Galston New South Wales,
Australia - Video

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HBCC UFO Research Note: All the recent video clips that have come from Australian UFO Wave are video footage which has been sent to them by numerous eyewitnesses. This is not just one person taking the footage of all the various objects in different locations around Australia.
Date:  July 13, 2006
Time:  Morning
Number of witnesses: 1
Other details: These lights appear to 'shed' a series of smaller lights. Although barely visible, these smaller lights drop to the left and fade away just before the main lights flicker out. This event is noteworthy because the witness was disturbed by a sound, "like something exploding", and went outside with the video camera to see if a plane had crashed.
Video clip Galston New South Wales (WMV Format) - Video Footage.
Video footage can be viewed at:
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