CAFR Patriot Walter Burien
On Brink Of Becoming A Felon

By Greg Szymanski

The jailing of freedom fighter Walter Burien for 45 days and his subsequent plea bargain agreement to accept a felony conviction without more jail time is another example of America's fascist system jailing innocent Americans.
Burien, another in the long list of America's political prisoners being nailed to the wall, has been a major thorn in the side of the "powers that be," being one of the first who decided to take on Washington where   it hurts most  -- in their corrupt pocket books.
More than 10 years ago, Burien, a successful business who had an office in the World Trade Center during the late 70s and early 80s, became fed up with the fleecing of America and decided to use his business sense to do something good for the people.
And what he uncovered was the one of the largest scams being played on Americans, as politicians failed to report trillions in assets under Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR).
These reports, common in the corporate environment, have been done away with by crafty lawyers and politicians who have rewritten the laws of ethical business in order to hide money and mislead the American public about the wealth of their country, being used primarily to benefit a few crooked politicians and business men and not the majority of people.
"You now know the primary reason why Gorbechev went democratic, more money ­ more control! We showed him the blueprint for true communism. Russia from the past, the state openly owned everything. In the USA the state truly owns everything, but through walls of well masked corporate veils created over the decades," said Burien this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.
"The US Government now has more control over and wealth amassed from the people then the old Russia ever thought was possible or ever dreamed about our freedom has been lost, we need to get it back without delay."
And for Burien's patriotic stance to alert Americans about the failure of politicians at all levels to make public CAFRs, he has been harassed since 1998 when he first tried to institute a plan in Phoenix to return the financial system back to the people.
Although a complicated program which can be explained on his web site at, his original financial backer was jailed for 30 on bogus charges on order to keep the lid on the CAFR scam from the people.
Since then authorities have tried to marginalize Burien by getting to him through child protective services that according to Burien has illegally taken his children. Burien is now awaiting sentencing, as he recounts the sad story of how his children were taken:
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