Morgellons And The
Mystery Of Mind Control
By: Cliff Mickelson

As time passes, the magnitude of the ongoing catastrophic affliction known as "Morgellons disease", Elliot's disease, (Or just simply Skin 'Fibers') continues to geometrically explode across North America, as well as around the world.
Illustrative, as a result of that terrifying growth, is evidence that (IMO) this disease is no accident of nature. In truth, there may well be nothing "natural" or "accidental" about it at all.
I believe continued research into the mechanics and nature of this horrid affliction will eventually find this creature employs at least five (and possibly 7 or more) different manifestations (appearances) which it uses to its advantage, as well as enabling several different growth or evolutionary functions during its tenure within the human body.
The organism reveals itself thus, being programmed, as it appears to be, with a specific, a purposeful and a multilevel agenda to accomplish.
I believe it will be proven that this creature follows a directive that goes far beyond the parameters of a biologically based parasitic relationship between mutually hostile organisms.
Its physical effects (*see link at bottom of page) are a deliberate and necessary portion of its encapsulated directive. But there may be appears also to be programmed to seek out a portal or mental patch bay, if you will, within its host, and then to serve in a bookmark role as a passive, pre-instructed selective activator of certain predisposed and targeted personality characteristics and/or thought process constructs that lay within the dominion of the human mind.
Thus, this entity, by gaining access to the human or apparently ANY animal body, is able to deliver to that target, a command packet of bio-codes which affects a highly successful form of untraceable activation, direction and control over that target's selection of assigned behavioral priorities and preferences.
These preferences outwardly appear, (to others) as being the victim's overt choices , but in reality, they are simply an override of the victim's own control hardware and serve as an activation protocol for already latent or suppressed counterproductive personality traits.
This construct may be easier to grasp if one recalls that it is a proven fact that these kind of "mindsnatchers" or behavioral modifiers already exist in the natural parasitic world.
In particular, I am reminded of a parasite that infects mice and then alters their brain chemistry so that they seek the company of cats. The mice are then killed and devoured by the cats. This is accomplished so the parasite may finish its life cycle in the intestines of the cat. The mouse, in effect, commits mmits suicide to further the agenda of the parasite.
So, with this example in mind, rest assured that the Morgellons organism appears to possess a similar, modular function that can interject itself into some of the more important and poorly understood aspects of the human thought processes.
These include the domains of creative abstraction, personality, derivative social behavior, and most importantly, self-perception and the definition of one's personal reality.
All this may be achieved by working a delivery transfer to the victim, from a pre-programed and passively coded organic base of information that is integral to the unit (organism) itself. This packet of information is indistinguishable from, and indeed may well be, the same base of code upon which the unit itself is assembled.
This "creature" then, is a form and signpost of a foreign mastery.
If there is a master, then it follows that there must also be a slave.
This is therefore a testament to the power of some kind of external life or form to effect, by its subterfuge upon the denizens of this earth, a chain of bondage the likes of which are still only pipe dreams in the cutting edge laboratories of even the most visionary mad scientists or only in the fantasies of the most maniacal of power hungry and demented political monsters.
So, it is germane to ask: Is this the manner in which some unseen evil intends to overcome the abstract, soaring, incarnations of the human "mind"?!
Are the mice about to volunteer to feed the cat?
As always, there is much more here that ever meets the eye.
Again, I believe it will be shown that none of this is an accident. The old folk saying: "The Devil is in the smallest of details" is very true...
This time, however, the devil may well BE the smallest of details.
- CliffMickelson
(*) Morgellons does more than just rewire the way a victim's mind works. [For a sobering description of the "physical effects" of Morgellons ... Follow link at bottom of page to a long but excellent article written in 2003 by Cathy McDonald]



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