A Day Without Illegal Aliens
By Frosty Wooldridge 
They boycott us!  They rail against us!  They deride us in our own country! They trash our language!  They disregard our laws!  They flood our schools while bankrupting our hospitals!  They fly their flag in our country as if it's more important than ours!  They screamed, "Buy nothing gringo!"
It's simple!  Either the United States is a nation of laws. Or, it isn't!
Either we respect and obey our immigration laws, and ALL laws! Or, we don't!   Either the ongoing flagrant disregard of our borders is a law-breaking renegade action! Or, it isn't!
Either employers enjoy blatant disregard for our laws against hiring illegals and thus make unlawful profits!  Or, they don't!  Either President Bush upholds the laws of our Constitution!  Or, he doesn't!
Foreign enclaves on our soil fail the American Dream. Cultural apartheid accelerates national chaos!   E Pluribus Unum ­ "Out of Many, One"!  We must learn, respect, and use the English language, and honor our civic due-diligence.  Or, we fail as a nation!  
Countless billions of underprivileged poor in third-world countries desire to come to the United States.  Our immigration laws are enacted to control that ingress, but our government panders to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  That drives a piece of our economic engine--as it did in Paris, France--before the whole thing blew up.  Australia, too!
In the last three decades, we added 44 million recent aliens, plus millions of anchor-babies. Each can sponsor citizenship for their parents and relatives in the near future.   We suffer accelerating anarchy--an explosion waiting to happen.
The simple choice is:
Lawlessness and anarchy! Or, respectful law-and-order! In an ironic twist--aliens fled lawlessness and failed societies.
Major political chicanery deceives Americans.  While the U.S. Bureau of the Census tells us there are "only" 12 million illegals; more specific population indicators tell us there are more--MANY MORE!   Time Magazine's Pulitzer Prize winning authors Barlett and Steele informed us that the Census is wrong by a factor of three.  Bear-Stearns proved 20 million illegals--plus their children.   Head-counts in public schools verify higher numbers.  Here is a VERY accurate estimate from Time Magazine, Bear-Stearns Report, NumbersUSA, additional figures from U.S. State Department, U.S Labor Department, U.S Immigration authorities, plus seven million anchor-babies research by Dr. Edwards of Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC. 
In June, 2006:
44,000,000           Approximate number of recent aliens in U S
                          (97% arrived during 1996-2005 10-Yr period)
9,832,000           Legal aliens (~4.5 million earned citizenship.)
7,204,000           Visa -expired (over-stayed illegally)
27,000,000           Illegal aliens (includes children shown below)    
4,000,000            Children of illegal aliens (undocumented, age 1-20)
7,000,000            Children of illegal aliens (citizens, anchor babies)
44,036,000            Total; best count possible (accuracy is + or ­ 3%)
4,500,000            Instantaneous rate of illegals-entry, 2006 (per year)
Which is 12,200 per day (night)
 How many 'new' foreign nationals will there bin in 2006?
The 2006 "Growth Rate" is GIGANTIC:
4,500,000   "Border-Jumpers" (estimated undocumented, illegals)
1,100,000    New "Anchor Babies" (estimated children of illegals)
1,700,000    New Legal Aliens (numbers jumbled-buried)
1,300,000    Overstay Visa aliens
8,600,000      Total in 2006, 'new' in U S
What is the impact of this huge, unplanned influx?   The answer: CHAOS!  Our public schools flirt with disaster.  Our prisons gush with illegal felons!   Our public hospitals, likewise!  
Our taxes explode through the roof!  Believe it or not, our government is "doing it to us" while we never voted on this question.   That is lawlessness-anarchy personified.  Our Social-Services systems suffer overloading; fixed-income citizen-taxpayers decline into poverty.
Many of our lower-middle-class breadwinners (more than 20 million in the last ten years) have shifted into "the welfare society" when their jobs vanished.   Catastrophic!  
What about suffering American citizens? In 2006, some five million more Americans suffer job loss to aliens through insourcing, outsourcing, offshoring and wage depression. It is disastrous for America's working poor.
Thirty million U.S. citizen-taxpayers have already lost their jobs to aliens. American workers are being displaced and replaced by millions of foreign workers legally and illegally brought into the United States. It's being engineered by President Bush and a complicit Congress. 
When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation--it is a recipe for the destruction of any civilization.
What would it be like with a day without illegal aliens?
If illegals represent 12% of the U.S. population, what would happen if they boycotted not for a day, but for a decade by leaving our country?
--  We would have ~12% more gasoline available in the free market.
-   Our highway crowding would alleviate by 20 million people.
-   More used automobiles and homes would be for sale, and cheaper.
-  Apartment rents would reduce; supply-and-demand.
-  Public school overcrowding would diminish by 1.5 million at the very least.
-  The remaining American students would receive excellent educations in English.
-- In Colorado, $3,000.000.00 would be saved in one day because illegals wouldn't be taping into public services.  It varies in each state as to numbers of illegals. The savings in ten years would be astronomical.
-  Hospital crowding would diminish, and budgets would improve.
-  The need for social-services would diminish by billions of dollars.
-  Produce-fruit prices would increase by 13%. Cheap compared to what taxpayers pay for services.
--Crime would drop dramatically and prisons would empty saving billions of dollars.
America would not suffer balkanization, language apartheid, cultural apartheid, angry non-citizens, chaotic schools and bankrupted hospitals. Benefits gained include more jobs for Americans, peaceful communities, less drunks on highways, less burglaries, less rapes, greater honesty in business, fair wages paid to Americans and SO much more.  Let's have illegal aliens boycott the USA for a decade. We would all be better off and our country would be lawful, peaceful and sustainable.



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