Morgellons - This Is No
Naturally-Evolving Pathogen!

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Hi Cliff -
Thank you for the article on Morgellons (by Cliff Mickelson).
I find it hard to believe that the so called experts are still in denial about this disease (that is because it is way over their heads to begin with).....
Delusion does not create painful sores all over ones body that can take over one year to heal.....along with the other horrific symptoms this disease is VERY REAL and is a silent dare they expose humans to these man made plant organisms for cleaning up the environment from beaches to lakes to wastewater treatment plants these organisms are everywhere and ARE INFECTING THE HUMANS as we are the perfect host for such pathogens - BELIEVE ME we have lived this science experiment gone bad for 12 years now!!!
From the research so far on this disease the scientists that are examining the lesions and the fibers extracted from these lesions that it is a substance that further deepens the mystery because analysis suggest the fibers might be made of cellulose, a molecule generally found in plants stated by the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Or another expert stating that Morgellons infected now have a plant gene now where did that come from!!!
My husband, back in 1993/1994, worked as a mechanical technician for a chemical plant that started an experimental program for their wastewater treatment plant adding plant organisms into their wastewater treatment facility. He assisted with the installation of the startup equipment and overlooked the ongoing maintenance of this equipment. There were times he would be working on this equipment in nothing more than rubber boots and a dust mask. This plant organism was not supposed in infect humans.
Both of us have lost our ability to support ourselves it has been proven in families already which shows that close contact is infectious but they don?t even know if this will infect on casual contact or not.
We have been robbed of friends and family visiting our home. I would never wish this on anyone and we will no longer allow guests in our home. I firmly believe we have given this to our dogs as well and would say this disease is very infectious for families. In fact both mothers that have been to visit our home the past 3 years or so now are showing symptoms of this disease themselves......I am MAD AS H......really what is happening here!!!
We as Morgellons infected could never start another close contact relationship unless their partners what to be infected with this horrific disease until they find a way to stop this silent epidemic happening here.
Right now anyone that has been suffering from this disease has a letter from Oklahoma State University, Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D (attached) for Morgellons suffers to bring with them to their doctor so the doctors treating us will be more open to what is happening here. You can find further information regarding this disease at
I would like to list some of the symptoms that Morgellons infected suffer with
* Painful sores that take over a year to heal sometimes 2 years to heal
* During breakouts extreme itching and begin bug bite like in nature but coming from under your skin not on top
* Pain in sores that feel like infected slivers that hurt so bad you have to try and rip it out residing in severe pain doing that
* Marks all over my skin on face, neck, arms, legs over 10 years with not one time in 10 years where I didn't have sores on my body
* Skin crawling a feeling of parasites running on your body and into your eyes
* Weakening eyesight and a continual sand/grit like feeling that you can't get out
* IBS and weight loss
* Painful joints and weakness in strength
* Shin muscle cramping
* Muscle twitching at rest
* Head lesion/channels appear on scalp from nowhere with sharp burning pain lasting several days then gone like they never existed leaving residual pain
* Terrible nights sweats (waking up soaked, the sheets, night shirt, pillow everything)
* While showering during severe breakouts you can pull strange things (gritty like) off your body that seemed attached to what I thought was my hair but I don?t know
* Unusual pains in body over last 10 years such as:
- Severe pain in back where doctor thought I should break out in shingles any day but didn't
- Severe pain in face but neither dentist nor doctor could find reason
* Very low tolerance to physical activity small tasks can produce excessive sweating and tire easily
* A prickle like sensation on skin
* Healthy teeth are deteriorating both hsand I
* Build up of skin sensitivities one bug bite of any kind can send my body in overload
* Severe intolerance to alcohol both Steve and I are violently ill after drinking
* Feeling of overwhelming at times and light headedness
* Easily stressed at times, NO WONDER
* Brain Fog?.trouble getting words out a delay in speech thoughts like a stuttering but no
* Compromised immune system
* During severe outbreaks can sit and pick granular like items from skin
* Drastic body temperature fluctuations?..heat radiating from head, skin sweating but cool in the mouth
There are other symptoms I am sure we have encountered but after 10 years you forget what normal feels like.
Here is a sample of the health issues my husband and I have been through the last 10 years:
He and I both treated for similar severe back pain and treated by cortisone injection into our backs by a pain management specialist within one year.
Painful sores that have continued for 10 years for me and remised for him until recently. We feel that once he was diagnosed with RA the Prednisone (5 years now on Prednisone) and Methyltrexate is helping keep his sores at bay but has recently seen more activity again lately.
He had terrible night sweats before the RA diagnosis and now I am have terrible night sweats and the last 6 months swollen joints (cannot wear my wedding rings) and joint pain. In fact today was tested for RA I await the results.
Both he and I have deteriorating teeth much faster rate than usual
Both have the sand/grit like feeling in our eyes and eyesight problems
Both tire easily and have the drastic body temperature fluctuations.
Delayed speech pattern I more than he, but I see it in both of us.
Both have weight loss issues Him - 40 pounds in 3 years Me - 15 pounds in last year even though we eat healthy meals everyday
Steve has had terrible unusual body rashes and I have had the unusual unexplained pains in my body?.and a negative test result to normal testing
My husband, at 39 years old, was stricken with a form of RA the specialists cannot figure out. He has no history of RA in his family. His non-response to traditional treatments even qualify for PROSORBA treatments and blood dialysis (once a week for 12 weeks)
He had that treatment twice and was considered disabled.
My husband now has thinning skin and I have thinning skin both having dryness issues all the time?.can never relieve the dryness in our hands and skin.
He has swallowing troubles with almost every meal he eats.
He has had vascular troubles ever since this started. Within four days on vacation he came home with his leg so swollen baffled the vascular specialists with no conclusion why this happened after several test completed.
Recently my husband had a vessel in his ankle explode and bleed. Thank God a fellow employee arrived, (as they were doing a middle of the night emergency call for a client) and found him at the shop in such condition and got him to the emergency room.
No explanation of why this happened from the hospital medical staff.
I cannot and will not wear anything but long sleeved shirts out in public I cannot wear summer clothes?I would rather die of heat than take a long sleeve shirt off?this is misery in itself.
I believe Morgellons infected patients should not give blood. But because the CDC is failing us how many more will be infected before they stop this madness.



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