Going Deeper - China Has
Decided To Cross The Line

By Joseph Ehrlich

Times are very serious. Those in my community that have an idea that I find fault with Israel's decision to go to war respond as I expect: color war response. Are you with us or against us. My position is that I stand with G-d. Perhaps if everyone who believes they stand with G-d did the same the world would quickly change. As Howard Wills once told me, when you speak truth you will find you have few friends. I know. However, there is one exception. When you speak truth when people face the prospect of death and devastation, people will listen albeit they might express that they don't like what they hear.
In any event, it is amazing how events are unfolding quickly per the proffers made here. Thus, this is good because perhaps Israel will rethink itself before it crosses the line. Hezbollah will move on Tel-Aviv. China makes the decision how intense the attack might be and what resources will be deployed. My assessment is that China will conclude that Tel-Aviv will have to be pictured similar to Beirut in Time and other magazines. China is implementing an eye for an eye. 
Moreover, the death of those four UN observers including the Chinese Lt. Colonel really angered the CMC. China aside from all else sees no redeeming value in Israel whether biblical, religious, or otherwise. It asked Iran regarding this issue and Ahmadinejad told China from where I sit that Israel is an abomination to G-d and if it was not before now Olmert made it so clearly to the world. Israel is supposed to bow to G-d before the nations of the world, it is not supposed to undertake a course to make the name Israel odious to the world. Moreover, when the rabbinate fails to deduce one truth from 2000 years of exile that applies to what is before it today, and act accordingly, then the whole thing needs to be again cleansed as G-d proved the case with Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Akiva and the rest of the Bar Kokhba rebellion against evil Rome. However, for Israel to even think that Iran stands on the same plane as Rome further insults G-d when Iran bows to G-d before the nations of the world and Ahmadinejad stands with clarity accordingly and thus has earned the high regard of China.
China is a complex country to understand for the West. However, they define a line in the sand and when they decide to cross it, the results are serious and intense. Thus China will move against Israel and allow strategies to see it severely injured. When you combine this with the NWO's intent to see Israel eviscerated completely then you see why we were able to so long ago interpret its destiny all arising because Israel refused to move to G-d and otherwise moved in diametric opposition thereto. For Jews and religious leaders to express that G-d would protect Israel simply denied the reality that Israel did not honor the holy name Israel and thus as G-d has shown in the past He will not protect those under such holy name that diminish His name to the nations of the world.
China now has crossed that sensitive line in the sand. This news story just coming out tonight shows it (aside from Hezbollah getting approval to move against Tel-Aviv):
China sends humanitarian materials to Lebanon
    BEIJING, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government is to send urgently needed emergency materials to Lebanon to ease the humanitarian crisis brought about by the conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.
    The materials, including small electricity generators, tents, blankets, sanitation equipment, drugs and other materials, will be sent to Lebanon in two batches on Thursday and Friday.
    The materials will be first flown to Jordan's capital Amman, and then to the Beirut international airport, said the ministry. Enditem
Ehrlich: If Israel is intent on making another mistake, it will shoot down one of these airplanes. If Israel is intent on saving itself, it will allow a coup as an initial expression of its repentance. When Israel goes to war because Bush and the NWO tell it to go to war, there is no one on this planet that is going to prove the point that Israel went to war on justified grounds. In fact, since the moment I saw Jewish police bash in the heads of Israeli children seated on the floor I knew that Olmert was not only going to hang himself but Israel as well. If you love Israel, then you know the Israel before us today is not destined to further diminish itself and thereby further demean G-d's name.
What would I like to see...
Israel break from the NWO and acknowledge that its secular salvation is via Iran. It should apologize to Iran for not defending it earlier. There is no downside to Israel because Israel should fully know and appreciate at this point that the NWO told Olmert to start this war because part and parcel of the NWO agenda is to see Israel undermined and eviscerated as a nation. Who is the primary enemy of Israel: the NWO or Iran? Better yet, who is YOUR primary enemy: the NWO or Iran?
Even better yet. For Israel to live who can be its best friend? For the USA to see itself restored to its Judeo-Christian precepts, who can best us implement it and free ourselves from NWO occupation (on the secular plane)?
Have I made my point? Thank you.
Civilian Deaths 'Should Be Seen As War Crime'
By Leonard Doyle
Foreign Editor
August 4, 2006
Israel's defence forces were yesterday condemned for systematically and deliberately targeting civilians in Lebanon, acts which the respected New York organisation Human Rights Watch described as "serious violations of international law" or war crimes.
The number of Lebanese killed in the 23-day conflict is now close to 900, the vast majority of them civilians, and a quarter of Lebanon's population is in flight. Although the Israeli government claims it is taking all possible measures to minimise civilian harm, Human Rights Watch said their detailed investigations revealed "a systematic failure by the Israeli Defence Forces to distinguish between combatants and civilians". The 50-page report flatly accuses Israeli forces of launching artillery and air attacks "with limited or dubious military gain but excessive civilian cost".
"In dozens of attacks, Israeli forces struck an area with no apparently military target," the report states.
In a particularly damning section it concludes that "in some cases, the timing and intensity of the attack, the absence of a military target, as well as return strikes against rescuers, suggest that Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians".
Israel's defence is that it targets Hizbollah and that the militia uses civilians as human shields, thereby putting them at risk. The report could find no evidence to back this up. When investigators went to Qana, Srifa and Tyre, where numerous civilians had been killed, they could see "no evidence" of Hizbollah military activity in the area, no spent ammunition, abandoned weapons or military equipment or dead or wounded fighters.
In its central allegation, Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of violating one of the most fundamental tenets of the laws of war: the duty to carry out attacks only on military targets.
Ehrlich: When Israel works for the NWO agenda, the above is the result. Again, it wanted to remove the civilian population because the NWO schematic is for Israel to move to the Litani River, the Bekaa Valley, and then Beirut. This was all to allow military vessels to move into the area, to clear the area for occupation and putative seizure, all to invoke a response from Syria and thus Iran. Thus China told Hezbollah to draw the line regarding any further attack into Beirut. Thus this means that China understands that the Arab/Islamic countries cannot tolerate a move by Israel to control Beirut. Thus when the air force makes its move to level the field for the army to move into Beirut, Tel-Aviv will get leveled. Hezbollah will show high level weapons and let me be the first to tell you something important....
The NWO wants to tie those weapons into Iran. However, China will take the heat because it will accept the blow back that the weapons are Chinese. This takes the heat off Iran. This will also trigger China raising serious issues regarding Israel deliberate targeting of civilians including those four UN observers. China will be angry. The NWO will demur. After all the leveling of Tel-Aviv is consistent with the true NWO agenda.
Conclusion: Israel this has to be the final WAKE UP call. How blind can you be? Perhaps you don't understand what portal you opened when you remained arrogant regarding the death of the four UN observers. Trust me. You made a SERIOUS mistake. You gave China an open portal to do what it is capable of doing: serious damage. You probably think this proffer is highly remote. Trust me. It is not remote. You have to understand that China wants Iran to be clean in what lies ahead for Israel. The bottom line is that this scenario serves the point I have been making: Iran is free and clear because G-d is protecting Iran, and China will be the vehicle for such protection. Thus, all claims that Iran is responsible for Hezbollah's attacks on Tel-Aviv will have to first go through China. Good luck.



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