Illegal Aliens - America's
21st Century Slave Class
By Frosty Wooldridge

Throughout human history, nations have conquered nations. What's the first thing they did? They enslaved the conquered. Slaves enjoyed two choices: work or die. Egyptians enslaved tens of thousands for pyramid building. China forced slaves to build its Great Wall. Millions died in the process. Slaves built the Roman Empire. To give you an idea of the lack of value for human life, one million slaves suffered every mode of violent if not hideous death inside the Coliseum during 200 years of the games. You do not want to know the sordid details. Human beings exhibit abhorrent behavior at all levels throughout history.
During feudalism's reign in Europe, peasants slaved in fields while kings sat on their thrones in hilltop castles. They used slaves as troops for conquest or sacrifice.
Whether in Hitler's gas ovens, Stalin's death squads, Attila the Hun's butchering thousands, Japan's kamikaze pilots, Saddam Hussein gassing his countrymen or America's cavalry slaughtering the Indians--humanity demonstrates extreme brutality toward its conquered victims. You've seen it at Bush's Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq that is now famous for torturing Iraqis at the hands of American troops. Few see the thousands of Iraqi citizens who have been slaughtered by depleted uranium bombs dropped on their cities. Fewer Americans will see the mutations and birth defects caused by those bombs. However, just like the thousands of cancer cases from Vietnam's Agent Orange herbicide dropped on our troops and their jungles, we'll see the results in our own troops as depleted uranium poisoning supercedes boundaries.
America continued with African slaves toiling in the cotton fields in 1775. While the U.S Constitution provided "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to American settlers, Africans lived 30 to a bunkhouse, ate horrible food, suffered whippings, broken families from being sold on auction blocks and their language and culture driven out of their beings. After Lincoln's emancipation, KKK members lynched Negroes into the 1950s. As you gander at the black ghettoes across America in major cities, it is little wonder they haven't recovered from the brutality of slavery. Because of the slave question and state's rights, America suffered its own Civil War.
Today, corporate America discovered a new slave class by naming it "cheap labor" or euphemistically presented by King George from his White Castle, "They do the jobs Americans won't do." President George W. Bush sanctions and condones 21st
century slavery in America.
Nonetheless, they're imported from foreign countries where they are starved to desperation by their leaders. Average pay in Mexico and Central America is $3.85 a day. Most leave behind a wife and six kids. They risk their lives crossing deadly deserts. They die or are killed by coyote smugglers that respect nothing. They slave in our lettuce, fruit and vegetable fields for a pittance of wages. They live 30 to a house, eat horrid food, suffer financial degradation so pathetic that no American would live or work like that. They work at ski resorts and live 20 to a trailer. They work in hotels and restaurants. They work landscape, dry wall, fast food, construction, painting and as maids. They are not legal. They are illiterate. They are not citizens. They form a subclass, yet are happy because it's better than their native Mexico. They make up American's 21st
century slave class.
They grow into the millions-in fact, over 20 million as counted by the Bear-Stearns report of 2005.
Like the consequences of African slaves that plunged our country into a bloody civil war, America walks a tightrope between order and chaos, between law and what happened to Paris, France--from a cohesive society where everyone speaks the same language and enjoys the same culture--to fractured chards scattered throughout the land. For twenty years, our leaders and citizens ignored these slaves' predicament. Working illegally in America is a crime. Many profited! No one reported it. In 1860, Mark Twain called this phenomenon 'silent-assertion' the shabbiest of all lies. Twain said that when the media and politicians squash, ignore or suppress a social wrong, it grows worse. In the end, it explodes into riots and social chaos. Bush and Congress set this nation up for similar consequences that brought about the Civil War. We grow as a nation divided against itself.
The new Robber Baron corporation CEOs dictating this invasion for their own obscene profits differ not from the Romans or the early industrialists in our country that accumulated great wealth on the backs of working poor. That's how Swift, Amour, Carnegie, Astor, Hormel, Rockefeller and others created incredible financial empires. However, in their time, these were Americans or immigrants who wanted to become Americans.
The one aspect of this new imported Mexican slave class stems from its sheer growth in numbers and it maintains its loyalty and language to its old country(s). It sends $60 billion back to home countries annually, but devours billions of U.S. citizen tax dollars in schooling, medical and incarceration costs. At some point, no amount of 'silent-assertion' will quell this national tragedy. Worse, these people, at some point, will force their way into our moral, ethical and principled consciousness. What we're doing by keeping them living 30 to a house or 20 to a trailer while they work underground at slave wages smacks of feudalism and bondage of the past, but it's slavery in our country in the 21st
century. It's morally reprehensible, ethically unprincipled and degrading to our humanity.
At some point, their humanness, much like the humanity of the slaves in 1865 shall overwhelm our greed, avarice and materialism. For every CEO and corporation that has profited from this 21st
century slavery, our society shall reap a whirlwind of consequences. As we lose the rule of law, we lose integrity and the foundation of our Constitution.
We glide on a dangerous wind. We ride a gargantuan wave. We stand in the path of a social Katrina. We sit on a powder keg with the fuse growing hotter with 10,000 illegal aliens crossing our borders nightly according to Time Magazine. We walk along the edge of a dangerous cliff with jagged rocks below.
What needs to be done? What will solve it? To use a metaphor, what would have saved the Titanic from becoming the greatest human-error catastrophe of the last century? First, if 63 year old Captain Edward John Smith had slowed down or sailed more southerly waters, he would have avoided death, destruction and the ignominy of his fate. His passengers would have lived to reach America and their old age. After hitting the iceberg, if he could have stopped the North Atlantic waters from pouring into his ship, he would have stayed afloat. Since he didn't, if he had inspected the ship for adequate numbers of life boats, all passengers would have survived by rowing away from the sinking Titanic. Unfortunately, bad decisions along with poor assumptions sealed Smith's and their fate.
Up until 1964, America allowed 150,000 immigrants annually that wanted to become Americans. They learned English, studied, took citizenship tests and abided by our laws and culture in an orderly fashion. Unfortunately, Senator Teddy Kennedy and President Lyndon Baines Johnson opened the flood gates in 1965 to 1.1 to 1.5 million people yearly with the Immigration Reform Act. They authored the beginning of the destruction of the United States of America that has overloaded every sector of our society with too many people coming from a line of people that grows by 80 million annually.
Within 40 years, the United States added 106 million people. Today, a million arrive legally and three million break over our borders annually. Our ship of state sailing into its 230th
year, captained by George Bush along with Congress acting as his crew, steams toward multiple crippling 'icebergs' on a known horizon. The last four presidents ignored what has become an accelerating invasion of desperate people flooding into our country. They pour into every sector and quadrant of our 'ship of state'. Unethical 'crew members' known as CEOs and corporations illegally engage them as 'slaves' on our ship. We passenger taxpayers are forced to pay for their babies, schooling, medical care, housing, criminals, terrorism, diseases, drunk drivers while a few make mega millions. However, their consequences now negatively affect every aspect of our society. We face balkanization, overpopulation, loss of our language, culture, cohesiveness as a nation, jobs, epidemics, degraded schools, bankrupted hospitals, lowering of standard of living and loss of quality of life.
Can we stop it? How? First, we must close the borders to stop the in-flooding with military troops and aerial surveillance. Second, we must build a fence to dissuade the flood of people. Third, we must pursue, arrest, prosecute and jail anyone hiring illegal aliens. Fourth, stop citizenship for children born from foreign parents known as anchor babies. Fifth, no amnesty for illegal aliens who have broken our laws and no path to citizenship. Sixth, attrition through enforcement that will allow illegal aliens to return back to their own countries because they no longer can work or live in our country without a job. Seventh, we reduce legal immigration back to 1964 levels of 150,000 annually to ensure an orderly, reasoned and sustainable future for all Americans. If the Titanic had changed course, it would have enjoyed a wonderful career on the high seas. If we change course, our country and citizens will also enjoy a sustainable and peaceful society.
What if we don't act? The longer we wait, the more compounded our consequences. We face balkanization, loss of language, reintroduction of diseases like TB, degraded education for our children, medical systems collapsing, racial tension and ethnic apartheid. We face revolt by our slave class that will crack the foundations of our society like nothing else we've ever faced. Millions Mexican illegals follow 'Reconquista de Aztlan' or the retaking of America. They've already succeeded in Los Angles, California and Houston, Texas and most of Arizona.
Finally, what sunk the Titanic? Short answer: a never ending in-flooding of water! What will sink the United States?
Sheer numbers from a line that never ends! Name one advantage of adding 200 million people to our country by mid century? Will adding that many people make our air pollution better? Will it solve our water shortages? Will it yield more farmland to grow crops? Will it help us burn less natural gas? Less gasoline? Will we cut down less trees? Will we fly less planes in the air? Will we have less gridlock with less cars on our roads? Will our national parks have less people? You can think of a dozen more questions.
Whether you deny reality, don't want to face the facts, refuse to comprehend this dilemma or ignore it hoping it will go away-you or your children face this maelstrom just like those who faced Katrina or the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka. Before the Titanic hit the iceberg or Katrina hit or the tsunami crashed into the shoreline, everything seemed normal. Once this immigration invasion fully manifests, our society and all Americans become victims. Therefore, take action for your family, your country and the planet.



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