Impeach Bush & Congress
By Ted Lang

Although it's been out there and originated by none other than the MSM entity, MSNBC, and carried as well by, giant Internet news organizations, The New York Times and the Drudge Report, have both once again summarily ignored, and actually more in fact, totally spiked, yet another blockbusting headline event.  MSNBC launched an opinion poll last week, which, by the way, is still gathering numbers, querying Americans on their stance concerning the possible impeachment of President George W. Bush. 
Of course, the likelihood of that ever happening is slim, as was recently demonstrated by the House of Representatives voting on House Resolution HR 921 on July 20, 2006.  Showing virtually a total Zionist solidarity [94 percent] in voting to condone the horrific war crimes perpetrated by Israel in Lebanon, and for that matter, any and all Israeli policies putting that nation's interests and objectives over those of the United States, it should be clear that the administration that is all out in their support for Israel translates to the will of nearly the entire Congress.  The Harvard Paper by professors Mearsheimer and Walt, "The Israeli Lobby," now proves that our government no longer places America's interests first.
The poll has some astonishing numerical attributes.  First, as of this writing, over 286,000 have responded to the poll.  There is no way of verifying this large a response, or, at least, also as of this time, is there any way of assuring the diversity of geopolitical bias, age groups, ethnicities, religion, etc.  Nor are there any assurances that the disciplines inherently required in good and accurate random sampling techniques are in place.  How many of the respondents even vote?  But putting all these concerns aside for the moment, let's look at some of the numerical curiosities.
First, consider the huge number of respondents.  Polls conducted by such renowned pollsters as Zogby, Gallup, CBS and others, usually base their results on a relatively tiny sample based upon a good representative cross sample and diversity of opinions.  These sampling bases can be from respondent populations as small as mere hundreds or in the low thousands.  That makes the respondent base of this survey huge.  It would be interesting to learn the efforts undertaken by MSNBC to ensure the reliability of their poll base. 
But all that notwithstanding, 286,000 respondents is by itself significant.  And what makes it even more significant is that there has been little change in the basic results that have been posted over several days.  A solid 87 percent favor a Bush impeachment ­ 87 percent!  An alternative query offers that Bush only made some "missteps," a definite radical departure from the lead query and non-choice alternative response of comparing planned intentions to the unintended consequences resultant of stupid behavior.  This "choice" is hardly a moderate retreat from the assertive nature of the leading question.  The third choice offers impeachment as merely a political maneuver for Democrats.  Clearly, the poll is skewered for impeachment.
But the real telltale low-end response is the traditional "no-opinion" cop-out for the uninformed, or the "I-don't-know" category.  It came in at a shockingly low 1.8 percent!  When do you recall this category ever being below five to seven percent?  Something is going on here which indicates that many Americans have seriously established opinions on Bush and his GOP Congress.  And of course, it can be understood that this astonishingly low response in this category can be tied into the astonishingly high number that feel Bush consciously maneuvered America into its current horrific state of affairs.
President Bush and his administration, as well as 94 percent of the United States Congress, are totally in the service of a tiny nation the population of which is only three quarters that of New York City.  Yet Israel is number one in receiving foreign aid to the tune of $3 to 4 billion annually from the American taxpayer, along with a 20 percent funding guarantee for their "defense" budget.  And that defense budget arms and equips the Israeli Defense Force, or IDF. 
Yet, since its inception, the state of Israel, founded upon acts of terrorism, and continuing on a never-ending policy of terrorism against its once peaceful Palestinian neighbors, has always resorted to geographic expansion of its borders by wars, destruction, mass murders, terror, torture and the initiation of general mayhem in the Middle East to accomplish its agenda of total domination in that oil-rich region. 
That Israel has, and continues to, exercise complete control over our government, as amply demonstrated by Congress' egregious support for the invasion and mass murder in Lebanon, is now additionally confirmed by the "emergency" shipment to Israel of extra bombs and munitions to expedite and more efficiently carry out the mass slaughter of the Lebanese.  It is the Christian populations in the northern part of that nation of untold horror and human misery that are now being targeted by Israel.  It is increasingly clear that our interests are not only not being protected, but rather that our people, our land, our wellbeing, and in fact our very existence, have been trashed by our absentee government. 
Our government is no longer legally sanctioned by either our Constitution or our Declaration of Independence.  The irrefutable implication arising from the treasonous actions by both the White House and the Congress, which now clearly brings both fact and necessity into focus, offers absolutely no alternative to the realization of the total illegitimacy of the American federal government. 
The hypothesis set forth by professors Mearsheimer and Walt is now confirmed by the unlawful and illegitimate one-sided loyalty shown by our government in jettisoning America's interests and the wellbeing of its 300 million citizens for a tiny nation of only six million.  Israel's only contribution to humanity is initiating war, death and destruction for its own self-interest.  What does Israel give in return?  It is America's greatest tax eater and consumer of the lives of our military.  That this commentary will be identified as "anti-Semitic" is no longer any modicum of concern.
The Israelites are orchestrating World War III as planned and designed by the latest product of Jewish intellectualism.  First, it was the "internationalism" that was communism.  Then, it was the bankers' rape of Germany at Versailles coupled with the "separation" of synagogue and state via Zionist funding and cooperation with Hitler and Nazi Germany.  As the Zionists schmoozed with Hitler and offered him, "Our fight is your fight ­ we believe all Jews should be removed from Germany to be made to reside in a totally Jewish state," and blocked information on Hitler's use of goons during his "elections" from being reported to Jews via the Jewish New York Times, they funded Hitler to the hilt.  It was Zionism's next adventure in homogenizing the world with a "New Order."
But two World Wars didn't get the homogenization of the people of Earth accomplished; clearly what is needed now, is World War III.  This time around, the New World Order will be assured.  The only hope for Mankind is not the neutralization of American sovereignty that Bush and his enabling Congress are attempting, but the neutralization and removal of the entire American government.  At one time, impeachment would have been most expeditious.  Then, we deferred to the Fitzgerald investigation of the Plame Title 18 felonies.  Now, sadly, all we have left are the midterm elections.  We need now worry how effectively Israel and Diebold electronics will manipulate those elections in favor of their interests over ours.
The illegitimacy of our government is confirmed by the words in our founding document: "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government."  Our government is now destructive of the ends considered necessary to establish it.  Our government no longer serves the people of the United States, but merely the government of the state of Israel and the Likud Party that controls the Zionist state.  I no longer consent to this arrangement.  
 ©2006 Theodore E. Lang All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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