I Want My Country Back
By Frosty Wooldridge

"We have a crisis looming and the cause is not clear," said Olivia Ciambruschini of Owings Mills, Maryland.  "Is it because no one cares--no one is really aware of the seriousness of this crisis?  Do you not know the power we possess when we are united? 
"Our voices are not being heard.  We complain to each other, but we are preaching to the choir.  We must tell our leaders and the world what we want to happen and that we will no longer accept the crumbs being tossed our way.  We will no longer be appeased with a show of insincere concern.  Our voices, quiet for too long, must be raised; no longer to be silenced.  And if we are still not heard, we will have to scream that our rights and principles will not sway to the demands of small individual groups who persist in their attempt to take this country and destroy its base.  The fact that the "right" to speak out is accorded to all, even those who are not here legally, should demonstrate that this must be a magnificent place to live.  However, it does not suggest the "right" to destroy what has been lovingly preserved for 230 years.  
"Enough is enough!  In case you have forgotten, we Americans are the majority and we will bend no more.  We will NOT cower to an individual because he might be disturbed by our Pledge of Allegiance.  We will no longer be blackmailed by lawbreakers led by those, whose only motivation is the profit realized by crushing the fabric of our being.   General strikes are found in third world countries, not here.  And we should never, never hear our National Anthem sung in a foreign language. 
"To you who are new to America, I say:   Welcome to our country.  You must obey our laws as they are written.  If you are offended by the Pledge of Allegiance, maybe you made a bad choice.  If you want to sing our National Anthem, learn the language in which it was written.  Celebrate your heritage but if you are unwilling to accept the American way of life, GO HOME!
"This is my proposition to those voices that are straining to be heard.   FLAGS, FLAGS AND MORE FLAGS!  I want our flag to symbolize each of us who are sick and tired of being told how horrible this country is, while millions cannot get here fast enough.  I would like to see flags of every size marking all our borders.  I would like to see a flag on every inch of the southern wall as it is being built.  I would like to see flags flying over all our homes, our cars, and our bridges and atop every public place.  I want everyone to know who we are and where we are.  I want these flags to say:
"World, we are not the monsters you portray us to be.  That title belongs to those of you who are the reason we have to fight wars.  You become indignant if the US steps in to right wrongs.  You are also the first to come to the US with you palms open, becoming even more indignant if you don't think it is sufficient. 
"President Bush, I honor you as one of the greatest presidents of this country, and I believe the legacy of your time in office will be a great one.  As you look ahead to a well deserved retirement, I would ask that you become reacquainted with those of us who followed your every step of the way.  Keep the larger goals in mind.  What happens before you leave will reverberate for years to come.
"Congress, this is your wake up call.  Each of these flags symbolizes a vote and if you want that vote, you better start listening to those of us who can vote.  Have the courage to do what is right.  Stop pandering to those who obviously do not have the best interest of our country at heart.   We gave you our support because we believed in you and you are failing us.  We give you our money to keep this country the best in the world; use it wisely.  
"Republican Party: listen up and pay attention.  You are the majority party and yet you can't garner enough votes to let your amendments be read.   You are in office because we thought we were your base.   There should be no reason to look constantly to the other party for approval.  You are not in Washington to make friends.   You are there to do a job. Take charge immediately.  This might be your last chance. 
"Fellow countrymen each flag says we are tired of the path this country is taking. It's time for us to reverse this course and stand for what our Founding Fathers intended when the documents we honor were written and passed on to us.  Do your part.  Write, call, phone, email, or stop by to visit those we have elected to represent us and are not meeting our expectations.   Just say hello, give them a flag and let them know our support is not guaranteed.
"The only way to stop looking like cuckolds is to make our numbers known.  We see the thousands marching and we become frightened, or choose to cover our eyes, hoping it will all go away.  Guess what?  It will never go away unless we chase it away.  In order to do that, we need people who have the ability to reach large groups of people.   We need you to spread the word among your colleagues so they too can reach larger groups of people and pass it to others whose voices are heard by even larger groups.  We must stand up and be counted.  For once, our demands must be those that are heard and feared.
This American is you; you are her; she is us; we are all in this together.  Bush and Congress must address this invasion with action, not excuses.  No amnesty for illegal aliens who betrayed our sacred U.S. Constitution.  No amnesty that will create 193 to 217 million more people added to our country in 20 years via immigration.  No amnesty for a president and Congress failing their sacred trust.  You may not agree with Ciambruschini's support of Bush's legacy and I too, would differ, but we all MUST change his legacy by making our actions seen and voices heard.  We can change Bush's nightmare legacy that he's creating for our country--by our actions!  You can see the disconnect in this essay which reflects the American public.  Bush has done nothing for five years to stop this invasion.   We must become the "counter critical mass" that stops Bush and the Senate from passing a guest worker program that will inundate this country and fracture the fabric of our society.  If passed, this guest worker program will become the "Transition to Third World Status Act of 2006". 
Become a monumental "voice" by adding millions of weekly faxers to and stop this invasion. 
The 21st
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