The Gluttonous American
By Judy Andreas

It was a hot Idaho summer day when Stan and I decided to go to a water park for a cool outing.   The Park was filled with water activities that were both fun and refreshing.   While basking in a tube, we floated along the "lazy river".  The current carried our sunning bodies under an assortment of waterfalls.     People screamed with delight as the water hit them and pushed their tubes along.   Another attraction,  Boulder Lake provided an opportunity to do some jumping and screeching as the man made waves challenged our ability to remain standing.
The place was filled with smiling, happy people.  The place was filled with snacking overweight people.  Stan and I were incredulous as we looked out upon the rotund gathering of  fleshy folks filling their faces with their favorite foods.
The array of snacks for sale included ice cream sundaes, corn dugs and mountains of french fries.  Everything appeared to be super sized, especially the feeders.
Later that day, I telephoned my son and mentioned how stunned I was to see rolly polly children following in their parents footsteps ( to the snack bar).  My son remarked.
"That's all over America"
An article written in June of 2006 stated that 64% of Americans are considered to be overweight and  30% are obese.  Even more shocking  (and sad) is that 15% of 6-9 year-olds are overweight - twice as many as twenty years ago.  It is no secret that obesity raises the risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers but people seem to put those unfortunate facts out of their minds as they lick lustfully on their ice cream cones. According to the article, health care expenses in the USA resulting from the consequences of obesity/overweight total $117 billion a year - the equivalent of about 9 million Ford Focus cars each year.
The USA's favorite indulgences include Pizza, fries and burgers. (and I don't mean veggie burgers)  Eating out may initially be a time saver for the busy and lazy American but eventually it is a time waster as the consequences of the meals take their effect on the corpulent consumer.  It is not unusual for the US citizen to eat over 30% of his/her daily calorie intake away from home. In the year 2000 the average person consumed 300 more calories per day than in 1985. Since 2000, total daily calorie intake has continued to go up.
In 2004, a movie was released titled "Super Size Me".   The Protagonist did an experiment on himself by eating all his meals at a fast food restaurant.   Dare I mention the name of the restaurant?   Would it dissuade anyone from getting their Happy Meals?  
 At the end of the month, the man had succeeded in putting on weight, raising his cholesterol and blood pressure and creating sundry other ailments in a once healthy body.  It was frightening to watch how, early in the movie, his body rejected the rapid repast.....even to the point of regurgitation.   But, as the month progressed, revulsion turned to addiction and his body craved its daily intake of speedy slop.
Our hero's foray into quickie meal fatdom added up to an obese food bill and frightening visits to the family physician.  No, my friends, man cannot live on fast food alone..
In addition, the film explored the horrendous school lunch programs.  It talked about the declining health and physical education classes.  It explored food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health.
People dream of being thin and the supermarket checkout aisles abound with magazines and newspapers featuring articles about the latest diet plans.   It is indeed a strange sighting  to watch a cart overflowing with yoodles, twinkies, ice cream, frozen foods and diet coke, pause briefly to throw a diet magazine on top of the heap of garbage.
In an article entitled  "Why Fat People Are Hungrier" , the author came to a realization,  after searching for the proverbial anti-fat pill that would enable him to grow slim while enjoying his favorite pastime.  He concluded that there was no miracle cure. 
We are at a critical point and it will take a Nation that is aware and alert to survive.  
Sadly, as thighs explode and bellies hang over belts, the road to physical and mental fitness is becoming "The Road Less Traveled".  
What a commentary !    We have become gluttons with active mouths and inactive minds.
Unbeknownst to the populace, our world is exploding around us while we are busily exploding our physical bodies.  
Overeating has impacted our mental processes.   It has affected our brain chemistry.   While we are hungrily eating our Pizza in front of our favorite television program, our minds are as empty as the food we are consuming. 
The world teeters on its axis as we blot the grease off the twisty bread.
Copyright 2006
Jim Mortellaro
Hello, Judy.
Judy, Judy, Judy. Just what is the matter with you? Got something against chubbies? Why? Because you are one of them, whaddyacall'em, Food Coppers?
Well, put this in your favorite yogurt and wheat germ and eat it. Chubby people are happy people. Chubby people place all their cares in comfort food. I suppose you place all your cares in what, rice cakes? Probally.
Listen up girl, when people eat, people are happy. When people eat comfort food, people are not only happy, they are contributing to the welfare of our medical system, creating bigger and better homes for physicians, bigger and better yachts for the HMO management, creating bigger and better profits for the entire medical industry and that, my dear Ms. Judy Andreas, is what the American Way is all about.
Some people pray to God. Some people eat. I used to be one of those fatties. I am now 35 pounds lighter and on my way down another 30 pounds. And I aks you. Am I happy? Am I satisfied with my existence?
NO DAMMIT! I am definitely NOT. I miss my Sicilian Italian bread with all them sesame seeds around the entire loaf. I miss my pasta. I miss my English Muffins with butter dripping from the creases. I miss the taste of one of my favorite foods. Ah Beeetz. Which in Sicilian (I spelled it phonetically) is Pizza. The thin crust kind where you can eat an entire large pie and then go for another small one. Along with a cupla icey cold beers and for desert ... a very large (OK, maybe TWO very large) sphooliadelle (also spelled phonetically).
Lady, take your damned diet and shove it. I want my pizza. I want ... I want ... God I'm all of a sudden extremely hungry. Think I'll take a drive down to Johny's Pizza for two large ones and three beers. Light beers of course. Can't have alla them carbs all at once.
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty



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