Morgellons Mystery -
Micro-Bugs Or ETs?

Is there an ancient disease that is currently plaguing people on this planet? According to several Internet news sources including some posting at the website, there may be. What's more, it may be a recurrence of something that last touched us several centuries ago.
The so-called Morgellons Disease, characterized by "a parasite-like infection that literally makes the infected person's skin crawl," has been diagnosed in thousands of patients in Florida, Texas and California, according to reports.
The visible effects are sores all over the victim's body, which reportedly "ooze blue fibers, white threads and little black specks of sand-like material." Those suffering may also experience (in addition to the constant itching/crawling sensation) "chronic fatigue, brain fog or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, joint swelling or hair loss." Attempts to eradicate these infestations have been unsuccessful.
The only connection with any known disease has been through a medical paper written nearly a century ago (1935), which researched medical journals describing a similar disease, from the 1600s, with the same symptoms. And recent research may even be discovering the cause, which could lead to a cure someday.
The National Pediculosis Association in Boston, Massachusetts, formed to increase awareness about head lice and to protect children from pesticides, has discovered a microscopic entity called collembolan in the bodies of many who suffer from Morgellons. However, the CDC has not approved further study. - ST
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