Propaganda Fonund
In Zarqawi's Lair


'Propaganda found in Zarqawi's lair'
Are you making a list of all these impossibilities?
What do TWO 500 Pound Bombs do when they hit their targets?
Does the NWO think everyone is an idiot?
I guess they do. More than a few of them are probably sitting in some plush high rise or 'command centre' swilling booze, playing with high-priced nwo whores, and snorting nose candy.... mocking us... thinking of even more absurd stuff to toss out next, and then laughing their asses off when the NWO controlled media and sheeple start spouting their crapola as Gospel.
Now, tell me this.... How could two 500 Pound bombs land on Zarqawi's Concrete Hideout, and completely destroy the building -- are you guys looking at the photos?...why does nothing seems "burnt" in the immediate area? How could the skin on the corpses remain so intact without melting like a grilled cheese sandwich....?
Now they say Zarqawi was actually alive when the Iraqi military got there! -- but just had enough strength to mumble, and make an effort to jump off the stretcher and run away on his wooden leg...
And now stories about finding "women's lingerie" are surfacing (is this to embarass the Muslims?) and what about the child who was first reported killed? Now it's three women there with him? Where are the corpses?
How could women's lingiere, and a picture of Teddy Roosevelt survive the fire and blast from two 500 Pound bombs (much like a mythical passport that fell from the sky on 911) Are you people going to connect the dots here? Am I the only one in the world who sees through this shi*?
Here...have fun:
Propaganda Fonund In Zarqawi's Lair
By Michael Georgy
The - Australia
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was accompanied by women who wore skimpy night clothing, and read magazines on current affairs and militant propaganda.
An inspection of the remains of the "safe house" in which the terrorist mastermind was killed also suggested that he and his companions - which an Iraqi army officer said included two women and an eight-year-old girl - lived with few luxuries.
The US military took reporters to the site in the village of Hibhib, near the town of Baquba north of Baghdad, three days after the death of the al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, who is blamed for beheading hostages and killings hundreds of people in suicide bombings.
At the site surrounded by palm groves, two thin foam mattresses were scattered among the debris of smashed concrete and twisted metal. There were few clues on Zarqawi's extreme ideology or the militant groups he was linked to in the rubble of the building that was pulverised by two 227-kilo bombs in a US air strike on Wednesday.
One leaflet identified a radio station in Latifiya south of the capital as an apparent target. A few metres away was a magazine picture of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Also beside the slabs of concrete was a woman's leopard skin nightgown and other skimpy women's clothes.
The US military had said the air strike killed six people, three males and three females.
It said on Friday that a wounded Zarqawi was still alive when US troops reached the site but died shortly afterwards.
DNA tests confirming Zarqawi's identity are likely to be completed in two days, the US military said.




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