N Carolina Passes
Four Historic
Immigration Laws
William Gheen - ALIPAC

We are pleased to announce that North Carolina can now be added to the list of over 30 states that have passed state laws restricting illegal immigration.
To be perfectly honest, we did not originally expect our Battle for NC efforts to manifest in any legislation this session. The most we had hoped to accomplish was to show the public who was responsible for our illegal immigration crisis on the state level. We have achieved that and much more than we had originally hoped!
We are pleasantly surprised that we have emerged with four very important pieces of legislation in the 2006 short Session.
One, NC Licenses will now require a valid social security number thus blocking illegal aliens from getting licenses in NC if the law is properly applied.
Two, starting Jan 1, 2007 all new hires in state government must be screened for legal presence or citizenship. The school systems have till March of 2007 to implement this change.
Three, the technical corrections bill (S 1523, page 18.) authorizes our local and state police to begin enforcing immigration laws!
Four, S 1896 places new laws in place regarding human trafficking!
We are sending a second, corrected copy of this announcement as we just received word about the last two laws. The end of session is a hectic time where a lot happens in a short period of time. We are still clearing the smoke to see where we are at on this effort.
With these 4 new laws, the message is being sent today in North Carolina "Illegals Go Home!"
The Paul Revere Riders event with Frosty Wooldridge went great today and ALIPAC supported their event, took them to dinner last night, and fueled up all of their gas tanks on the way out of town today.
There are many more details to share and a full report with all of the details will be sent to you shortly. This short note is just to announce our victory in NC.
It is an absolute fact that YOUR calls, letters, and e-mails made this happen. The full report will explain more about your impact.
A year ago, when ALIPAC defeated the In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens Bill, I told the media "This is just the beginning." Our promise was true and we have shown that today.
We have beaten incredible odds through our efforts. We blew our horns and the walls came down!
When we file our full report on the passage of HB 1942, local enforcement of immigration laws, human trafficking and the increased license security, I will make them this promise anew "This is just the beginning!"
William Gheen - ALIPAC
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC



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