Taliban Claim Downing
US Drone Aircraft


PESHAWAR (AIP) -- Taliban on Tuesday claimed to have shot down an unmanned aircraft and killed 12 US and Afghan troops in Uruzgan in two separate clashes.
Spokesman of Taliban fighters, Qari Muhammad Yousaf, phoned Afghan Islamic Press from an undisclosed location and said, "A fierce clash occurred between Taliban fighters and enemies in Charchino district of Uruzgan province today which left 12 US and Afghan troops dead."
He said two Taliban fighters were also killed in the firfight, adding that later US planes pounded housed in the area, killing a mother and two children.
About the latest situation in Chora district of Uruzgan province, he said, "Taliban entered the district headquarters and personnel of the district fled after a strong attack and but later a fresh government troops arrived there and clashed with Taliban outside the district headquarters. During the clash 40 Afghan police and army soldiers surrendered to Taliban."
Taliban once again attacked the district headquarters today, killing eight soldiers and captured the headquarters, he claimed.
Similarly Qari Muhammad Yousaf claimed downing of an unmanned aircraft in Charchino district yesterday.
This claim of Taliban has not been confirmed by any other sources.




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