A Conspiracy Most Foul
By Ted Lang
© 2004-2005 All Rights Reserved

It may be thought to have started with the appearance from nowhere of one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, promoted by the House of Rothschild-Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission for ascension to the American presidency.  His legacy is that of having been postured into the spotlight as the president that defiled the Oval Office.  But the demise of the American republic reaches back even further into the long forgotten past of our failed American republic than that well-planned international embarrassment.
Think for just a moment.  As someone once said, "Everything in politics is planned," and recognizing as well the now-out-of-the-closet agenda of the House of Rothschild-Rockefeller's New World Order, which is in the process of being implemented by the crime-ridden, corrupt, deadly and dangerous Bush regime, can anyone seriously believe that the international "banksters" [Henry Makow] didn't know about Clinton's uncontrollable sexual escapades and misadventures?  Don't you think Rothschild-Rockefeller and their Trilateral Commission that sponsored Clinton knew about his past?  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they, through one of their imbedded agents in his administration, didn't orchestrate the public exposure of low-life Clinton and his Monica.  And let's not forget about Clinton's involvement in the AIDS-contaminated Canadian blood shipments or his involvement with the Mena Airport illegal drug operations.
What was the result?  Think of the "Clinton legacy" which even pill-popping fathead Rush Limbaugh would agree with.  How could the President of the United States possibly unilaterally abolish the rules of engagement established by the Geneva Conventions?  How could the President of the United States authorize torture, and Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo, and "renditioning," and authorize the internationally-banned napalm and white phosphorus mass murders of the hapless, unarmed and non-belligerent innocent citizens of Fallujah in retaliation for the "murders" of four invading American mercenaries?  How could an idiotic buffoon with an alcohol and drug-damaged brain, incapable of speaking either intelligently or extemporaneously, become president of this once-great nation and republic?  How could such a treasonous moron erase America's Bill of Rights and the Constitution's protection of habeas corpus?  Think of the Clinton legacy!  The stature of America's presidency no longer exists.  There is neither a moral pedestal of ethics or honor!
Bush continues to surround himself with immoral brain-damaged morons and highly decorated and credentialed sub-cretins.  Look at "General" Hayden, a four star idiot and formerly head of the NSA [Nazi Security Agency].  Why Nazi?  Think for just a moment.  Could Hitler have used such a guy?  Check it out.  This highly positioned perfumed military prince, who's great at following orders and very short on morals and totally devoid of any grasp of the United States Constitution as evidenced by his dispute with a reporter concerning the concept of probable cause as presented in the Fourth Amendment, holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in American History.  Isn't it clear how such an unprincipled moron fits right in with Bush?  Think of the brainless money launderer and swindler John Bolton, now rattling nuclear missiles at the UN for the Bush crime machine.  Bush surrounds himself with criminals and morons with lots of closeted skeletons ­ they'll never rat on him or cross him for fear of in-kind retaliation.   
The appearance of the USA PATRIOT Act only 45 days after 9-11 is powerful testimony and evidence that that horrific and egregious act of war was perpetrated by the government of the United States against its own people.  Think of both the individual who gave the order and the arch criminal that depressed the red button that slaughtered over 2,700 New Yorkers, almost 200 lives more than the death toll of our American military needlessly sent to their deaths by Bush and his secret cabal of neocon war criminals as at the time of this writing.  Think of the naïve yet courageous, brave and dedicated firemen who raced up those stairs fully realizing the possibility of their imminent deaths doing so in an almost totally futile attempt to save lives.  What chance did they have against Bush and his cold-blooded killers? 
Think of these Bush murderers every time you hear or see the term "9/11."  The Bush crowd planned it and did it.  And every day, more evidence comes out reinforcing this horrendous accusation.  But the facts surrounding the act itself are now being focused on even more than the weakening "conspiracy theory" dismissals formerly successfully leveled at the messengers and now augmenting their credibility all the more by the deafening silence and complicity of the mass media.
American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century produced the logical madness required to convert this, the vilest criminal act ever perpetrated on an innocent and unsuspecting people who were just going about their business and daily routines in what was formerly the world's greatest bastion of individual freedom, only to be cremated alive, blown to unrecognizable pieces, forced to jump from the highest floors of Larry Silverstein's leased towers of death from the Bloomberg-connected Port Authority properties so well insured, to what now succeeds as the most dastardly deed ever perpetrated by government in all the annals of Mankind.  It was designed to anger US all and to demand retaliation against anyone G. Bush deemed culpable.
I charge the Bush administration with full responsibility in this planned, international criminal act of war by a government against its own people to justify the crime of launching a false war of invasion against an innocent people.  Perhaps Hussein was a tyrant and a monster, but neither is it the responsibility nor the charge of the government of the United States to sit in judgment or to take human life based upon opinion or political expediency.  And having been convinced unswervingly of this despicable treason, I now combine with this charge also the deliberate missile shoot-down by our government of TWA Flight 800, and the sabotage of American Airlines Flight 587 over Queens, New York, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing.
As an aviation buff albeit a total amateur, my limited knowledge serves well enough to know that the government's otherwise hilariously concocted story of a spark from a wire in the 747's gas tank as cause of TWA's demise is easily the stupidest and most asinine load of bullshit I've ever heard uttered by a living element of humanity.  How many 747s have flown and were brought down by such a failure of mechanism so easily preventively engineered by the world's master aircraft builders?  Boeing engineers and corporate leaders remained silent to avoid retaliation in the form of lost government contracts. 
And live televised interviews of witnesses to the downing of Flight AA587 were bleeped off the air at two different times and on two different mainstream television channels.  What did they see that the FBI didn't want Americans to know about?  Obviously, FBI goons hung around each television crew, and when live witnesses gave their accounts, the goons used concealed powerful electronic devices to garble the audio transmissions.  But how did they know to be there if the government was not also involved in this "terrorist attack" as well?  And why did head FBI agent James Kallstrom have a reporter physically removed from a TWA 800 press session when the latter voiced missile hit "theories?"  Even Matt Drudge aired TWA 800 witnesses on his Sunday night ABC radio show, but the Masters of the Media "let it die on the vine."
Why did the office staff of the BATF not show up for work on the day of the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995?  Why did a newly-appointed attorney general John Ashcroft work feverishly to stay Timothy McVeigh's impending execution, and then, abruptly change his mind?  From this observer's point of view, Ashcroft was innocently hoping to get more information out of McVeigh when the attorney general was made to reconsider "reality" as dictated by the Clinton-Bush crime machine.
Indisputably, all of these minor factoids involving world-shattering events are singularly insignificant; but when taken together, and contrasted to the increasingly provable prima facie evidence of a Bush regime inside job on September 11, 2001, an unmistakable pattern of a "War OF Terror" is surfacing to justify the continued wars of imperial conquest in the Middle East and the suspension of human rights here in America to usher in the New World Order via Bush's launching of the North American Union.  The latter is now out in the open for all to see who wish to see.  Those who refuse to see should be shunned, avoided and written off as mindless insects disguised as humans.  Perhaps a new name should be accorded to them ascribable as being many notches below their former designation as "sheeple."  We'll call just call them all "dittoheads!"
The very thin and frayed thread of legitimacy keeping the crime-ridden, corrupt, deadly and dangerous Bush regime in power are the Jewish Masters of the Media as offered by American Free Press, their religion keeping them loyal to Israel and AIPAC.  The latter are extremely dependent upon the success of the Bush crime machine's efforts to give them total hegemony over the petroleum affairs of every Arab nation whose oil we are so sorely dependent on.  Bush's policy successes in his arena can easily be evaluated via the ever-increasing and spiraling prices at the nation's gas pumps.
Look at the protective, spiked MSM laundry list growing longer by the day along with Israeli puppet Bush's razor beak: protection of Willie Clinton's presidential papers requiring modifications of FOIA; legitimization of mass murder, torture and illegal kidnappings; illegal arrests and detentions; the incumbency protection act [Campaign Finance Reform]; WMDs; regime change; September 20, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefs of August 6th
and September 20th
, 2001; The Downing Street Memo; Pentagon's falsified casualty reports; Bush's attacks on the international press; the hundreds of checkpoint massacres by US troops of innocent Iraqis, some of entire families; the Plame outing; Bohemian Grove; the firing of General Eric Shinseki; the memos subsequent to Downing proving Blair-Bush conspiracy to initiate a false flag incident involving Saddam; the silencing of and threats to Sibel Edmonds; the "treaty" creating the North American Union, and much more yet to come.
The Jewish corporate, establishment mainstream media is the only thing keeping the Bush criminals operational.  Should the general population of the United States finally be convinced that the unthinkable actually happened, Bush and his criminals would be toast.  The Congress is in fear because they know Bush could order a nuclear strike against America and blame it on them for being "soft" on terrorism thereby causing the event.  Congress must, therefore, be completely circumvented as an initiator for remedy.
Remedy must originate through precisely the same fired-up emotionalism that launched Bush's lousy war ­ the people must become so angry, that Bush wouldn't dare try another stateside mass murder false-flag terrorist operation.  And the anger of an informed populace would motivate the American Congress of Cowards.  Can a way to do this be devised in spite of the complicity with Bush's agenda of even the most prominent websites of the Alternative Media that acquired their power and prestige by helping agitate and discredit the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton?  Wasn't it shilling for the GOP that not only propped up Bush and his New World Order, but continues to neutralize any and all attempts to remove the worst traitor in American history from the White House now?
Until the American people become fully informed about the truth concerning this criminal machine, the thread by which this regime continues to exist will hold.  Those that have tried to warn the people have been short-circuited: Sibel Edmonds, Cindy Sheehan, Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner, and on and on.  But the MSM is being increasingly recognized for the real threat to America that it now has become.  Its credibility is evaporating.  And Bush has just trespassed against both party lines by renouncing America and embracing the North American Union of the New World Order.  He is now more vulnerable than ever.
 © THEODORE E. LANG 6/22/06 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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