Twilight Zone -
Linotype Devil Photo
From An Episode Of Rod Serling's
The Twilight Zone Starring Burgess Meredith
From Phil Ricci

Jeff & Brad,
I'm sending this message to both Jeff and Brad since I believe it will be of special interest to you both as well as to the listeners.
Recently I was listening to one of your Friday Jeff and Brad programs from the archive and found myself quite entertained and intrigued with your discussion and experiences with the old time LINOTYPE newspaper printing machines. Jeff had seen one of the monstrous mechanisms in a museum and christened it, "the Wulitzer from hell!" Brad related his personal involvement with this incredible, antique mechanical contraption in the early days of his career.
This past July 4th, I happened to be watching the SciFi channel's Twilight Zone Marathon late at night and to my shocked amazement I hear Burgess Meredith declare that he's an expert linotype operator! The episode is titled, "Printer's Devil" and in Marc Zicree's book, "The Twilight Zone Companion" he says that they actually acquired a real linotype machine from a printing house for the episode.
You must realize that I have seen every Twilight Zone episode ten times over since I was a kid but it had never occurred to me what this huge mechanical marvel actually was had I not heard the two of you reminiscing about it. Brad remarked that he actually dreams about his days involving the linotype often. I'm sure other listeners would love to see this thing in actual operation. There are plenty of wonderfully magical B&W shots of it chugging away with belts, pulleys, gears, levers and a host of indescribable widgets whirling around in a coordinated, clanking mechanical concert. You see Meredith typing news stories frantically as the metal type lines drop and slide into a mounted tray.
Meredith's crooked cigar smoking character actually turns out to be the devil intent on gaining the soul of the newspaper owner. He modifies the linotype machine so that anything typed on it comes to pass. Meredith plays the most colorful devil character I've ever seen!
When my wife Susan and I got home I wanted to show her the episode which I have on DVD so she could see this mechanical monster. Now get this! I'm watching the scene where the devil and the editor are in the office, and the devil slowly closes all the window blinds while continually huffing and puffing on his crooked cigar and then proceeds to use a unique psychological approach to capture the soul of the newspaper editor's soul. A weird idea suddenly flashes through my mind. I think to myself, I'll bet if I slow this scene down and watch it frame by frame I may see a devil face in the puffs of smoke from the crooked cigar which is prominently featured throughout the episode. This particular scene is when the devil (Meredith) is at his fiendish best. Sure enough, when we went back and stop framed that scene when the devil baits his soul trap, a DEMONIC DEVIL FACE did develop and appear out of the smoke clouds!! A trick of light and shadow, or something else.....?? We both clearly saw it so it wasn't just my perception.
I think it may have been you Brad that said you thought that these appearances of faces and images in fire and smoke may not all be just coincidental light and shadow effects. There may be more to some of them.
Feel free to share this with the listeners if you wish as I'm sure many would love to see the linotype machine which is such an important part of our history as well as possibly try the above smoke experiment. I am going to try to capture the image on the computer. If I can, I'll send you a jpg if you wish.
By the way Brad, recently you mentioned that you and Sherry have been experiencing a weird phenomena yourselves. It kind of got skipped over and left me wanting for more information since this is happening to you right now. You called it by a Scandinavian word "vardoger" (sp). Sounds of arrival before the actual person arrives! Could you go into that further? Is there a common term for this phenomena. I tried researching it on the net with no luck. Very interested!
Great shows. Please keep them coming. I certainly appreciate all the tremendous work you both do.
Phil Ricci
Here's the original one we saw in the upper left corner looking a lot like the 1st one! Horns long chin inverted widow's peak
Here is a better view of the devil face just above his cigar. Weirdly enough It looks very similar to the first image we saw which I will try to send also.
Once you make out the face it will hit you like a ton of bricks. There are 2 horns on the head a widow's peak and what looks like hair on the sided of the skull like face a long chin and a trident-like beard.



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