A Definitive Immigration Policy
By Frosty Wooldridge

America suffers its greatest crisis since the Civil War. "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. We are met on a great battlefield of that war testing whether that nation or any nation can long endure."
You've read or memorized Lincoln's Gettysburg address. It stood as the definitive mandate for our country in 1865. Lincoln died for his efforts, yet the nation lived. Men and women perished in terrible battles that pitted brothers against brothers and sisters against sisters. In their time, it was states rights and slavery.
Today, in America, our second greatest crisis stems from an endless line of invading illegal aliens crashing our borders from Mexico and around the world. In recent months, they marched for legalizing anarchy and their lawless actions. Their numbers grow and our citizens diminish against the onslaught as our elected leaders work for illegality, for anarchy and in favor for illegal aliens. Some of our greatest national leaders such as Senator McCain, Specter, Hagel, Frist and a slew of others voted against the U.S. Constitution by their actions in supporting Senate Bill 2611. George Bush supports it against 85 percent of the American electorate. Bush aims to destroy the middle class. He's doing it on purpose because he represents big business. He's doing it because he is a globalist. He intends to destroy the borders of our country. It is wrong, illegal, unjust, against American citizenship, against legal immigration and a desecration of our rule of law. It stands against every American by provoking and supporting lawlessness. It accepts anarchy as mainstream. Senate Bill 2611 stands against H.R. 4437, which Americans demanded.
The greatest disconnect of American citizens from their leaders wraps itself in the fraud of Senate Bill 2611. Not only will it pound America into the ground with 100 million more people from out of country, it will devastate our sustainability, language, culture, cohesiveness, schools and national fabric. The immigration amnesty of 1986 became a dismal failure which created the 20 million more illegals we suffer today. It allowed the rich and super rich to buy off our leaders as well as degrade our immigration laws or make sure none were/are enforced.
Why is it that Americans know what is best for their country but their leaders stand corrupt in the eyes of history? Why won't this president and Congress write and enforce a simple, straight-forward immigration policy?
Calie Stephens of Dallas, Texas wrote Bill # 1 USA for a definite immigration policy supported by Americans. How can we stop this invasion? It's as simple as the nose on your face.
1. Station 20,000 military troops on the southern border of the United States with Mexico. Remove troops from Europe, South Korea or other non-critical areas of the world. Troops must be in place no later than one month after passage of Bill # 1. Once all troops are in place, immediately stop all illegal entry into the United States. Begin construction of a series of actual and virtual fencing to allow for the eventual reduction of manpower necessary to prevent illegal entry. As soon as possible, begin training border agents to replace military troops.
2. Give all illegal aliens already in the United States no more than six months to register with I.C.E. They will be photographed, finger-printed and under go a criminal background check.
a, If they pass the criminal background check and have proof of employment, they will be issued a tamper-proof identification card and a two year work visa.
b, If they fail the criminal background check, they will be deported to their native land.
3. After six months has passed, anyone who does not have proof or a tamper-proof identification card and a work visa will be detained, photographed, finger-printed and deported to their native country.
a, If the illegal who is deported ever enters the United States again, he or she will be sent to federal prison for a mandatory term of three years with no chance of parole. The term will be doubled each time the illegal re-enters the United States.
4. Any employer who hires anyone who does not have proof of citizenship or a tamper-proof identification care and a work visa will be fined $10,000.00 per occurrence. Repeated employer violations will be subject to criminal penalties, including prison.
5. All existing citizens will be issued a tamper-proof ID card.
6. Pass a law or a constitutional amendment that prevents children of illegals from gaining citizenship of the United States.
7. Two years after the initial securing of the southern border, as work visa expires, the immigrant must return to his or her native country.
8. If during the term of his two-year work visa, the immigrant was not convicted of any crime and has proof of employment awaiting him in the United States, he may apply for permission to re-enter the United States on a new two year work visa.
9. No one will be allowed to apply for American citizenship while in the United States. Applications for citizenship must be made from applicant's native country. They must read and speak English fluently for entry as a worker.
10. Anyone not in the United States can apply for a two year work visa. Visas will be issued if applicant passes a criminal background check, has proof employment awaiting him in the United States and meets other requirements yet to be determined.
11. Any non-citizen who works in the United States will pay all taxes currently being paid by citizens except security taxes. He will not be able to collect social security benefits based on his employment while a non-citizen.
12. Any amendments or changes cannot extend the length of Bill # 1 USA beyond one page.
13. Anyone who wants to become an American citizen must apply in his/her country and wait in line for the 100,000 slots annually that will allow a stable U.S. society. Anyone who is convicted of a crime will not be allowed citizenship.
This stands as the template for a definitive immigration policy. It's simple common sense, realistic and easily workable and fair to all Americans and anyone who wants to work in our country.
In the meantime, join,, to become part of the counter critical mass of Americans taking action. Illegals can march and wave the Mexican flag. We're preparing to send every senator who voted for 2611 into the political unemployment line along with all the Jack Abramoffs who bought them off. "These men shall not have died in vainthis nation will find a new birth of freedom."
As the Paul Revere Riders throttle their iron horses across America, please organize rallies at your capitol. Thus far, we've reached 10 million on Fox News TV and 20 other shows. Twenty newspapers and 20 radio shows interviewed us. Hundreds of people and bikes have met us in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. Go to the website and support the team by ordering the T-shirts.
Please send donations to: "21st Century Paul Revere Rider" c/o Wooldridge, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. Every dollar goes into our gas tanks and expenses as we power our machines through 48 states and 17,000 miles. We expect to reach 100 million Americans with the action letter that empowers every American in effective action. Tonight, we're camped out in the California redwoods. The campfire burns and smoke curls into a starlit sky. The giant trees, growing since Biblical times, reassure us that wisdom perseveres throughout the ages. Call Howard Wooldridge as you organize bikers and rallies in your state. Ph. 817 975 1110.
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