Review: 'In Mortal
Danger - America'

A Book Review
By Frosty Wooldridge

Great statesmen advanced America with profound visions! Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison, at great personal danger, facilitated the founding of America. Those men understood the gravity of their fledgling country. George Washington fought for America on the battlefield. Later, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King and others advanced America's future by pushing ahead against enormous odds.
Those Americans stood ahead of their time. They proceeded at great personal risk. They moved with passion and greater understanding in time-periods where most sat on their hands.
Colorado's Congressman Tom Tancredo stands with the greats of history via his actions and book "IN MORTAL DANGER: The Battle for America's Border and Security".
All but ignored four years ago, he stood in the House of Representatives issuing a clarion call concerning the dangers of relentless illegal and massive legal immigration into the United States. He formed the Immigration Reform Caucus--at 93 House members and growing.
I know Tom Tancredo personally. I know his integrity, his grit and his intellect. I understand this man's noble purpose. What is it? Tancredo strives to save the United States of America from unending, nation-killing illegal immigration.
I found the first three-quarters of the book absolutely riveting! Through national dialogues, debates and diatribes-four myths emerge:
Myth 1. There is nothing the U.S. can do to stop illegal immigration.
Myth 2. Illegal immigrants take jobs Americans don't want.
Myth 3. Illegal aliens are an economic plus for America.
Myth 4. Only bigots object and oppose immigration.
With the Bear-Stearns findings of 20 million illegal aliens residing in America, the real numbers focus a black eye on President Bush and Congress for standing against the U.S. Constitution's Article IV Section 4. At no time in history has one president acted with such disregard to his oath of office as George W. Bush after 9/11 as to national security. Our southern borders remain as open as a 24 hour shopping mall, but in this case, drug and people smugglers along with MS-13 criminals enjoy full access to America.
Our English language suffers displacement while newcomers carry anti-American sentiment to extreme levels.
"For years I have witnessed a differencethe kinds of people coming into the United States," Tancredo said. "Too many immigrants continue to be loyal to their native countries. They desire to maintain their own language, customs and culture. Yet, they seek to exploit the success of America while giving back as little in return as possible."
Illegal aliens manipulate America's welfare opportunities like an art form. They've bankrupted dozens of hospitals out of existence. Illegal alien felons cram our prisons while having wreaked havoc on our citizens. Illegals inundate our school systems while destroying our language and culture. Pregnant mothers with anchor babies pour across our borders by the tens of thousands annually.
Tancredo exposes:
George Bush is well aware that people from countries with established al Qaeda connections have entered the country using Hispanic appearances. MS-13 gangs, "one of the most violent and bloodthirsty gangs to ever prey on our society have infiltrated America and created links to al Qaeda." Illegal aliens extend drug cartels across the United States.
Throughout this brilliant book, Tancredo shows America's roots being destroyed. He exposes the farce of 'multiculturalism' as witnessed in Paris, France; Amsterdam, Holland; Great Britain and Sweden. Tancredo illustrates the 'clash of civilizations' such as the incompatibility of Middle Eastern immigrants that do not and will not assimilate into any country. He announces the "Barbarians are past the gate" with sobering illustrations of America's danger.
Tancredo adds Dr. Madeleine Cosman's warnings as to diseases entering the United States in limitless numbers as he quotes her, "The influx of illegal aliens has serious hidden medical consequences. What we do not see can be more dangerous, more expensive and more deadly that what is seen." In the past five years, 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis raced into America in the bodies of unscreened illegal aliens. Over 7,000 cases of leprosy impregnated themselves into America. Tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis 'A' spread to all sectors of America. Chagas disease, Dengue fever, New Castle, tapeworm, malaria and many other diseases creep across the land.
Tancredo, with the most electrifying clarity yet, discusses the impact of adding 100 to 200 million immigrants into the United States. How can the American Dream not become a nightmare by injecting this country with a half billion people on its way to a billion in this century? Tancredo quotes the two Pulitzer Prize winners Donald Barlett and James Steele, "Illegal immigrants turn the land into a vast latrine, leaving behind revolting mounds of personal refuse and enough discarded plastic bags to stock Wal-Mart."
Tancredo brings great vision to the debate:
Put troops on the border End 'catch and release' policy Mandate passport usage for all international travel Make volunteer border patrol a sanctioned federal activity Suspend visa waiver program
Tom Tancredo adds common sense enforcement:
Require federal response to local enforcement
Make employment verification mandatory
Eliminate social security entitlement
End birthright citizenship known as anchor babies
Make English the official language of America
Eliminate the visa lottery
Eliminate chain migration
Stop all H-1B visas
Tancredo offers a dozen other exceptional solutions that Bush and Congress must initiate immediately. I'll add one more: we must reduce legal immigration to fewer than 100,000 annually in order to sustain a stable population. Why? This country and our planet cannot sustain unlimited population growth. We bequeath horrible consequences on future progeny-now experienced by China, India and Bangladesh.
Tom Tancredo's book advances solutions to stop the death of America. His book will prove one of the most important solutions in the history of the United States. It will prove as valuable as the U.S. Constitution for the survival of America.
Tancredo finishes, "I am proud of what America is. I am proud to be a product of Western civilizationall of these things are worthy of our allegiance and worthy things about which we should tell our children. We must encourage them with all our hearts. If we do not, we shall find ourselves in mortal danger."
Frosty Wooldridge,, teacher, author and journalist bicycled 100,000 miles across six continents and six times across the United States to witness environmental impact on humanity around the planet. He can be reached at:




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