Slats Grobnik Finally
Out Of Denver Gulag
By Greg Szymanski
Slats Grobnik has been held incommunicado for 33 days in an underground Denver gulag, joining hundreds of other political prisoners including Elsebeth Baumgartner, Susan Lindauer and Carol Fisher.
And the one thing they all have in common is that they tried to speak out against the neo con party line, a party line trying to destroy America every hour of every minute of every day.   
While the Fisher, Baumgartner and Lindauer stories have been well-documented in the Arctic Beacon archives, Slats has been overlooked since he has been lying face down on a concrete floor in a god forsaken Homeland Security hell hole detention center, held without right to counsel, clergy or even a phone call.
If you recall, Slats was hauled out of a Chicago tavern after being drugged by a CIA agent when he started calling President Bush a devil worshipping SOB who once was caught naked in a coffin during a Yale Skull and Bones ceremony.
Although no laws were broken, under the U.S. Patriot Act, authorities were able to haul Slats away, claiming he was aiding and abetting terrorism by denigrating the good name of the President of the United States.
And for 33 days, Slats has had little to say about the illegality of his incarceration since according to authorities he no longer has any rights whatsoever. Slats has become a prisoner of the state, a threat to the New World Order and a nuisance to the power elite.
Further, one of the guards in the gulag was overheard saying, "He's being used as an example for every other beer drinking American who thinks he can get away with talking against our good President known as The Great Decider."
In a fascist society, thought and speech crimes are punished without showing mercy since the greatest enemy to a country like America has now become are people who try to undermine authority by using their free will and free speech.
Slats has fallen into this unfortunate category just for calling Bush a devil worshipper. Others like him have met the same fate, being jailed illegally for such criminal acts as speaking out a city council meeting, talking against the war in Iraq and putting up anti-Bush posters on a city street.
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