Morgellons - Insect Vectors,
Chemtrails, Paranoia Smearing

By Edward Spencer

Yesterday, I went to UC Davis to inquire about electron microscopy Today, I visited Ginger Savely, Nurse Practioner, in SF. Ms. Savely treats a large number of Morgellons patients and is extremely knowledgeable.
The fibers are extremely tough and difficult to pull out. They appear in several colors, red, blue, black and clear Radionucleotide brain scans reveal patchy decreased blood flow consistent with feeling of fatigue and confusion. Pulling on a fiber produces a feeling that a network under the skin is being pulled. One can use a hand-held, lighted, 30 power microscope from Radio Shack to examine the skin.
Treatment, consisting of antibiotics and anti-fungal medication, helps rapidly but the disorder is not eliminated. Some patients have disfiguring raw lesions. I saw a striking photo of a pretty young woman, before and after.
One should keep in mind the fact that the Center For Disease Control has stonedwalled the patients, including MDs and nurses, and a disinformation site, Morgellons Watch, has been created to discredit sufferers of this disorder. The itching is extreme and thoughts of suicide are common.
The use of the word "paranoid" in disinformation is common. It is a common ploy to say that anyone who says that something very strange is going on, is crazy. This applies to Morgellons...and to political situations. The Dark Forest of Paranoia and Conspiracy has been created in the public mind to dissuade inquiring souls from looking under the rocks, for fear of being labeled kooks.
Anecdotal data indicates that prior to getting Morgellons, people and entire families experience attacks from fleas, lice, ticks, massive mosquito swarms, bed bugs and other things usually missing from middle class life. Parasites not usually seen on humans may infest the skin.
What is the relation of Chemtrail aerosol sprays to Morgellons? I don't know of any proof, but the Air Force, FAA, government agencies, etc. have denied the existence of Chemtrails from the beginning. There are unconfirmed reports that Lyme can be spread from chemtrails.
With the possibility of Morgellons being spread by a host of insect vectors - lice, fleas, etc. - one wonders if this disorder which probably represents several similar pathogens, is a man-created disease designed to reduce the population.
If aerosol sprays infect insect vectors, which then infect humans, the entire surface of the earth might have been made, or is in the process of being made, uninhabitable for human beings unless those human beings are protected by specific unknown (to us) agents or vaccines. If Laura Bush started sprouting how would she be treated?



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