FCK - All That's
Missing Is The You

By Jim Kirwan

The government has not made its case against terrorism, or the "War on Terra." That's true whether it's about military initiatives, nationally security, financial necessity or 'intelligence' for the national security interests of the United States. Besides the fact that no one can make war upon a tactic, all that was done in these preemptive conflicts continues to defy belief. What was accomplished was not "the Mission" but rather one very long and continuing crime against ordinary people everywhere ­ and against the people of the United States in particular. Implicit throughout, has been the outright and continuing destruction of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yet his has not been challenged or denied by congress, by the courts or by the people - yet we continue to call ourselves 'Americans.'But there is new information on 911 that reveals a template for the remaining missing pieces to that puzzle.(1)
 What we are now facing is part of the next phase of lock-down. After the USA went to war on Afghanistan Bush decided that the American people were the real enemy that continues to threaten this country. To find and punish these mythical 'enemies' Bush unilaterally ordered the National Security Agency to spy on all Americans via the telephone lines and all computer communications. Virtually all of our ability to communicate with anyone has had a silent partner since Bush ordered that 'all Americans will be spied on by the NSA.' That order was issued over three years ago. This means that our personal identities were placed at risk, all of our financial and business affairs were automatically open to total government scrutiny, and all of this was ordered without the need for warrants or any formal legal charges ­ just being an American was enough to make anyone a target of this government's extreme prejudice in the face of their political paranoia. (2)
In all this time there have been no resident "terrorists" discovered among the 300 plus millions of us here. Meanwhile all of our freedoms have been suspended for three full years by an incompetent government edict that has yielded no results. This continues as you read this ­ and there's still no public comment. That fact makes clear the reluctance of Americans to challenge their real enemies in that Tarnished House that used to house the president.
Simultaneously the government and those who lobby for the largest corporations have been quietly consolidating corporate power into ever fewer hands. In this race to the bottom has anyone ever wondered what will happen when there are no competing companies left to gobble up? The number of airlines, the number of banking institutions, the number of communications companies ­ are all shrinking drastically ­ in the name of "choice." The sharks of big-business are devouring each other - so what happens when they run out of targets?
There is a pending Bill in Congress that will revisit the Communications Act (AGAIN) to supposedly improve competition (which has never been so lacking); all of this being added to the last revision of the previous Communications Act. The price for internet continuance will soon be the freedom that remains on the net. The weapon of choice, will obviously have to be that one-size-fits all Privatization-by-Capitalism, paid for by consumers, who will see huge increases in the costs of computer use and Cable access as well. "Competition," the reason given as the justification, will disappear along with any semblance of real information about what is really happening to what remains of the country.
The airwaves always belonged to the people of the nation, until the government 'gave' them to the Capitalists that run corporate media: Ham radio however, along with local police emergency channels were jammed by the government during Katrina ­ as these were not part of corporate communications and needed to be blocked to prevent emergency services from having the impact that they could have rendered in that national emergency! Very soon there will be only the official broadcast services into which our lives will be poured like so much waste water ­ to insure that the public is kept in a proverbial communications blackout created by this government at will.
When these changes begin to take effect Censorship will finally be in full control, in the name of national security of course ­ and that will soon be followed by new legislation that seeks to prohibit any money from being sent outside the country (Again to protect 'us' against terrorism). A lot of ex-Pat's trying to live out their retirement in foreign places may be threatened when their social security checks can't be sent anywhere outside fortress America. This legislation has past the preliminary stages and will soon follow the "Toll Road" that is slated to replace the 'Wild West Free-for-All of the Internet' that has brought so much of the rest of the world into this foxhole of fascism, that has become the one enduring legacy of the Bush Dynasty.
When America became the last surviving Superpower ­ we were told that there could finally be a 'peace dividend.' What we got instead, because of the lack of any global challengers, was a form of military madness that suddenly was completely unchecked ­ despite the fact that the USA virtually had no mega-enemies to fight.
Enter the New World Order, and suddenly the entire rest of the planet is now our enemy. In reality, given the presidential "signing statements" contained in those 750 occasions on which Bush proudly declared and then unilaterally affirmed that he was not bound by the laws that congress enacted. Any sane person would say that America is no longer a nation of laws. Apparently the real enemy according to Bush & the Bandits are the people of the United States who have now lost everything that once marked them as a free people. Those who were charged with protecting and defending both the Constitution and the population have recast themselves, from protectors to Pro-Counsels for the new American dictatorship; that now sees the public as the one group that must be totally controlled ­ for their own protection of course!
On paper the USA no longer exists, we've gone bankrupt, been reconstituted, and then failed again and again ­ yet very few have chosen to notice any of this. How much longer will people be content to only watch while this country is sold off at bargain basement prices to anyone who cares to bid? "Business" has never been better for those at the top, and never been worse for those who make the things that pay all those vastly inflated salaries. The middle-class is going down for the third and final time ­ and still there seems to be little notice taken of this seismic shift in the makeup of this society. What will it take to move the still reluctant, to real action, to the changes that will not stop until major shifts are made in every area of life?(3)
Perhaps more importantly what is left of any value here for anyone to steal? We have no privacy, all our financial transactions are monitored and we are guilty now - until we can prove our innocence, unlike the original design in the Constitution. 'Decrees' and closed-door-sessions now rule this land ­ not the laws of the Constitution or the servile cowards in the courts. Without laws, the rich do whatever they want and the insiders create whatever else is needed, with no oversight for anything that Bush might choose to do. All this - while the poor are cast into prisons or left to die in the streets because they're the wrong color, the wrong gender, the wrong nationality, or of the wrong belief system. Censorship and Fear now rule this land, and that 'dynamic-duo' has only created death and failure everywhere in the world where its heavy tread is felt.
The circumvention of all these things is one thing when this is done in secret, but once this becomes public knowledge, as it is now; there's always the danger of a backlash. The administration has been "busted" on torture, on bogus prisoners of war, on theft, on fraud, and on the misuse of private armies ­ all of it under cover of the shield of "national security in a time of war." That's one cover-storey that everybody knows is crap!
 "Control" has always been the goal and total control such as Israel uses to control the people of Palestine ­ has always been the optimal version of what it means to control any situation. Everything from jobs to health, from food to education, from thought to politics ­ everything must be regulated in the New World Order - everywhere! The way things are going now about the only growth industries left in the US will be the prison industry, menial maintenance, and those countless and obscure security jobs, or of course the military! If this 'jobs future' holds true, what will there be for anyone who is not part of the ruling class?
If people don't begin to roll-back the congressional crimes committed by the congress against those they were elected to serve, then we don't deserve the freedoms that we claim as our 'constitutional right.' Freedom can't be inherited by any generation ­ and this one is particularly deaf to any requirement of the need for any resistance to the status quo. People the world over have recognized the connections between what happens in the political arena and the viability of their ordinary lives ­ while Americans seem to think that politics is some kind of inside joke that they can afford to sneer at with derision. What's at stake here is whether the citizens of the USA will have any control over this government or whether the Multi-national Corporations will finally become that 'law unto themselves' who shall rule over all they covet, anywhere in the world today!
The life affirming Questions about war and policies could be arrows in the quivers of those who fight for freedom. The words in those challenges can either be used to ignite the populace ­ or as something quaint and obsolete ­ a throwback to those ancient times before technology, when oppression and religions ruled the day. Most people then came to know, all too well, either the yoke of oppression or the lashes of contempt. Free people who take responsibility for themselves make their own choices, while submissive individuals are frog-marched into that oblivion reserved for those that refuse to choose, any course not sanctioned, by the powerful that own them outright!
So the question remains ­ where is the "you" in all of the above?
(1) Connections behind 911 continue to deepen
(2) Who is Running America
(3) The Rockefeller Syndicate ­ Eustace Mullins



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