US Senate Allocates $2
Billion For Mex Border Wall

WASHINGTON (Prensa Latina) -- The US Senate allocated near two billon dollars to build a triple fence on the border with Mexico despite wide rejection from the Hispanic community.
The initiative, approved within the military budget, includes a near 370-mile wall plus a 497-mile car barrier.
Michele Waslin, analyst for emigration affairs from the National Council of La Raza, told La Opinion daily of Los Angeles, that despite the funds illegal immigration keeps on growing.
Waslin added that rather than wasting money the situation calls for comprehensive reforms to benefit the 12 million illegal immigrants residing in the US.
The National Guard General Command sent 6,199 Army troops and copters to US-Mexico border Tuesday for a 24-month anti-immigration operation with Customs and Immigration agents.
They will build electrified fences, satellite-monitored watch towers and carry out electronic supervision of border limits in coordination with the border patrol.
The border move is part of the Republican drive to raise support to tighten national immigration laws via a House initiative to judge the 12 million resident illegal immigrants as criminals.{128E0126-27E1-4798-BF6D- BC9DC0A16644}&language=EN



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