inhuman those 'orders' may actually be.
In all of this Palestine has become the justification for American actions. America has been the major supporter of Israeli policies since the UN authorization for the creation of Israel was launched, back in 1948. We have virtually bought and paid for this imitation-nation since its earliest terrorist beginnings. Now apparently the US plans to follow the Israeli example by bulldozing, bombing, and starving those we are supposed to be protecting, as occupiers, while we claim victory in a war that has only just begun. There will never be peace in the region until Israel withdraws from the occupied lands, back to the 1967 borders, because all of the addendums since 1967,  to that agreement, were made at the point of Israeli-American guns ~ and were not negotiated in good faith.
A subtext of this necessity is that the USA must cancel pro-counsel Paul Brenner's one hundred rules: The rules that define the illegal theft of an entire nation ­ because only then we can withdraw from Iraq. No doubt neither of these 'conditions' will be met, by those who created this mess in the first place, but until that happens there will never be peace anywhere in the Middle East, or virtually anywhere else-because the actions of the US and Israel represent two rogue states that have embraced Barbarism, Murder and Treason against the peoples of their own countries while they were creating massive war crimes against millions, in their Wars-upon-the-World.
Things were not always like this, but over time the public around the planet was mentally 'prepared' to allow what happened when the US Supreme Court stopped the vote count and pronounced George W. Bush the winner ­ back on 12-12-2000. This act killed the basis for the American legal system and its why American values need to be re-evaluated!
Religions have always played a large role in most societies, and one of the major tenants of many religions has always been the need to live a "moral life." To this end 'usury' (making money by lending money, often at an excessive rate of interest) was a prohibited practice for centuries under 'Catholic" European rule. Yet from fiefdoms to principalities, to City-states, even rising kingdoms needed to make money in order to grow. As making money by lending money, became more and more attractive, Jews were brought in to do this, as Jews were not prohibited from doing this by their religion. However this policy created serious problems for the Jews and led directly to their eviction from those host countries that had initially invited them; beginning with Carthage in 250 AD and ending with the Arab counties in 1948. (see the link below)
This created a whole new position for the Jews, but at the same time cast them as social pariahs among the leading councils for whom they worked. It could also be said that this is where the phrase "It's just business" or "Hey ­ it's my job" was born. However this came about a distinction began to grow between what people did in their daily lives, as opposed to whatever anyone might do for business reasons. The banking industry was made possible by this contrivance a well ­ and this unholy alliance between money and those who controlled it was born. That two-tiered morality is what has driven the world into a nightmare of segregated values and the private compartmentalization of responsibilities, both personal and public ­ for the actions that men and women of most nations now routinely do; in the name of business, over the real needs of humanity. This became all the more dangerous to the world when money and control over that resource became consolidated into the hands of too few of the world's wealthiest individuals: that is the force directing the wars which the Bush administration and Israel and Britain are now fighting to enforce ­ but they're losing!
Now, while the world slides into barbarism, this two-tiered morality can be seen for the evil and the hypocritical treachery that it has always been ­ namely an excuse to hide behind ­ whenever anyone faces what otherwise might be a moral choice that might interfere with making evermore money-regardless of the social ramifications.
These are crimes against any society, and they were added to with the creation of the rights awarded to chartered corporations, as if these sterile business entities whose sole purpose is the creation of profits (for the company and its shareholders), and who as such, are not liable for any harm done to people, to communities, or to the nations that their financial actions may endanger.
That's the fiscal (and legal) principle upon which corporate profits are made. Now that we have seen the egregious pillage and plundering of societies by these corporate monsters, ever smaller businesses are beginning to cash-in on the wholesale theft of legitimate work that has been undermined by the criminal importation (in the US), of a huge illegal workforce that keeps American wages at a lower than sustainable level. Greed is partly the villain, but so is the segregation of personal responsibility into an ever-diminishing set of legal loop-holes that reward criminality and profits, while enslaving the working poor as the natural laws of any society are ripped apart in the headlong rush to steal the most from everyone who works for what people need to live.
For years now ­ the Alternative Media has been trying to explain to readers and viewers just what has gone wrong with world. For many of that target audience no explanation is really needed, they know what's happening, but they also share in what's going down. Many others have no clue at all about any of the very real dangers that are now poised on the visible horizons over all our lives. That would be the financial and moral bankruptcy of the old USA, along with the complete subjugation of a new work force without a future, an entirely new class of slaves who labor in dead-end jobs that can never sustain them.
Couple the above with endless 'contests' of the multi-billion dollar games, 'reality-television,' constant "security threats," intimidation and an ever-increasing police incompetence: as local cops begin to copy what the troops do in Iraq ­ shoot first and question later. Gang violence at home has become a growing menace, while the earth and the environment are becoming hostile to all, that anything that lives must always have, just to stay alive. The policies and misdirection of government agencies are only mirrors of the real criminality within the highest levels of our outlaw government that lies and slinks from one criminal obscenity to the next filthy imposition just to hide their latest crime against nature or the people who they supposedly are here "to serve and protect."
Given the daily denigration of what passes for 'life' ­ it's hardly surprising that most that have a job are not willing to risk losing that job by demanding changes in the way things work today. Yet if ordinary people do nothing ­ then their fate will be sealed forever on this down-bound train to the absolute Dictatorship-of-the-most­criminal-among-us.
We may not ever be able to go back to a time, when living a moral life could be accomplished: The two-tiered justifications have been around for far too long and besides that's the stuff that real wars are fought over. But if you want a picture of how life will be, if you don't speak out, you need look no further than at what has happened to the disarmed people of Palestine who are still imprisoned under the murderous tyrannies of the Israeli occupiers of their land. (See the links below) These crimes could not have happened without the full military and economic support of the USA, via the unquestioned support of the US congress that was blackmailed into supporting every action that the outlaw imitation-state of Israel has practiced since 1948.
What is at stake here is whether any nation has the right to become a rogue state, a true threat to all other nations on this planet ­ and furthermore ­ never to have to pay the price for the crimes committed in their murderous and criminal behaviors! This is and shall always be an affront against civilization and against the laws of any nation that cares about the welfare of its own people. American foreign policy must be altered, and those who created the current policy must be brought to trial under the same terms and conditions that they have inflicted upon their victims: The architects of this takeover attempt should be arrested without charges, and held incommunicado without lawyers, until they can prove their innocence! If that is good enough for their victims, then it should be the standard they too will face, as the only reasonable way to deal with those who broke all the international laws in creating this nightmare for so many millions of people around the world.
America should immediately suspend all military, cultural, and monetary support to Israel, and let that vicious little country find its own way to live in a region that they have been able to brutalize for over fifty years ­ thanks solely to the unquestioning support of a high-jacked United States of America.
Unless these two actions find their way into the public arena of open and thorough discussion ­ things in this world will only get worse. In that event it will hardly matter whether the survivors of what's coming are moral or immoral, because most of those who will survive will not want to live in what will be left of this planet. The battle itself is and has always been about total Control: Control over everything and everyone besides the elites! America must begin to change this fatally flawed idea that everyone in the world must be controlled ­ because that is not part of any legacy that any new-born should ever have to live with!
Every action taken in this life has an equal and opposite reaction that shall come as a direct consequence of whatever was done to disturb the actual balance ­ that is as true in nature as it is in life. The maxim does not mention how long it might take to correct the imbalance, but the fact that consequences will follow cannot be disputed. The people of the world far outnumber the criminal elite and the would-be controllers of our lives:
people should remember this and begin to act accordingly.
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