Chamish - The Vatican
Wins The Oslo War
The Vatican Wins The Oslo War

By Barry Chamish

My heart breaks as Israel loses the war. But her crooked leaders are doing wonders for the New World Order. Now the Vatican gets in its dibs and a new trade bloc is in formation.
While the rockets fly, the US and Kuwait sign a free trade agreement. So so Dubai, Bahrain and Jordan. And did anyone notice that America no longer patrols Afghanistan? NATO has taken the reins.
Not ten years ago, PM Shimon Peres was tired of the Grapes Of Wrath mini-war and put an end to it with an attack on Kana which killed 100 and brought international troops to Lebanon. The week before, the leaders of the NWO met in Rome under the kind but stern guidance of Condeleeza Rice. They decided to put in Lebanon International Troops...someday. A second Kana bombing, no matter who was responsible, gave Peres another chance to bring back his buddies, the French. Yes, it was decided that French troops would form the majority of the contingent.
And are they balanced:
* At the news conference held in Beirut, French Foreign Minister Phillippe Douste-Blazy praised Iran as a "stabilizing force in the Middle East." Douste-Blazy told reporters that Iran "is an outstanding country with great people and an honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region."
* This whole awful war was designed to get those Vatican soldiers into Israel and given another few weeks of rocket attacks, barring a nuke on Teheran, Israelis will lift their arms and beg for any troops, anywhere, just to get a night's peace. Even in Jerusalem.
A few nights ago, I was almost back in Israel. A brilliant researcher, who, yes indeed, demands recognition, Kati Cohen, called me and let me have a 90 blast of her research. She began easy; "You were right about Daniel Abraham and this dreadful man Joel running Yeshiva U. They brought in half the Vatican to YU to supposedly discuss anti-semitism with their rabbis. That wasn't the discussion. They wanted "their" land and that meant Jerusalem."
It was 102 degrees in America, the fields were dessicated by the minute and I was back in corrupt Israel. I was home. Abraham almost cost Olmert his "honesty," he writes with a broad smirk, by passing him a couple of spare million dollars, by buying his home for 2.5 times its value in the midst of the election campaign. And that, lesser crime, tied Shimon Peres up with Olmert more than politically. Abraham is a valued member of the milestone to money laundering, the Shimon Peres Peace Center.
And Peres, the Vatican's chief spy along with Yossi Beilin, is now number two in Israel, an apt number if there was one. And all those crooks and murderers who caused the war, Peres, Barak, Beilin, are they strung from the highest oak tree in the land? Of course, not! They go to cabinet meetings and decide how to kill the most Israelis in one day.
Kati goes on, and I'm now taking notes. It's just like being in Modiin.
"Peres promised the pope East Jerusalem in May of 1992 and the Vatican wants to cash in now. But Sharon wasn't playing ball. In July of last year he actually banned diplomacy with the Vatican. So the Vatican tried working around him. In September they invited both Israeli chief rabbis to Rome to threaten the Jews if the holy sites of Jerusalem weren't handed over to them. In November, they hatched the Mount Zion plot, trading a Spanish church for the Last Supper room. President Katsav flew to the Vatican but Sharon still said no.
"Finally they knew Sharon had to go. Enter the apostolic nuncio Pietro Sambi. He plotted with Peres to finish Sharon and possibly supplied the poison Sharon drank in his final meeting with Peres on Dec. 18. On thing is certain, 18 hours before, after 8 1/2 years in Jerusalem, Sambi flew out for a new assignment in Washington.
"Once Olmert and Peres won the election, Peres flew to the Vatican taking with him a letter from Olmert to the pope. No one will say what was in the letter, but you can be sure he promised the pope "his land" and the war drastic enough to give it to him."
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