Thousands In NY Dying
Of '911 Disease' -
Uranium Probable
9/11 Cough - More Than Just "Asthma" Indeed

Cathy Garger

What in the world could Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration possibly be thinking in appealing a deputy mayor's workman's compensation case to cover his doctors' costs in order to care for his 9/11-related illness? Wouldn't ya think that, knowing what they know, (wink wink) at the very, very least Bloomberg's office would pay his doctors handsomely to treat his "asthma" and provide top-knotch, skilled 24/7 nursing care to keep Mr. Washington comfortable - not to mention, uh, very calm, sedate, and, primarily... quiet?
Penny-wise and pound foolish, oh Mr. Mayor. When deathly sick Deputy Mayors talk, Mr. Bloomberg, no doubt the press will be listening to his words - between the coughs, that is.
With highly radioactive levels found at the Pentagon on 9/11 ( what would make anyone think any differently about the air surrounding Ground Zero?
Ten bucks it's not asbestos, computer part fragments, and concrete powder dust alone that's making this NYC Deputy Mayor sicker than sick by this, uh NYC "mystery" disease. What do you want to make a bet that no physician has ever been encouraged to order (or, rather been allowed to order) a special test using a mass spectrometer to test for the presence of Airborne Uranium Particulates on the Deputy Mayor (or on any of the thousands of other New York residents and workers who are succumbing to this "mysterious" disease, for that matter)?
To read more about mass spectrometry testing for the presence of Uranium, go to the Uranium Medical Research Center site at:
Call it just a hunch, but my guess is that testing of this Deputy Mayor and other New Yorkers for the presence of Uranium radiation poisoning for that nasty hacking cough might be more than worth every GZ resident and worker's last dime.
The test is reportedly costly and not easy to obtain, but if I were a GZ resident or emergency worker like Mr. Washington? I'd indeed be high-tailing it in less than a New York Minute from Manhattan to a clinic 6 1/2 hours in a northwest direction away to Waterport, NY ( at the first sign of any nasty "asthmatic" post-9/11 Ground Zero cough.
New Yorkers with the mysterious Ground Zero illness, in all likelihood, never received this test in a regular Manhattan hospital. And I would doubt very much that the NYC Health Department is ever going to recommend it, either.
If high radioactive levels were found near the Pentagon (and they were) it certainly would not hurt to similarly test for the presence of radiation sickness in those who spent time around Ground Zero, as well.
Cathy Garger
NYC deputy mayor claims 9/11 illness
NEW YORK, May 17 (UPI) -- A New York deputy mayor who was caught in the plume of debris in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks claims he contracted a lingering respiratory illness.
Rudy Washington, 52, filed a state worker's compensation claim late last year to cover his doctors' costs, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is appealing it, the New York Post reported.
Washington, who became a consultant after the end of the Rudy Giuliani's administration, arrived on the scene at Ground Zero soon after the attack and was caught in the plume after the first tower fell.
Sources said Washington became sick almost immediately after the attack and was hospitalized with a mysterious illness. He was later diagnosed with asthma, which he never suffered prior to the attack, and is now on several medications.
Worker's compensation claims are not publicly available and officials are barred by law from talking about them, the newspaper said.
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