Morgellon's Is Biowarfare
Robbi Borjeson, MD

This mysterious disease or affliction has affected far too many individuals for us not to have a handle on it. There have been other diseases that have had a similar course. AIDS, SARS, Lyme Disease, and the Bird Flu come to mind as examples of new phenomena within this generation. They all have the earmarks of biological warfare agents. 
Before we can make any beneficial changes in the course of this insidious affliction we must first identify it for what it is. If we do not take this first step we are subjecting ourselves to further research and experimentation as the civilian populace acts the part of the guinea pig. 
I did not sign a consent form for experimentation and I doubt that any of the unknown thousands of individuals afflicted with Morgellons signed a consent to be subjects for experimentation.
There may be a logical reason for our advanced high-tech medical system to drag its feet in finding a beneficial treatment for this new disease. First, they need to identify the long term course of  the Morgellon's affliction. How long does this process take before the medical system intervenes?  
Secondly, the pharmaceutical industry must have enough time to  produce a new expensive drug which will produce millions of dollars before they come to our rescue.
We must take a deeper look, beyond the affliction itself, before we will find the answers - answers for which we are made to beg.
My recommendation is to start trying alternative treatments on our own. We will be in a horrible state if we sit back and wait for the system to finish its experimentation and research on us. There are alternatives we can use that do no harm and are cost-effective.
Remember what happened to SARS? Outside our country they found that Quercetin, a bioflavonoid that sustains a balanced immune response, was effective in alleviating the high morbidity and mortality. After this pronouncement, we no longer heard about the dreaded SARS.
Robbi Borjeson, MD



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