CA Actress Flees To India
To Escape US Black Ops

By Greg Szymanski

Leslie Oliver has taken refuge to a peaceful part of India, a place far away from the madness in America.
A former Hollywood actress, Oliver finally had to leave after repeated attempts on her life left her with no other choice but to look for some place off the beaten track.
So she chose India as a last resort, leaving her California lifestyle behind and choosing to look "inward" in a country placing more importance on introspection and meditation then television and video games.
How Oliver ended up in a small Indian village in Himalayas again illustrates how violence and intimidation has saturated the American lifestyle like an unstoppable plague, driving good people away from its borders and into extinction.  
And the sad thing about her story, besides the numerous attempts made on her life, is most everyone reading will shrug it off, saying there goes another "paranoid American" running away from reality.
But for those who take Oliver's story to heart, giving her the benefit of the doubt so to speak, listen to the affidavit provided to the Arctic Beacon she left behind before leaving the U.S. just in case something ugly happens.
In her detailed account of how she became the target of Black Ops harassment, Oliver calls herself the "new type of American fugitive, the title meaning she can no longer stomach the pervasive evil controlling all aspects of American society.  
The following is Oliver's gut wrenching story explaining the real behind the scenes story of how things are changing in America. Oliver wanted to mention that all the information given below is a "true and accurate description of my experience and is neither solicited nor compensated in any way."
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