Highway To Hell
By JB Campbell

Have you stopped to think about a four-hundred-yard wide no-man's land, with the usual high chain link fences, running from Mexico to Canada?  This bisects the country roughly in half and will prevent unauthorized east-west travel. This "highway" is a military corridor for martial law.  It will probably be an actual quarter-mile in width between the fences.  On-off access will reportedly be even more controlled than an interstate highway, which is very controlled.  This probably refers to an Israeli-style wall running on both sides from north to south.
A four-hundred-yard wide, north-south highway?  So Mexican trucks can haul Chinese slave-made products an extra two thousand miles just to get to the US border?   And be able to haul them all the way to Canada?  How long will it actually take to build the Mexican section of this thing?  Doesn't matter, because all they want is the no-man's land down the center of the USA.
How can anyone suggest that offloading ships in southern Mexico for transport to Canada is just to get around a longshoreman's union?  Which American union has protected American jobs?  How has any labor union threatened the gangsters who are planning martial law against American workers and their families? America has some of the biggest, most efficient ports in the world, on all three coasts.  And how much of a market does Canada present for transcontinental trucking from Mexico? This is just a lying excuse to create a militarized no-man's land to cut the country in half and prevent travel from Sector East to Sector West and vice-versa.
Anyone who is pushing this from an official position should be shot as a traitor to this country.  There is no other way to prevent martial law from being declared against us. This is the fruit of the Council on Foreign Relations' plan to erase the borders and create one government over the US, Mexico and Canada.  Guess who would be the government?  The CFR guys, who are the worst traitors in our history, ever since they began planning their New World Order in 1921. They never slack off in their plan to be the dictatorship of the world, and this monstrocity is the smoking gun. Their plan is no secret: to reduce the USA down to the level of Mexico so as to remove any resistance to their dictatorship.
How much more CFR crime are we going to swallow before we dismantle their rotten Pratt House headquarters in Manhattan and put them all on trial for treason?  They are such renegades that the hard-core probably won't make it to trial.  The hard-core should get the same treatment that they ordered for Saddam's sons.



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