The Holy Babble
By Judy Andreas

It was Sunday morning and, had it not be for the New York weather inferno, I would have headed to NYC to the Cathedral of St John the Divine. I love that place and always feel good after attending their services. The "love energy" is very much present. I have heard the Dalai Lama speak there, as well as Thich Nat Hahn. The place is truly awesome, visually and spiritually.
And yet, because of the heat, I initiated Plan B and decided to go to a New Jersey Church that I had not attended in many years. I recalled how it had had a great rock/praise band and a funny Pastor. "Was that a worthy reason to attend?", you ask. O.K., admittedly it was a silly one, but I figured that I could filter out the parts of the morning that did not appeal to me. Oh, how wrong I was.
As I entered the Church, I noticed an American Flag and an Israeli Flag on the stage. Had they sent the Palestinian Flag out to be cleaned? This was not a good sign.
The sermon began with the Pastor making some innocuous comments about the weather. From there he segued into how we were in the beginning of the "end times" He talked about the war as well as "natural disasters" such as meteors and asteroids. Whew, I breathed a sigh of relief. So far, so good. I had been there a half hour and the pain had been minimal.
And then......all hell ( inappropriate in a church) broke loose. It started with a comment about the "brilliant" (his words) Condolezza Rice and how the press had manipulated an action of hers to make her look bad. My friends, Condolezza Rice does not need any help. She is perfectly capable of "looking bad" on her own. I shook my head back and forth.
But it grew worse. The Pastor began talking about 911. He tugged at the heartstrings of the gathered flock.
"How many of you lost people on that fateful day"?
He refreshed our memory with visions of the innocent jumping out of the windows of the World Trade Center. He was leading us somewhere and I shuddered to think. And yet, I could not have guessed where his runaway train was careening. The "wreck" occurred when he began trashing the 911 American Scholars Symposium which had been held in Los Angeles in June and shown on CSPAN Saturday night.
Pastor R launched into his full frontal attack. " I saw a symposium on television last night. I don't remember the man's name and I do not want to remember it."
My hand waved wildly in the air. His memory lapse had inspired me. I wanted to scream "ALEX JONES, radio talkshow host, documentarian and investigative journalist" but I exercised my weakest muscle, self control.
"This man blamed Israel for 911" Pastor R. continued.
" HUH? I, Judy Andreas, saw the Symposium twice last night and must have missed that part. As far as I could see, the only reference to Israel appeared to be the flag displayed on the stage near the Pastor.
Was I too distracted by Physics Professor at Brigham Young University, Steven E. Jones', compelling talk about the 911 PHYSICAL EVIDENCE for arsen?
Was I too absorbed with Jim Fetzer , publisher of many books on the government's criminal activity and the founder of 911 Scholars For Truth who gave a compelling talk?
Was I too engrossed in Retired Air Force Lt. Colonial Bob Bowman's discussion? After all, Bowman had asked hard hitting questions such as "If the government has nothing to hide, why is it hiding everything? Why has it confiscated the evidence and hid the tapes? Why did it ship off all the forensic evidence to China?"
Perhaps the "Israeli reference" had come while I was busy following Webster Tarpley's brilliant contribution on "state sponsored and criminal false flag operations"? Mr. Tarpley is the author of "George Bush:The Unauthorized Biography" as well as "Synthetic Terror, Made in USA." No, I had not missed the reference to Israel, because there had not been one.
Pastor R neglected to mention any of the anomalies that the esteemed panel had so eruditely described. What about Norad standing down? What about the evidence for Controlled Demolition? What about the "pulling" of Building 7, which had not been hit by a plane but had molten metal underneath? What about the insider trading leading back to the CIA? What about the "supposed" highjackers who are still alive and have been photographed and interviewed? What about the suspicious cell phone calls? And on and on and on.
I was gripped with a sickening sensation. How could this "Holy" man have missed so much hard evidence? How could he not be questioning the official story? How could he not begin to have at least a glimmer of suspicion that 911 was an inside job?
Although the "House of Satan's Production" was not over, I felt an outburst welling up inside me and realized that if I did not exit, stage left, I would be escorted out of the room. I stood up slowly and deliberately, taking a long time to leave the room, hoping to call attention to my departure. In the parking lot, I regretted that I had not done a great deal more to publicize my truth, but, at the same time, my higher parts knew how futile it would have been. And so, as I sadly drove off, I realized that there would no more trips through this Church's "doors of deception."
Anyone that knows me knows that I have a reputation for never "giving up" on people. On Monday, I will send Pastor R a copy of The Report of the Citizens Commission on 911 compiled by my friends at The Idaho Observer.
I know that I can never give up. The US has gone from being a "shining light" to the most hated Nation in the world. We are warring all over the Middle East on pretext and lies. We are causing death and destruction to countless innocent people. We have swallowed a lie and have traded our liberty for tyranny. And, if 911 was indeed an "inside job", what is to prevent the perpetrators from doing another one? Where will it end? Use your imagination. We must expose the truth about 911 before it is too late.
Distracted and disgusted, I sped home, my thoughts obscuring the climbing speedometer. A policeman brought me back to my senses and, after an impassioned appeal, he let me go. Perhaps he intuited that I had suffered enough.
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