The WAR On US Is Here
By Jim Kirwan
Tens of millions of phone calls, indeed all the phone calls made by US citizens, have been monitored by the government since 2001. This is the largest data bank ever compiled in history and it involves trillions upon trillions of conversations that have been illegally monitored by this government, in service to the Corporatocracy that runs our lives. The phone companies must answer for this invasion of privacy and explain their willingness to violate the Constitutional protections of the Fourth Amendment, along with the provisions of 1978 law governing spying of US citizens.  Government says in one breath that they are being selective, in the next breath they say that all conversations of every American have been monitored. This constitutes WAR upon all the citizens of the USA.  This was meant to be a secret war, until USA Today broke the story ­ now the government and all the corporations that colluded in this vicious attack upon us all, must be called to account in public for this crime!
The US is facing a cloak and dagger attack on all fronts by major corporations that have held their hidden agendas for over a hundred years. Corporate interests have been at stake in every war we've had since the First World War and the Corporatocracy has been funding both sides of all the major conflicts since about 1914. With this latest revelation it is clear that the USA was the original target all along. This is a war without principles or human values. It's being waged to establish unilateral control over everyone and everything and that needs to change!
It should be noted that on March 17, 2003 Bush hired "the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov," as a consultant to the US Department of Homeland Security.
Primakov joined another Russian, Oleg Kalugin, KGB (Ret) with the Department of State Security, also as a part of Homeland Security. On January 1, 2005 Kalugin was replaced with the infamous and sinister Silver Fox himself (his former CIA code name), Gen. Markus Wolf. "Wolf was the head of the international intelligence gathering arm (HVA) of East Germany's Ministry for State Security, or Stasi." This went a long way toward perfecting the spying and wiretapping of the entire USA, and insured that Americans would become the next victims of State Terrorism ala the USSR and Communist East Germany.
Corporate conspiracies were thwarted back when they were the Robber-Barons: Back when there were no rights for women, for slaves, for children, or for workers. There were rights but only for major players that held nearly total power over all that worked for them. There were Wildcat strikes, and a rebellion that was only deflected when government intervened to create protections and perks for those who had to work to live. Over the last four decades those protections and guarantees have been systematically destroyed, so that Americans are again virtually defenseless against the NEW Robber-Barons behind their corporate shields.
The USA; began with a Mega-Holocaust against the native population that lasted over 400 years and killed in excess of 50 million people. There was also Mexico and the Philippines. All that blood and death became the real foundation for this nation.  These actions were each supported by America's claim to "special considerations," under either "Manifest Destiny" or The Monroe Doctrine: each of which claimed special rights for America. The rights to life or liberty for those we slaughtered had no standing because American Colonial aspirations were at stake: Very reminiscent of what is happening in Palestine now. Fast forward to the latest unilaterally declared wars and we can see that the whole project has moved from past wars on others in this Hemisphere ­ to finally become what it always was ­ a War upon the World!
With the illegal and unilateral war on Iraq, the excesses of war itself have risen a thousand fold and have increased the elite's ability to shatter laws at will to complete their power grab unchallenged. The communications corporations that did the spying did so eagerly, because it was part of how they fit into the overall plan. In the last three to four decades, the US unleashed a new series of wars throughout this Hemisphere, to strengthen American diplomacy, by invasion and regime-change, by the casual use of death squads, and by an ever-increasing perversion of national economies that used the IMF and the World Bank ­ to destroy sovereignty throughout the region. Under cover of 'The Cold War' and the exaggeration of a Communist threat this was only practice ­ for what was yet to come.
Many, if not all the American officials involved in the brutal Hemispheric wars of the late 1970's and 80's ­ Iran-Contra, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, the guns for drugs and the weapons for Hostages fiasco's ­ resurfaced in this Bush administration, to direct this War upon America. Those of us who fought in the Reagan years first thought that those who were convicted were dead and buried politically. Then under Bush II, the dead were resurrected to be major players in the barbarity of the New World Order in Iraq, in Palestine and in Afghanistan, and in all that is slated to follow. This can be stopped if these retreads from the 1980's are barred from government jobs and publicly investigated for what they've been doing for Bush and the Corporatocracy.
This administration and its sponsors apparently need Special-Ops people like Elliott Abrams to oversee Middle Eastern affairs, despite his pleading guilty to a federal crime during the Reagan years. There also was Otto Reich, accused of running an unlawful domestic propaganda operation for Reagan; he was tapped as a special envoy. Bush also recruited Adm. John Poindexter, convicted of various federal crimes stemming from his service as national security adviser to Reagan. Poindexter was chosen by Bush to head the controversial Total Information Awareness data-mining project, an operation viewed as so dangerous to privacy and civil liberties that it was formally stopped by Congress. Most of the convictions obtained were overturned by presidential pardons.
There was also John Negroponte, accused of shielding human-rights violations. unlawfully supporting the Nicaraguan contras, and overseeing death squads. After Negroponte's stint as ambassador to the United Nations, Bush made him the director of national intelligence. Likewise, then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales was accused of writing the infamous "torture memo" that not only approved of forms of torture but also suggested that the president could violate federal law. Gonzales was later made attorney general. And former CIA Director George Tenet was accused of the most serious intelligence blunders of the century. It was Tenet who gave Bush the excuse to invade Iraq by stating that the presence of weapons of mass destruction was a "slam dunk." Bush gave Tenet the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom. And of course there are many more including Oliver North and Richard Armitage, a former undersecretary of Defense, and former assistant to Colin Powell, along with John Bolten, Richard Pearle and a whole host of others. Reagan's polices in Latin America were approaching major criminal charges and crimes against humanity when Poppy Bush stepped in to pardoned the convicted and seal the records.
When people of the United States gave up their citizenship to become "consumers"- the stage was set for complete capitulation to whatever might follow. The Corporatocracy is "successful" because they are not bound by any need for self-responsibility, or the public good ­ their only obligation is to profits, for the shareholders of course. Corporations are private constructs with human privileges. People have to face consequences for their actions, while corporations only need worry about market share. Their solution to staying profitable is to control the monopolies they created to eliminate choice; so that whatever happens ­ the public must turn to them and continue to buy whatever they are selling ­ the oil and gas industry, medicine, insurance, drugs, or the communications acts that have stolen the airwaves that "the people" owned ­ until the Corporations turned them into Big-Brother Incorporated ­ personified!
This new revelation of massive spying on everyone in the country just confirms the truth beneath the lies ­ read the financial particulars in the Patriot Acts, as they pertain to what government can do with your bank accounts. If they find "anything suspicious" in your life -- they can seize your bank accounts -- and there is nothing you can do about it, because of National Security. This is why they want to tap the phones of every American ­ so the government can build a profile and then arrange for that to match whatever they want to charge you with. The Corporatocracy has long-since become a law unto itself.  Now they've added their own private armies, inside the war zones; without military or civilian oversight of their mercenary activities.
Private armies form the second largest component of troops in Iraq. With this kind of corporate involvement on the ground, under cover of 'security'; when there is a split between the military and private corporate purposes under Bush ­ it's the corporate agenda that usually wins. Non-responsible mercenaries do whatever they are told by those who pay them. They wear US uniforms, but do not answer to military or civilian authorities. Corporations also decide who they should ask for help, with whatever they're interested in at the moment.  Here's one example from inside Iraq ­ specifically Abu Ghraib.
The Corporatocracy is raking in those hundreds of billions that are being spent on the wars (6 billion a month now), and the reconstruction that isn't, on the Gulf Coast here. They designed US policies to ensure that their profits will never be interrupted, by either wars or natural disasters. All that money in the secret, no-bid, sole-source contracts, and virtually no responsibility for anything that happens ­ no wonder they want the troops to stay. No questions and no real investigations! They OWN the Congress, the Department of Justice and the Courts, and they have a revolving-door arrangement with the White House. The only way they lose is IF the public brings down these sweetheart deals with those private corporations, and imposes corporate responsibilities that could revoke corporate charters and force the reorganization of their corporations! Guilty executives should be banned from ever holding a management position in any business ­ IF and after ­ they ever get out of Folsom or Attica!
Ordinary people need to re-claim their citizenship and participate as citizenship requires. Americans should downgrade 'consumerism' from its position at the top of their lives to its real place well below those considerations that are about freedom and life and real possibilities in the world. The mayor of Salt Lake City said this:
It may sound insane to suggest that people could leave themselves open to enslavement by something as "American" as "consumerism:" That might be the case, unless one looks at how employees of those corporations are treated each and everyday. The evermore stringent control over employees, job-security, wages, retirement, and health-care, the list is long and includes monitoring not only of phone calls but of the private lives of employees as well. But it's what those corporations do that is where the real threat lies! Corporations have been spending furiously to patent seeds and plants, and trees around the world. They've undertaken plans to buy out local farmers or force them off their land - to virtually gain control of all the land and whatever can be done upon that land, from farming to drilling to clear-cutting or grazing ­ it will be their choice. They want to privatize the fresh water supply for the planet, while they try to corner worldwide markets for energy in all its forms. Timber, raw minerals of all kinds ­ nothing has escaped the greed of these faceless entities that say they want to kill four billion people, just to remake the world into something they can manage. For those who doubt the role of corporations in controlling the American public; have a look at this short piece of police footage from Seattle ­ and think again about who is really preventing free-speech and who indeed controls your rights!
This began with those who claimed a special status over all others in the world. Whether that's the Jews today in Palestine or the Americans with the "Manifest Destiny" they gave themselves so long ago. It is more than possible that these views are only the by-product of a mind-set: A partial view that sees and believes whatever it wants, in order to 'create their own realities.' When challenged 'special people' usually demand 'the right to create that world they have envisioned for themselves.' What they won't tolerate are all those laws and precepts that would create a world in which there is a possibility; for love & life to co-exist with war & death. Never-ending wars against a circumstance of terror can never be a purpose for existence. We must find ways to learn to live together once again ­ or most of us shall die alone ­ together.
Realizations of the oft-considered kind could lead to real control over these wildly irresponsible corporations: The corporate shells that we've allowed to rule our dreams, our lives and even our most private thoughts must be destroyed by rules and regulations! People must begin to re-examine the reasons, or lack thereof, for all this death and open-ended war. People need to question how much of their lives they really own ­ and how much of their lives they should give to something as cold and brutal as the Corporatocracy; be that in purchases from them, by way of products or services or in allegiances given ­ either by force of need ­ or by willing cooperation. Every aspect of these monstrous creations should be rethought. If that happens then people will stand against the steel fist of corporate-dictatorship that is so thinly veiled beneath the tattered shreds of what was once a velvet glove that promised ­ a consumer's paradise ­ in exchange, of course, for all else that might have ever mattered to you. . .



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