By Barry Chamish

I actually quite love my ex-wife Sasha. As a wife she wasn't verygood. She spread terrible lies about me that I had to fight to save my good name. For seven years she suffered from depression and I couldn't do a thing to fight back. But as an ex-wife, she is the best.I actually quite loved the Gush Katif people. I showed up whenever they called me. But once they were expelled the banks demanded their mortgages repaid. After all, they paid for the houses and didn't do the expelling.
So do you know what the refugees did? They repaid the banks.Guess who's the latest creep to sue me. The one who crashed into me, almost killing me. It's an old ploy. He said I deliberately crashed into him. I assure you it's a lie. The only thing I saw were lights coming at me like a rocket and then...near death. Since then the police have done everything to make sure I don't testify or even know where my car is hiding. They won't even let my insurance company examine the car. No one knows how the accident happened because the police are not investigating.There was still another report issued on the Gush Katif refugees this week. Most are in deep trauma and depression. Most cannot findwork. Most don't want to leave their temporary homes. EVER.
After my crash, my pal Gil recommended that I stay with a nut casein Toronto. That lasted a few hours. Temporary shelter was found and then I was lost. I know how a Gush Katif refugee feels. You work with all your heart for your country and ultimately, no one cares if you're dead or alive. No one found me a room in Toronto, let alone a job. Not so much as a room to rent. I warned you all, do not give charity to the Gush Katif refugees.They are the government's responsibility. They have to fight the injustice. But charity replaced common sense and 9,000 Jews are lost to humanity.**
If no one can get me work, I return to an Israel determined to hurt me. Please find me a job taking cash, teaching, writing. It doesn't matter what or where. I'll come to you. Do I have an insurance company? PLEASE someone call Hamburger Levyon 30 Yaffo, Jerusalem. Ask for Yardena or Tali. Ask the state of my file. Tell me about it. Do I have a lawyer? I don't talk to him because he yells at me.PLEASE someone who understands law, his name is Dov Even-Or. His numberis 09 7604288 or 05 28717297. I gave him 20% commission to sue the state insurance company. Is it happening? All this is too much for my lovely ex-wife. They will fry me in Israel, fry me alive. But I'll be back in a week if I'm not being cared for. NOBODY cares about the Gush Katif refugees. No one will care about upcoming Yesha refugees. That's the Jews for you. I need a job. And maybe shelter near it. Does anyone care? Meanwhile. I'm in Tulsa on Monday speaking.
Write grapevineranch@olp.netI'm in southern Mississippi for the weekend. Write dmat77@bellsouth.netI'm on Stan Monteith this Friday at Midnight central time I'm with Ken Bowers in Salt Lake City on July 15. Write me for details. Did you notice that all the names are Christian. Wherever are the Jews? You have a few more days to hear Rabbi Marvin Antelman's brilliant interview on the Tamar Yonah show; and handling my books and videos is my lovely ex-wife My cellphone is 303 304 5025      



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