Morgellons Fits Profile
Of An ET Organism

From Samuel Feldman

Dear Jeff...
I've assembled a lot of data on Morgellons and now believe the preponderance of evidence suggests we are, in fact, dealing with an off-planet issue. Please read the material below. Thanks for your heroic work and boundless courage.
Read this:
"Most amazing, says Louis, the cells can reproduce under conditions that usually kill life. "These cells can be cultured at high temperature (about 600° F) and pressure conditions and at high temperature their growth rate (i.e. multiplication) can be very fast." The details on replication are being submitted to another journal."
So, I then read these articles:
The Red Rain Phenomenon Of Kerala (India)
And Its Possible Extraterrestrial Origin 0601022
Analysis Of The Red Rain Of Kerala
Is The Red Rain Phenomenon Of Kerala ET?
And then I read this one:
Temperature and Pressure Experimentation With Red Rain Cells
"Over several months, Dr. Louis began experimenting with different temperatures to see if the cells would respond. As the temperature rose, he saw more activity. Eventually he got up to 300 degrees Celsius, which is about 600 degrees Fahrenheit. He also increased the pressure to 300 pounds per square centimeter. It is assumed that normal Earth life would die at such a high temperature and pressure. But the red-walled cells in the Kerala rain water seemed to thrive."
So, what we have in Kerala is scientific data that compels us to do...and do so quickly...the same experiments on Morgellons fibers. If Morgellons is, in fact, an ET 'organism' of some kind, we are facing something that is perhaps threatening to all life on the planet Earth. ALL life.
Kind regards,
Sam Feldman



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