Dummies Become 
What Stupid Is
By Ted Twietmeyer

Everywhere, people who are awakened are now asking the same pointless question about those still asleep: Why don't people care about what's happening to them? The answer is right there, simply be re-arranging the words: "People don't care what's happening."
The answer is actually right in front of everyone, right there in plain site. It may be related to room-temperature IQ levels. Is Jim Mortellaro right that the world bucket of excrement with the handles on the inside? Perhaps, and it depends on your perspective. Another old expression fits well, too: Sitting on a tree branch 100 feet up, and sawing the branch between you and tree. It's just a matter of time...
So where does stupid fit into all this? It fits everywhere like white on rice. Countless examples of stupidity surround us, much like a lobster crawling on the bottom scavenging around, surrounded by seawater for thousands of miles. Most people are like the initiate in the fraternity ceremony crying out "thank-you sir, may I have another" after each paddle hit in "Animal House."
Let's look at a few of the things that Americans put up with and constantly ask for more:
* Unable to count change - when a customer puts 47 cents in a clerk's hand, the clerk has to point to EACH coin slowly, one... at... a... time. I've seen this myself, and couldn't watch it. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Slowing down on an interstate to the speed limit - when they see someone on the OTHER SIDE of a STEEL guard rail pulled over (a rail that runs for many miles.) Are these people so intimidated they think the policeman will drop what he's doing, make his car FLY over the steel rail and pursue them? [dummies become what stupid is]
* See a parked or moving police car going in the other direction even a block away, and scramble to put their seat belts on. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Never go into a traffic court to fight a ticket, or at least go for a plea bargain! It makes so much more sense to pay a higher fine, have more points on your license AND pay far more for insurance each year, right? [[dummies become what stupid is]
* Never examine the tax return their accountant prepares to see if all the possible deductions have been taken. He or she will take the easy way out just to get it done, smile when it's handed to you and collect a three figure fee for the privilege of doing so. Just because he or she is an accountant - does it mean they're not lazy? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Never clean the crap files off their computer, and then complain when it slows down to a crawl. They also never blow the dirt out of the power supply with cheap canned, pressurized air which will prevent it from overheating and dying without warning. Cost of the can of air? about $5.00. A shop repair, and possibly a new motherboard and CPU makes much more sense, right? [dummies become what stupid is]
* The really brilliant ones take their computer in for repair with their hard drive containing everything personal about their life, and put it all into the hands of someone they never have met or even know if they can be trusted with the time of day. Then they complain when they are suddenly the victims of identity theft. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Never, ever check the air pressure in their tires at least once a month. Then they return to the dealer complaining about early tire wear out or perhaps catastrophic failure. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Never, ever replace their furnace fan filter more than once a year. Never mind the staciobacter and other mold that grows like wildfire in the dark, damp air filter spreading spores all throughout the house. And air-conditioning makes it worse, too1 Isn't it wonderful? Why replace it once a month? A doctor visit for an unexplained allergy or mold infection is more expensive than a $2.00 air filter, but that makes more sense right? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Buy a big gas-guzzler hog when gas prices are the highest in history. What sense does it make to buy a mid-size or compact car? You're safer in a guzzler, right? Never mind the safety test reports that show these big pigs are prone to ROLL OVER. Minor detail. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Think that real estate will forever keep going up. It always has. Lots of money to be made, right? And where is that town you say? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Listen to that network news every night like a religion. They are the experts. What the hell do you know? The experts and anchors would NEVER, EVER lie to us, right? They have assured us they will tell us "all the news you need to know." If they didn't talk about it on the news, then it must be a lie. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Keep on believing we are the ONLY intelligent life in our solar system. It's impossible for anyone else to exist out there, right? The Bible didn't tell us about them, so therefore they can't exist. Anything people see that's non-human must be of the devil. That's what mainstream religion has told us must be so. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Keep believing that Morgellon's disease isn't real. People are imaging that in their minds. They are seeing things that aren't there. Those pictures they take? They are all fakes, right? We didn't see it on the network news, so therefore it can't be true. The CDC says they are considering studying it in Texas, but that must be a lie. It's not a virus, prion or bacteria so therefore it must not exist. It couldn't have come here from outer space, because it's not mentioned specifically by name in the Bible, right? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Have you noticed that older movies have had the words "terrorists" and "terrorism" inserted into them? That most of the time the actors who say these words - are off camera? You're imaging it. Why would Uncle meddle with movies? Do you think that this is Nazi Germany all over again? What gave you that goofy idea? Do you think it's a propaganda ploy? What the hell is the matter with you? Uncle is our friend, and "he's here to help you." [dummies become what stupid is]
* Movies and action shows with men completely dressed in black, with black ski masks. Black on black. These are not real, and are only specters of your imagination. If you have seen these people in films gunning people down en-masse, you should realize that these machine gun and grenade wielding men (and macho lezzie-women) will tell you "We're from the government, and we are here to help you." [dummies become what stupid is]
* Concentration Camps? Only Hitler had those. More than 200 camps in America? They can't exist, right. When you are told about them by others, just laugh at them. Why would Uncle want to incarcerate Americans? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Who needs freedom? What good is it anyway? Being tracked and traced makes everyone feel so warm, cozy and secure! That's so much better. Even better is that life chip implant planned for us by the US Army - it will terminate our lives when we reach a certain age or become a pain to the government! No need to ever worry about someone taking care of us in our older years ever again! Isn't it so nice? We'll be so much more secure. We'll all have chip implants, but not those TB, HIV and AIDS people who stomp across our borders raping, torturing, killing and stealing. These people should not be traced, right? [dummies become what stupid is]
* When you're told to register every firearm you have including your rifles, be sure to run out and do that right away! Our founding fathers told us that an armed populace is our protection against a government out of control. What did they know? Just because they squeezed their way out from under the King's thumb? Aw heck - that was 230 years ago! We don't need guns now. The government is here to help us. [dummies become what stupid is]
* Put Northstar and systems like it in your car. No one can silently turn on that microphone, right? Why would Uncle want to do that? What for? What do you have to hide? Who could imagine that any words spoken in private would be used against you, your friends or relatives? Uncle would never do that, right? [dummies become what stupid is]
* Keep that cellphone on at all times! Be sure it's close to your kidneys and/or liver. It will keep them warm on a cold day. It can't hurt you, right? What - just because a recent experiment cooked an egg white in 15 minutes and the yolk in an egg in 65 minutes near a cell phone? It can't hurt you because your body isn't made of egg white or yolk, right? So what's a few distorted, altered or broken strands of DNA in your eggs, sperm cells or liver cells? So what's a little liver cancer other than possibly being incurable? Having that cellphone is FAR more important than living. After all, it can be buried with you when you die from carcinoma! You can talk on it in the afterlife with unlimited minutes!
And what if you talk on it more than it's on your waist? Perhaps you will earn a nice, fat carcinoma growth behind your ear where the antenna is, along with extra free time in the afterlife! [dummies become what stupid is]
* And while your busy irradiating your precious bodily cells with your phone's microwave radiation you *think* you can't live without - it's so comforting to know that the microphone can be silently turned on silently just like the other one in your car. And all the while you are incrementally getting sicker each day from the exposure, and paying for it to boot! Ain't life great? Start dialing to keep that transmitter on! [dummies become what stupid is]
My favorite? People living in the northeast and other cold climates who buy a boat that costs as much as their home. But they can only put it in the water and enjoy it about 3-4 months out of the entire year, even though they will pay on it all year long like a mortgage, with insurance and registration. Today people are paying more than $4.00 per gallon for gas at a marina. No domestic vehicle on the road gets worse mileage than a boat - at about 2 gallons to the mile or even worse! And the best part? It doesn't increase in value - instead the value drops like a rock thrown from a bridge. They quickly tire of this economic black hole and put a sign on it out on the front yard, or list it in the paper for sale.
I think this is enough to get the point across. Common sense hasn't just slowly disappeared. It's packed up and left the universe, perhaps for good.
Could there be a walking, mumbling, muttering, stammering dictator-slash-idiot somewhere forming a festering, puss-filled boil on the backside of humanity who is *behind* much of this? If so - what is it doing right now as you read this?
Maybe it's the dictator who's holding down those handles in the world bucket...
Now who could that be?
You'll have to use your cellphone to find out...!
Ted Twietmeyer



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