What, When, Where, Who & Why
Five Long Years: Five Critical Questions

By Jim Kirwan
With a media that was captured long before this WAR-upon-Americans began; who will answer for the Crimes that have been the hallmark of so many generations of political expediency, treason and murder? I've never been a full-time writer but from highschool journalism I remember that any real story always required answers to the five Questions that form the title for this article.
'What' is about the scale of the crimes! When the Endgame made its entrance, it began by eliminating competition: by destroying the mob and privatizing all that what was not already in government hands. The tactics used by these corporate privateers were derived directly from the protection rackets, the creation of black markets, the payoffs, the treachery and the criminality that worked so well for so many of the elite, in The Underworld of American life that existed from the late 1880's until the late 1950's.
What was the goal? Absolute control of all aspects of the home markets for everything from foreign and domestic policy, through insurance & banking, medicine, trade, manufacturing, education & incarceration, communications and the entire media; as well as the intimidation of whatever might remain of those institutions that believed in a Constitutional government. Policy was a cinch, as the public pays little attention to the complexities of politics or legislation. Only very occasionally when this government manages to kill too many of its own drones in its wars ­ does the public even remotely begin to question, any action that has been properly rubber-stamped by the majority of those in Congress who have been paid off ­ to ensure that these criminal policies become law, without debate.
Then came the "Free Trade Agreements" that were neither free, nor fair and were essentially "Protected & Secret Trade Agreements" in which those who got the contracts also enjoyed the benefits of profiteering from both ends of every agreement. The control of the money (from the UN, through the IMF, and the World Bank), to grant those loans that went directly to the corporations, who then built whatever was supposedly needed ­ but only to force the nation-state or people into financial ruin, after which the natural resources and the wealth of the victim of their greed goes directly to the privateers. If there is any trouble within this "Both-Ends-Against-the Middle" game ­ then of course the recipients of 'Freedom and Democracy' will be visited by the US military (Smedley's descendants) in all its most lethal forms. Latin America, Afghanistan, South America, Iraq, the Carribean and now Iran will come to mind.
In industry within this country, sweetheart deals were cut to create offshore opportunities that would assure unbelievable profits for everything from oil companies to pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, and high-tech providers, all the way down to US based education and prison systems whose goals have nothing to do with improving anything, but rather have Incarceration-for-Fun & Profit as their primary objectives: to deter critics and dissent. This was one reason it was so easy to go from US adherence to the Geneva Conventions to embracing its opposite: starvation, extreme-renditions, kidnapping, and pseudo-legal murder under the color of WAR.
Whether it was creating black markets for drugs, for guns or human slaves; or the hideously out-of-control mechanisms that govern the entire department of Just-us; backed by a Judiciary that is without ethics or portfolio before the so-called "BAR" of Justice: All of these excesses made possible the outrageous terms of legalized-theft awarded to the banks, the financial markets and the whole credit industry: Bottom line - What once was the American middle class has been saddled with debt, doubt and disbelief beyond anyone's ability to even calculate.
Of course under the current administration corruption, bribery, theft, and international terror have each become major industries that we now export as well. In Iraq, the corporate Cabal has added murder, kidnapping and torture to the growing list of things that we export, along with the more traditional lies, deceit and the infamous "Regime-Change" that had been the standard, before the latest round of wars and spying, both at home and abroad.
'When' has to do with timing and it has a grandfather clause that extends back through over a hundred plus years of duplicity, invasion and colonial crimes against the people of both this hemisphere and the world. In the fast-track version ­ the last five years to be exact ­ what we have seen has been savage, brutal, and completely without regard for the rights of anyone other than the Corporatocracy. "When," as a term pertaining to time fluctuates, according to how badly the last proclamation of the Dictators was flawed, either by those committing the crimes; Rummy's-War, Condi's-Condescension, or Cheney's-raving lunacy: Or by the opposition of those nations opposed to US aggression that are resisting the Privateers and their twisted dreams. So far ­ because of various combinations of the above ­  in tandem with political intrigue and corporate incompetence, we have for the moment avoided the next nightmare of Iran & Company.
'Where' is everywhere that something waits to be perverted, stolen, or compromised! This is a global grab for all the power worthy of the designation. However, because this is far too large a goal to be consumed entirely by any one entity, cabal, or nation-state: their effort will probably be frustrated; before the lockdown they planned to use to silence all that have or will object, to what was planned. Once this scheme was hatched, the players began to believe their own PR: They actually do "believe" that they create reality WHEREVER they choose -  from what they say takes place ­ despite those truths that all who are affected know so well. The planet is too large and there simply are not enough completely corrupt people to pull this off ­ despite their so-called determination to wrap it all up and throw away the keys to what remains of life and liberty ­ wherever that might still exist around the world.
Who are these people-or more precisely-who is actually running this charade? There are a great many separate but co-related groups, councils, and round-tables involved, and many are not American.  The basic lay-out owes its power to money, to various kinds of blackmail, and to Empire building, by those who never could trust anyone.
One of the more obscene collusions is the one that exists between the current State of Israel and the USA. Israel has no economy, she has a nuclear arsenal and a belligerent attitude toward neighboring countries, but especially toward those she is responsible for in the occupied territories.  Israel has become increasingly like the Nazis that she claims to hate. If Israel experienced the death and violence of the Nazi camps, or the Holocaust, to the degree that is claimed; then how can the Israeli government treat the Palestinians as they do? What Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for nearly fifty years, has surpassed by a wide margin, all that was supposedly done to those Jews for whom the State of Israel was "founded." Israel relies on the US for support yet she has also attacked US forces on occasion, (she steadfastly refuses to explain the deadly attack on the USS Liberty) and has threatened to use her nuclear capabilities, on the West, if the US does not unquestioningly accept her obscene foreign policy demands.
But the really inexplicable aspect of Israel are those Lobby's and organizations here in the US that spread Israel's influence and policies among American lawmakers, publications, and through programming for television - while denying any who would criticize the illegal and unregistered actions of a foreign power, when it comes to AIPAC and other organizations. The number of key US government officials that hold dual citizenship here with Israel, such as the head of Homeland Security ­ is way beyond credible. The US government ought to be able to find enough Americans to staff key positions in government without having to appoint people with dual loyalties. In addition Israel has demanded special dispensations from a great many countries, (including this one) to censor her critics for her, and to restrict public forums in print or broadcasting: by trying to outlaw all questions and motives or even open discussions of the literal history of the Jewish State. And still the open wound of what continues to happen to the Palestinians, under Israeli occupation remains.
This racist veneer is beginning to wear very thin with an American public that has seen tens of trillions of dollars disappear down the black hole of Israel's plots and schemes that has had nothing to do with protecting Israel, but everything to do with Israel's role in dominating that region of the planet. What has been done to the Palestinian people by Israel is an abominable crime against humanity! This 50 plus year WAR upon an unarmed population financed by the US and Britain will leave a scar on human history that will take hundreds of years to even begin to close: No nation can hope to keep this crime forever hidden
"Who" can also be a partially subjective term, as it has too many faces, and many more agenda's than any one group or Cabal can hold. Given that the Federal Reserve is not American owned, and never was: and given that corporate power has replaced the Republic, and that our democratic form of constitutional government was hijacked by corporate powers that purchased the congress and the courts, there really isn't much left for anyone smaller than a billionaire to matter in, anymore.
The one hope that still seems to be alive and well is their complete political incompetence, created because they believed that money could overcome the love of home and country. The reason that the Policy for Iraq never made sense is that it was designed by those same corporations that were pulling the strings of the farce that calls itself the government of the USA. Look at the 100 laws of Dictator Bremer, or any of the other so-called terms of the occupation: This stuff is too bizarre to be made up ­ but it's a huge part of WHO is really behind these crimes!
Mostly because they 'believe' they can get away with this. The coup  happened HERE in 2000, and Americans basically did NOTHING! What could be a greater crime than openly stealing the entire nation, twice, and never having to answer for it?  So how could these creatures fear anything we say? We have a president that is proud of having broken 750 laws, and a population that sees nothing wrong with that. When a people refuses to protect themselves against the real enemies within their own government ­ then those people are part of "WHY" this happened.
The USA is in the middle of a pandemic ­ not the bird flu ­ the real pandemic; the Corporate Culture that's swept this country into absolute mediocrity, total obedience, and compulsory FEAR. The USA is a place without differences; a place where difference is to be feared not sought. Chain stores, strip malls, and pod-people everywhere imitate life as seen in advertising. Americans today seem to want to be 'exactly like everyone else.' For a nation built on small businesses, individual thought and private responsibility  ­ the idea of an undifferentiated sameness as the norm ­ that we should all be just alike-is SICK! We are now a police state in all but name. Still too many refuse to even consider what this means to every man, woman and child within what used to be a nation.
This happened because we allowed ourselves to be coerced into thinking that "happiness is and was always about money, and therefore Money is all that really matters. Community, other people, creativity, imagination ­ none of these things do we credit any longer. Therefore the USA was overripe for takeover. Our suburbs are isolated little cells of private life that have little to do with those who actually try to live in them. The 'gated communities,' the Home Owner's Associations, the Condo's and all the rules, not-to-mention the waste of the time to commute. This  will never equal village life; prosperity; or even simple joy. Somewhere along the way between "Greed is Good" and "Love it or Leave it" this country lost its way among the community of nations. We stopped talking to each other and we tried to buy our way into commercialism, until we can no longer tell the slogans of "1984" from an ad for anything from cars to sex.
The Cabal is made of an ever shrinking group of criminals and would-be power brokers. With every passing week their group grows smaller, as their members increasingly must face indictment. Yet with each new appointment the options for us all grow dimmer, and the future is even-less secure. There is no substitute for 'getting one's hands dirty' in answer to the need to remove these people from the public arena.
For too long, Americans have feared participation. So when they feel threatened most take a page from the parable of the deer in the forest. In the wild, the deer relies upon that invisibility it obtains by simply freezing in place. However when that same deer finds itself on an open highway and it naturally freezes, then that ancient 'protection' is what gets it killed. The highway is not the forest, and the on-coming vehicle can usually not react in time. In that vein, the Cabal will never give up power willingly; so Americans must stop trying to be invisible in the face of threats - instead we must make real choices, or we will simply add to the road-kill that these privateers continue to create.
The one real thing that might do more for us than it now appears possible to do ­ is their nearly total incompetence. Had they been half-good at the implementation of their plans we'd all be in those detention camps by now. As it is, they become more dangerous by the minute as they are running out of wiggle room. Their programs are approaching the end of money, the end of options and there are new  limitations now on whatever time is left to those who made their hellish schedule. We're not that Empire that they dreamed of: we're just what needs to die so that they can make more  money. Part of their goal was to cripple us and we've almost become that fallen nation. Just as so many missed the Coup entirely; now too many fail to see that it's really already over now.  Their plans have been shattered, their goals remain un-reached, and all their efforts lie in ruins all around them  When time catches up with reality, this too will CLICK, but by then it will be too late. How many times have they insisted that the hour-glass is lying, while the sand continues to fall? We need to stand clearly in the light or learn to live forever in the shadows of what-could-have-been!



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