Morgellons Watch...
Disinfo, Drugs & Destiny!

by Cliff Mickelson

Hi Jeff -
It is well known that, in a desperate effort to combat the debilitating effects of Morgellons, many sufferers, (Not unlike a great number of other Americans) have turned to a variety of drugs in order to continue to function on a day to day basis. In many cases this is a necessity if the victim wishes to maintain the vitality required to support themselves in the workaday world...
Most of these drugs, (such as Ritilan, Prozac, etc.) are prescribed by doctors.
A few are not...(Uppers, such as street methamphetamine)
Metabolism boosting drugs are a two-edged sword when applied in this venue. It is interesting to note that, besides often serving to artificially suppress the immune system, the class of amphetamines, as well as many other legal prescription drugs, also jack up the metabolism.
And...Here's the irony of it all... This situation becomes a win/win scenario for the Morgellons pathogen.
The Morgellons entity thrives by siphoning the energy of its host. The more the host metabolism is jacked, the more the creature is enabled to proliferate!
It matters not a whit to the organism whether the energy it is siphoning comes from artificial, inflationary sources or organic ones. In point of fact, the thing appears to be some sort of very efficient energy vampire.
The end result is the further and complete debilitation of the host.
Sadly, the metabolism "boost" issue remains one of the least recognized keys to the Morgellons highway!
It is true that all of the aforementioned class of drugs, as well as a variety of others, appear to work as a quick fix for the brain fog and chronic fatigue of Morgellons.
But grounds now exist to suspect that when dealing with the fiber disease, drugs may be, (In the end) comparable to putting water on a grease fire. Folks just haven't realized that yet.
Should modern drugs fail us in the war against this new and ominous plague, then could it be that at long last, a technology such as that developed by Royal Rife in the 1920s will be called upon to shatter the glass onion that is the mystery of Morgellons?
One other related note to consider:
When this affliction finally does force itself into the mainstream consciousness, (Which it soon will) we can expect a concerted and determined effort to shoe-horn it into a pre-existing and already defined parameter. Doing so will enable the Mainstream to quantify it without having to be forced to peek at the scary monsters outside the box. (See "Inside The Box" below.)
This Hob's labor will require disenfranchising all prior work on the subject, redefining the pathogenic nature of the affliction as charted to date, and denigrating and minimizing those who have participated in any and all such work.
The PTB effort to reinvent Morgellons is already under way in its embryonic stages.
Lyme diagnosis and even DOP diagnosis are semi- conscious, disjointed, and/or crude subconscious examples of this matrix as it begins to form. The sudden spate of hunter-killer web sites and contemptable personal disinfo attacks are another harbinger of powerful forces with something to hide.
Due to the potentially revolutionary implications of this affliction we can expect such efforts to become more shrill, cunning, and vicious as the affliction gains a grudging, wider, recognition.
Mainstream denial is more than just a river in Africa. Its currents run swift and deep. Once forced to accept the existence of Morgellons, expect an all out attempt by the PTB at exclusion, disenfranchisement and a born again neo-exclusivity.
In other words they will attempt to hijack, own, and redefine, not only the disease, but the social perception of its "nature and morphology."
This usurpation requires casting the messengers into the proverbial Well. In so doing, it becomes possible to subtly force the disease to fit within non-threatening and acceptable parameters that have been preconceived or prepared for it. It will have been sanitized and defanged.
Of course such undertakings are naturally a colorized and warped bastardization of the true reality of the affliction we both know, the human perception of reality is a subjective beast and will generally trot down the path where those who sit in the saddle, direct it to go.
We must be prepared to blunt this coming attack on the nature of the reality of this affliction or we will find ourselves hard up on a rock in the rapids of Mainstream de' Nile!
Those who do not define and empower their own destiny as it pertains to this issue will soon find it defined and scripted for them.
We must not allow the reality that is the true nature of this affliction to be diagnosed for us. We fail in this task at our peril and at the cost of our health and lives.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) and more specifically, regarding "tactile, feeling sensations on your skin that aren't really there, such as the feeling of bugs crawling on you": Psychotic Disorders at ALLPSYCH Online - Delusional/Psychotic )
IF THERE IS NO INSURANCE CODE into which the medical practitioner can "slot" a does not exist. .It appears that if it isn't in the insurance "codes" currently, it does not exist except as a Dilusional Psyciatric Disorder. The DSMIV gives medical practitioners all the insurance codes for "diagnosis" of a psyciatric disorder .



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