Bush In Budapest
By Karl W B Schwarz

George W. Bush is now in Budapest to do photo ops regarding the 1956 Hungarian uprising against the USSR.  For those that are not history buffs, our CIA played a role in instigating that uprising and then the U.S. turned their backs on the Hungarians while the Iron Boots of the USSR harshly clamped down on Hungary.  The rest of Europe turned their backs on the Hungarians too and they still remember that here in the land of the Magyars.
The man has to be one of the most paranoid presidents we have ever had.  The area around the Hotel Corvinus Kempinski and Le Meridien is cordoned off with fences, concrete barricades and over 100 Budapest police and police cars.  Additionally, Budapest is totally disrupted with major metro stops boarded off, key streets blocked off, and a lot of very bored looking policemen that have been called upon to provide security for one of the least popular presidents our nation has ever had.
That Bush is here to "honor" the 50
th Anniversary of an uprising that the U.S. turned its back on is not lost on many who live here and are old enough to remember.  What they remember is that the U.S. is for democracy and freedom when it serves U.S. purposes and special interests, not because another people yearn to be free.
You are about to read about the fallacy of national security regarding our US embassy in Budapest, yet with Bush here the Ugly American is truly in Budapest and the people here resent it.  I have yet to find anyone who welcomes his visit to Hungary.
It sort of reminds me of when I still lived in Little Rock on the Chenal Valley golf course and Clinton would come to town.  They shut down the entire golf course while that duffer showed all of us what a pathetic golfer he is while at the same time all residents around the golf course were treated badly by the Secret Service agents guarding one of America's worst golfers.
So, this morning Budapest time I am going to put on my "International Terrorist" t-shirt that has Bush's photo and go visit those hotels and one of the key photo ops Mr. Bush has planned for today to further diminish his pathetic resume and presidential legacy.  I am being interviewed by a local newspaper so there may be more developing on this story.
Post Script:  I was able to walk all the way around the facilities and take photos.  However, once his limousine was due to depart a Hungarian police car came screeching up to me and three police officers confronted me.  I was walking towards the intersection that the procession had to pass.
I passed over 5,000 people this morning and many of them looked at the International Terrorist t-shirt and smiled in a friendly manner at me.  Only one person glared and that was a U.S. Secret Service agent.  Several Hungarians and people of other nationalities looked but apparently could not understand the words in English.
They demanded to see my identification so I gave them my U.S. passport and advised that I was unarmed, except for my camera.
One of the officers radioed in to see if there were any warrants on me while the other two talked with me.  These other two liked the t-shirt but could not openly discuss in front of their superior officer.  It does not take much of a check on me to find out that I meet with their government and government labs on a regular basis, and who I meet with are also not fond of Bush or the Neocons.
It seems that even here in Budapest, George W. Bush is afraid to let his eyes fall on anything that might remind him of this gross misconduct.  Even here in Hungary, free speech and demonstrating against the lunacies of our president have to occur outside of his field of view just as in America.  Our Secret Service agents are part of this delusion that all is hunky-dory in Bush-land while most Americans know the opposite it true.
Our nation and this world have serious problems and the last thing we need is a fantasyland president afraid to come to grips with his own misconduct.  Only George W. Bush is responsible for his resume and how history will remember him.  My bet is he will be remembered as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents in the history of the United States.  A great statesman he is not; merely a dime a dozen politician whose word is fallow and mere dirt.  A mere coward that cannot stand to face anything that is a reminder of his actions.
The Hungarians I have met eagerly await his departure.
Many of you probably recall that I am out of the United States on business, so this report is from the field so to speak and first hand from Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria.  George Bush is scheduled to arrive in Budapest today and will be meeting with the newly elected government in Hungary on Thursday.  I have decided to go be in the area and show the Hungarians what Americans think of George W. Bush and his bogus policies, bogus war on terror and idiotic policies.
For example, the dollar is now trading at .71 against the Euro and that is a massive slide in value just during this year.  Those Americans that are traveling in Europe, such as me, are being hammered on exchange rates that are hitting home very hard.  That has changed from .78 to .71 in just the past 10-12 days.  For every $1,000 U.S. dollars that is a move the produces 710 Euros instead of 780 euros.
I have seen some things here that are proof positive that the Bush-concocted Global War on Terror is a complete sham, fraud, and lie upon the American people.
What I am going to share with you below I witnessed with my own eyes when I visited the United States embassy in Budapest, Hungary to process a visitor's visa to the United States for my lady.  She carries a Russian passport but has permanent resident status in Budapest and regularly travels to France, Spain, Monaco, Austria, Italy, and even back home to Russia to see her son, mother, sister and other relatives.
Now, imagine this scenario as I walk you through what I saw.
In America, American mushrooms think that Ole GW and his band of Merry Terrorist Fighters are defending freedom, liberty and the good ole US of A, but this picture might put that pretense into a different light for you or anyone that reads this email.
The United States Embassy in Budapest is on Szabadzag Ter and literally fronts on a plaza / park area that has an obelisk monument to the Russian people (who occupied Hungary during the Cold War).  It is sort of a short version of the Washington Monument that is maybe 40 feet tall rather than the over 600 feet tall that is in Washington, DC in the middle of the Capitol Mall.
American Citizen Services, U.S. Embassy
Szabadság tér 12.
H-1054 Budapest
The fence protecting our "Endangered Embassy" could be kicked down by me or any other healthy person weighing over 150 pounds.  A lightly "armored" VW bug could flatten the fence with the greatest of ease.  It is metal with legs and is not anchored into the pavement or concrete.  The British Embassy on the other hand has very heavy duty bollards, concrete barriers and devices to stop cars from pulling up at the front door unless approved for passage.
There are no armed guards defending the United States Embassy, or freedom and democracy for that matter.
Due to the "National Security Status" in America they want the sheeple and mushrooms to think that all over the world they are diligently defending freedom and protecting America.  Don't believe it folks for it just is not so.  The Austrian Embassy and British Embassy had far tighter security and scrutiny than our poor defenseless embassy bureaucrats in Budapest.
You have to walk way out of your way to get into the right position to enter the "gate".  When you walk up and show your American passport, do not be stunned to learn that the folks you are talking to are Hungarians that speak English, not Americans that speak Hungarian.  I hope you read that right because this story gets much more interesting and revealing.
I cannot say for you, but I saw with my own eyes that Hungarians do not care as much about AMERICA or the sovereign territory of the US Embassy as US citizens and embassy employees would.
Since the Hungarian government is one of our "GWOT Buddies" is does not take training at the CIA Farm to deduce that any US Embassy located in any nation that is part of this grand charade coalition that Bush, Cheney, et al dreamed up would be a target for any terrorist if the GWOT matter were more fact than fiction.
The problem is the GWOT is more fiction than fact with the sole exception being that Bush is making enemies every second of every day for America.  We will have to deal with his stupidity for at least the next 20-30 years probably.
I will be in Budapest when Bush visits the new government and might just drop by and witness this fraud in action in Hungary.  I am sure one of the things they will want to discuss is that the Taszar AFB southwest of Budapest will continue to be used to train Iraqi Kill Squads and probably used as one of the CIA illegal prisons that our government pretends do not exist.
Taszar AFB is one of the sites that my company was considering for location of a major carbon nanotube production facility until we were told that that US Government had leased the premises for use in this bogus Global War on Terror.  After the US leased the facility matters there were Top Secret so we had to eliminate that site as a potential consideration.
President Bush to Visit Budapest, Hungary
Office of the Press Secretary, The White House
June 8, 2006
President Bush will visit Budapest, Hungary for a bilateral program on June 22, 2006, following his participation in the U.S.-European Union Summit in Vienna, Austria. In Budapest, the President will celebrate Hungary's historic sacrifices in the name of freedom by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, underscore the success of the U.S.-European partnership in securing freedom in the region, and highlight the lessons offered from Hungary's successful transition from tyranny to free-market democracy.
Hungary is a close NATO ally, sharing its experiences with emerging democracies and committed to the war on terror. Hungary has made important contributions in support of democracy and security in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The President looks forward to the opportunity to continue his discussions on our transatlantic agenda with President Laszlo Solyom and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany.
When my Russian lady and I entered the building we were screened by a Hungarian that speaks English, not an American that speaks Hungarian.
After walking through that pointless exercise, we went through a heavy metal and glass door and there was a machine that had three choices:
Non-immigrant visas
Immigrant visas
American Citizen Services
We selected option one since the reason for our visit was to start the paperwork for a visitor visa for my Russian lady so she could see what her life would look like in America, at least that part of it that she and I spend in America.  I was just there to assist and I did not need any American Citizen Services, or so I thought.
Our number was "129", but when we entered the waiting room they were processing numbers "476" through "514" and we witnessed what had every appearance of being a charade, a paper chase, even hints of a Chinese Fire Drill.  Maybe Hungarian Fire Drill is more appropriate since I was the only American I encountered at the US Embassy in Budapest.
Those higher numbers, all of them, were Hungarian citizens trying to leave Hungary and move to the United States.  The people even included elderly couples that were obviously retired and desiring to move to the United States.
My Russian lady and I were the only people there for a visitor's visa, so I guess Disney World can expect a drop in business this summer. 
Outside there were over 100 people standing in line, also waiting to get into the embassy and start their paperwork on immigrant visas to the United States.
We waited for over an hour before our number was called and then it was only called when I presented ­ for the third time ­ MY U.S. PASSPORT and told them maybe I should have pushed option 3 for US CITIZEN SERVICES.
Much to my surprise, every one of the persons behind the windows were Hungarians that speak English and not Americans that speak Hungarian.  The Hungarians did not seem to realize that this was sovereign US territory and my US passport does in fact carry weight there ­ SUPPOSEDLY.
Many of these Hungarian citizens were paying out significant funds as part of their immigrant visa applications.  I did not want to start a ruckus by telling all of them they should just fly to Mexico City and just walk right in.  That would be cheaper and a more sure fired way for them to come to America.  Only about 1 in 100 immigrant visa applications in Hungary are approved or even have a chance of being approved.  My bet is if they fly to Mexico City about 999 of every 1,000 Hungarians would make it to America.
It is just a way for our sleazy government to pick the pockets of Hungarians as they walk in and pay what amounts to a Punishment Fee for applying to move to America.  Most of these folks do not have much money and they walk out of the US Embassy much poorer and little hope of being approved.  My bet is there is a kick back agreement with someone in the Hungarian government that gets part of this slush fund and the hapless Hungarians are probably put on a watch list of some sort.
There is a Visa Application Fee involved in getting my Russian lady a visitor's visa, but we were informed that the Embassy does not allow that to be paid at the embassy.  Just like the Hungarian security guards and the Hungarian paper peddling bureaucrats inside, they have farmed out the interview process to some Hungarian insider that is cozy with the Bush Administration.  My bet is if one were to dig out the truth, the same group of persons that leased the Taszar AFB to our government are also lining their pockets at the expense of these Hungarians that are trying to immigrate to America.
You read that right, everything involving immigration to the US or visiting the US has been farmed out to Hungarians.  It poses the question of whose minding the store?
It was also interesting to watch that my Russian lady and I were shaken down by the guards screening us to get into the building (and me being a United States citizen without question) and they were not subjecting the Hungarians they were checking to the same level of scrutiny.  GO FIGURE!
The instruction forms state that one can walk in with completed application forms but we were advised that we had to call 06-90-507-507 and schedule an appointment for her to be interviewed, by a Hungarian.  Now, they have made this secure because that telephone number is only available in Hungary, cannot be called from a cell phone or a pay phone.  Only a land line will do, but one can call this number until you melt the copper line or overheat the fiber optics and not get an answer.  They charge 360 Forints a minute, which is slightly under $2 US dollars a minute for a local call.
My Russian lady has permanent residence status in Hungary, but neither that nor my US Passport were of any use facing this gaggle of Hungarians that our US Embassy has running the paper chase in Budapest.
Stay tuned ­ we might just put a diamond ring on her finger, say our "I dos" and tell the US Embassy and their Hungarian pocket pickers to stick it.
You can imagine my surprise to enter an US embassy and not an American in sight and definitely no American Citizen Services.
Maybe we have outsourced US National Security too?
In closing, we easily got a visa for her to visit Austria and Italy with me and currently meeting with their governments and scientists on nanotechnology matters and my company.  Also, I have been asking around in Budapest and George W. Bush is not liked and not welcome in their nation.  Everyone I have spoken to is offended that he is coming over there to inform their new coalition government as to what the United States expects.
Maybe the Hungarians will refer Bush to the American Citizen Services section of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest.  That would be fitting.
Best regards,



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