Recap Of The Astonishing
$27.5 Trillion Leo Wanta Story

By Greg Szymanski

Trying to get the Leo Wanta story published in an American newspaper or broadcast on a television station is like trying to fight a grizzly bear with pocket knife. And trying to get top U.S. officials to talk, those high ranking officials caught with their scummy hands in the trillion dollar cookie jar, is like trying to get a cheating husband to admit he used the mortgage money on a hooker.
But what's even more disturbing than watching the guilty parties squirm is that every member of the U.S. Congress, including the so-called friends of the patriot movement, are not even bothering to help the American people recover trillions and nab the criminals when, all of them know all too well, the Wanta story holds the key to the Illuminati's $27.8 trillion dollar financial treasure chest.
Simply put, if they know about the Wanta story, they should do something about it. And if they say they don't know, they are either on the take or should leave Congress for being a blubbering idiot not capable of representing the people in a true and honest fashion.
So, in a nutshell, the sad story in America is highlighted extremely well by Wanta's efforts to repatriate $4.5 trillion to revitalize the economy. And as incredible as it sounds it's a rather simple story of how Americans from the very top levels of power to the lower echelon covert idiot-operatives are selling out their country and their people for a piece of the illegal trillion dollar pie uncovered by Ambassador Wanta, a honorable man who refuses to bow down to the likes of the Bush and Clinton crime families.
Before updating the latest in the Wanta trillions, remember every reader and every citizen has one choice when it comes to this story, a story that is true, verifiable and correct beyond normal legal standards of truth. The one choice is as follows:
Be a true patriot and help America or be complicit in taking or allowing the criminals to steal trillions from the American people.
Now the latest in the Wanta story from at home and abroad:
Michael C. Cottrell and Ambassador Wanta are pulling out all the stops and going after the full $27.8 trillion after U.S. authorities have not honored a written settlement, fashioned by two federal court judges , to release $4.5 trillion earmarked for the people on behalf of Wanta's AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. There is no official word on Wanta's course of action to retrieve the money, leaving open all options including a federal law suit.
President George W. Bush, Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzalez, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the entire Federal Reserve Board (controlled by foreign interests), Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance committee, and Rep. Michael Oxley of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services are all remaining with their thumbs sucking in their mouths, not saying a word.
Former President George H. Bush and President William Jefferson Clinton are hoping the story goes away quietly as financial documents in Wanta's possession shows clearly they have embezzled billions from the American people, making them eligible for felony charges.
The entire propaganda fortress of the American media, including quasi-alternative sources strategically located in Washington D.C. and elsewhere, are blocking the story with a Nazi-like fascist fist. Todd Leopold, a CNN entertainment producer, the only mainstream member commenting on the story in a widespread email, saying the government said Wanta is not who he says he is and there also exists a lack of trust worthiness involved in the International Currency Review and Arctic Beacon, the two main web sites covering the story. When confronted via telephone, Leopold backed off his comments, indicating he had never researched the story and was basing his opinion on government lies and false misconceptions about the truthfulness of many internet reporters. Further, he was told point blank to have people in the news department contact, the Arctic Beacon but the phones have remained silent perhaps because credible sources near the Wanta trillions have said some of the stolen trillion has actually been funneled to CNN.
Marco Saba, an Italian financial investigator involved with the Organized Crime Observatory (OCO) in Switzerland, knows the validity of the Wanta story and had this to say after hearing Bush is blocking the $4.5 trillion settlement: "I see a link between the Vatican (OPUS DEI) and the strange behaving of BOA. I see the OPUS DEI behind the BOA behavior. Two weeks ago a banker from OPUS DEI, Mr. Roveraro, was found dead - QUARTERED. Do you remember Sindona and Marcinkus? When the Vatican feared for the communists to gain power in Italy, they disinvested here and invested in the U.S. - also in many shares of BOA. See the story about the dead banker from Richard Owen in Rome,,3-2280543,00.html.
Sources from around the globe say the Wanta story is the hottest potato in every foreign embassy from Singapore to Paris, as the French are very interested in the story as they are due an estimated $5 billion of the Wanta funds held up by Bush, who still must be convinced, like a card player caught cheating, the trillion dollar Illuminati booty and the Wanta Plan are now common knowledge amongst "the people in the know."
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